Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Coalition to Preserve Civilization

The Great Islamic Jihad is certain that Western Civilization is about to come to an end.

Islamic Fascism looks forward to the rule of the new Caliphate, in which the whole world will swear submission to Allah and bow five times a day towards Mecca. It aims to kill or enslave every person who will not accept its twisted vision of Islam. With the help of its allies among the world’s dictators and within our own media, it is confident that it will achieve its goal.

But even as this beast tears at our throats, a new defensive force is being born, a determination to preserve all that is good and right and true within the Western world. Even as we are abandoned by our leaders, by the sophists in our academies, and by the propagandists of our major media, ordinary people are connecting with one another, and are ready to stand up and defeat those who would destroy us.
The 910 Group

Here in the 910 Group this force is symbolized by the Phoenix, reborn from the ashes of the World Trade Center in order to resist the onslaught of Islamofascism.

Synergy and synchronicity are at work here. The 910 Group was initiated in the comments on a Gates of Vienna post and is barely two months old. Yet it is growing incredibly rapidly, and is much larger than all of us.

We are an international movement, with members in India, the UK, New Zealand, Australia, Denmark, Norway, and Canada, as well as the U.S.A. We comprise a self-selected group of people who share common goals: to oppose Islamic Fascism wherever it threatens us, and to promote the emergence of liberty in all the dark corners of the planet where ordinary people are degraded and oppressed.

Anyone interested may subscribe by visiting the the CVF forum and following the instructions there.

A new “network of networks” has formed under the 910 umbrella, and now another synchronicity has opened the door to a larger alliance, one that calls itself The Coalition to Preserve Civilization. The rallying cry for this new group is a speech by Senator Rick Santorum from October 30th, 2006. Sen. Santorum’s speech is entitled “The Gathering Storm of the 21st Century”, and is posted at To The Point News.

There are some longer excerpts further down in this post, but here is a brief quote from the speech:

It’s time to wake up.

There is no way to escape it, no matter what our policies, and whoever our elected representatives are. There is no escape because our enemies are fully committed to our destruction, and they will not stop until they have either destroyed us, or have been destroyed.

That is our choice: we can win or lose, but we cannot opt out and walk away from the greatest threat and most resistant threat this country has ever faced.
- - - - - - - - - -
Another part of the new synchronicity arrived in the form of an email sent out last Friday to conservatives by Jack Wheeler and Steve Baldwin. One of the members of the 910 Group received the email and brought it to the group’s attention. A flurry of messages and phone calls ensued, and on Monday morning several core members of the 910 Group met in Northern Virginia with the two conservative activists.

Jack runs an excellent news and opinion website called To the Point News, and Steve is the Executive Director of the Council For National Policy. They are both veterans of the decades-long struggle to fight communism and bring about the collapse of the Soviet Union, and they want to build a similar infrastructure in order to combat radical Islam.

This is from their email:

We don’t think anyone can dispute the fact that the forces of Islamofascism have embarked upon a World War of global conquest that may last for decades if not longer. Since Islamofascist terrorists have no boundaries, this war will be even tougher to fight than our battle was against the Soviet empire.

Already, the Islamofascists have a beachhead in Western Europe. According to demographic experts, Europe will become Islamic in a generation — and it’s not the moderates who hold sway in the Islamic communities in Europe. If these numbers are translated to political power — which undoubtedly will be the case — it will have dire consequences. Eventually, radical Islamic political blocs will take power in many European nations such as Belgium, Holland, France, and Britain.

The Washington Times reports (11/21/06) that Russia is well on its way to becoming an Islamic country. Within eight years (by 2015) over half the soldiers in the Russian Army will be Moslem. By 2020, over 20% of Russia’s entire population will be Moslem.

What happens when Moslems in political power have access to the nuclear arsenals of Russia, France, and Britain?

Couple this with the increased presence of Islam in Africa and Latin America, and there is a distinct possibility that America, within a generation of two, will be alone in the world. We would be encircled by enemies dedicated to our destruction. No doubt by then, there will be thousands of Jihadists within the US prepared to carry out terrorist acts on command from international Islamic powers.

We cannot allow this to happen without a fight. Western Civilization is worth fighting for. We cannot allow our grandchildren to live in Islamofascist tyranny.

But we don’t seem to be prepared for this war. Unlike the movement created during the Cold War, there doesn’t seem to be much of an infrastructure to combat Islamofascism.

If we truly care about our children and grandchildren, then we must create an infrastructure modeled after the Anti-Communist Movement. Here’s a few areas off the top of our heads that an Anti-Islamofascism Movement could be addressing:

  • Investigate radical mosques. 80% of mosques in America are Saudi-funded and promote a form of Radical Islam known as Wahhabism. There aren’t any groups that monitor them or call for congressional or IRS investigations of their activities. Yet we know from literature picked up by those who have signed up for classes at these mosques that many promote jihad against the West. If a Christian church did that, they would lose their tax-exempt status within a week.

  • Support Anti-Islamofascist freedom fighters. There are resistance and dissident groups within Iran and other radical Islamic countries who are willing to organize against their regimes if they had some outside assistance. Yet there are no groups set up to promote their cause or to lobby Congress to get them covert assistance.

  • Thwart attempts to impose Sharia Law. The ultimate goal of Islamofascists is to impose Islamic “Sharia” religious law upon us all. Groups could monitor and block every Fabian effort (imposing Sharia in small bites) like demands for prayer rooms and allowing headscarves in schools.

  • A Rapid Response media team to stand up to Islamic bullying. The US Airways story removing Moslem imams from a flight resulted in a barrage of denunciations from Moslem advocacy groups like CAIR with no one to give a “fair and balanced” rebuttal. What is needed is an “Anti-CAIR” media team that can praise the justifiable concern of airline passengers for their safety and demand that Moslems understand that concern. There must be no tolerance for Islamic bullying.

  • Form an Anti-Islamofascist publishing network. There is a great need for more publications and newsletters that focus on the Islamofascist threat both here and abroad. Remember the “Pink Sheet of the Left”? It launched an explosion of Anti-Communist publications.

  • Create an Anti-Islamofascist portal on the Internet. There’s a need for a website “portal” coordinating efforts to monitors all the radical Muslim foundations, leaders, organizations, mosques, etc. now operating in the US who have already been tied to terrorists or are espousing radical viewpoints. Such a website would also allow private citizens to contribute intelligence to it. For example, Joe Sixpack reports picking up a flyer promoting jihad from a neighboring mosque. This intelligence would be checked for accuracy and if accurate, added to the entry on the website under the name of that mosque.

  • Establish an Anti-Islamofascist Speakers Bureau. There are many experts in addition to the small number now known to the media such as Frank Gaffney and Robert Spencer, who can talk about the world-wide Islamofascist threat. But most media people don’t know who they are or where to find them. There’s a need for a speaker’s bureau marketing Anti-Islamofascist experts in a systematic fashion to all the major media outlets.

  • Monitor the billions now being spent on Homeland Security. There are already reports of large-scale waste and fraud occurring, which, of course, takes funds away from counter-terror efforts. There currently aren’t any groups that monitor the effectiveness of various Homeland Security tactics or lobby to institute new tactics and strategies that may be more effective.

  • Wage an ideological assault on Islamofascism. Radical Islam is a totalitarian doctrine with numerous parallels to Marxism, yet intellectually crude and medievally primitive. A scholarly assault through think-tanks, seminars, and conferences can be conducted, targeting the multitude of weaknesses and vulnerabilities of Islamofascism.

  • Support the Chinese Christian Back to Jerusalem project to evangelize Moslems in Europe and the Middle East. China is on its way to becoming a majority Christian nation within 20 years, with over 100 million Christians right now. Not only can they serve as a major bulwark against the spread of Islam in Asia, but many are determined to reverse that spread throughout the world. Teams of Chinese missionaries are already preaching the Gospel in many countries abroad, with tens of thousands to follow. Their efforts could be greatly assisted by the large network of Christian philanthropists who fund mission work.

  • Create a Global Anti-Islamofascist Coalition. We need to identify and work with other organizations in Europe and elsewhere who are working against the Islamofascist threat. They exist, but few know anything about them. The Anti-Islamofascist movement needs to become a world wide coalition.

  • Reframe the illegal immigration issue as one of national security. This is already being done by Congressman (and 2008 presidential candidate) Duncan Hunter. There is evidence that Moslem Terrorists may have crossed our porous borders and if it hasn’t happened already, it certainly will. We also know that they have exploited other immigration issues such as the student VISA program so favored by the 9/11 terrorists. And yet, there is little evidence that much has changed in this regard. We still allow people in from terrorist-harboring countries with little checking, and the Democrats are determined to block the construction of a security fence on our southern border.

  • End our dependence on foreign oil that’s funding the Islamofascists. Despite protests to the contrary, we know that Saudi money is being funneled to radical madrassas and foundations that are the training grounds for Radical Islam. We also know that Hugo Chavez in Venezuela is using his oil billions to fund anti-American groups. It is time that we pushed our political leaders to get out of the way and allow America to become energy independent. We need to stop subsidizing our own enemies.

This message aligns perfectly with the aims of the 910 Group, and a new partnership has been launched. The Coalition to Preserve Civilization aims to combine the organizing and fund-raising expertise of the conservative movement with the high-tech networking skills of the 910 Group and its affiliated networks and bloggers.

The CPC has an ambitious goal: to resist and overthrow Islamic Fascist tyranny in all its forms through the efforts of our information networks.

The Berlin Wall fell and the Soviet Union collapsed because the United States and its democratic allies held fast to their goals and never lost faith in the eventual result.

This struggle will also be won.

Western Civilization will be preserved.

Liberty will be extended to people who long for it but have never known it.

All people have the right to speak freely, to choose their religious beliefs, and to be free of the threat of violence.

This is primarily an information war, fought via the television screens and computer networks across the entire globe. The enemy is very adept at it, and has a head start. But the Islamists lack our major advantages: originality, flexibility, technical innovation, and a tradition of free enquiry. These are the skills we will use to build our networks and destroy theirs.

Make no mistake: this is a civil war within the heart of the West, between those who would appease Islamic tyranny and those who want to eliminate it; between those who would censor themselves and restrict their own rights rather than steadfastly resist any encroachment on them; between those who believe in the values and heritage of the West and those who are ashamed of them.

We will be vilified by those who are still under the thrall of the legacy media. We will be required to overcome the stifling fog of Political Correctness and Multiculturalism that infuses every aspect of modern discourse, and would enervate those who seek to preserve our culture. We will be beset by enemies both within and without. Yet we will not waver in our task.

How could we do otherwise?

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Longer excerpts from Senator Santorum’s speech:

This summer I gave two speeches that defined the unique challenges that confront the United States as we conduct a new world war. I gave those speeches — one in Washington at the National Press Club, and one here in Pennsylvania at the Pennsylvania Press Club — because I believe that now more than ever we need to study the past, learn from events, and take proactive measures to protect our freedoms at home and provide a safer world in which to exercise those freedoms.

I am here again today talking about this issue because Islamic Fascism continues to rear its ugly head. And because it is being joined by others, becoming a hydra.

The war is at our doorsteps, and it is fueled, figuratively and literally, by Islamic Fascism, nurtured and bred in Iran.

Islamic terrorists planned a mass kidnapping at the Central Synagogue in Prague just a few weeks ago. They intended to carry it out on Rosh Hashanah, when large numbers of Jews would be celebrating the New Year. Once the world’s attention was focused on Prague, they intended to make impossible demands, and then blow up the synagogue and all within.

Those people were not marked for death because they supported the war in Iraq, or supported George W. Bush, or sent troops to Afghanistan. They were targeted because they were guilty of being Jews. This is evil.


How many Americans realize that Iran declared war on us 27 years ago — in 1979 — and has been killing Americans ever since?

Most everybody has heard by now that Iranian President Ahmadinejad has denied the Holocaust and called for Israel to be wiped off the face of the earth. But that’s only the beginning of his mission.

He continued with a rhetorical question: “Is it possible for us to witness a world without America and Zionism?” He answered himself: “But you had best know that this slogan and this goal are attainable, and surely can be achieved.”


This is an unpopular war. I have been ridiculed by the media and my opponents for defining the enemy as Islamic Fascism — they say words don’t matter. But words do matter because words are what define the enemy we confront. Words are needed for Americans to comprehend what motivates the deeds that the enemy is planning, so we can effectively defeat them. And defeat them we must.

Ahmadinejad has recruited and is training 52,000 suicide terrorists called the Commando of Voluntary Martyrs. An Iranian Revolutionary Guard intelligence officer bragged that “We have a strategy drawn up for the destruction of Anglo-Saxon civilization and for the uprooting of the Americans and English … There are 29 sensitive sites in the U.S. and the West. We have already spied on these sites and we know how we are going to attack them.”


Ahmadinejad , like Hitler and Mussolini, intends to conquer the world. This is not a hidden agenda. His goal is to establish a Caliphate. Like Khrushchev, he wants a nuclear arsenal, and he is building the same sort of frightening global alliances that enabled the Soviet Union to put missiles near us.

Look again at the Iranians’ strategy. A couple of months ago Ahmadinejad signed a mutual defense pact with his pal, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. Two dictators, awash in petrodollars, and besotted with hatred for the United States.

President Chavez, who called President Bush “a devil” at the podium of the U.N., spoke to the applause of those in attendance as he decried America. Calling America an “imperialist power,” he says his ambition is to become leader of global alliance of nations to “radically oppose the violent pressure that the (American) empire exercises.”

This summer Chavez honored Ahmadinejad at a gala and plans to visit North Korea, at which an “oil-for-missiles deal” may be on the agenda.

The same North Korea that has been building nuclear weapons to put on missiles that can reach our soil.

Did you know that Venezuela is the leading buyer of arms and military equipment in the world today? Did you know that Chavez is building an army of more than a million soldiers and the most potent air force in South America — the largest Spanish-speaking armed force in history?

Did you know that Venezuela will shortly spend thirty billion dollars to build twenty military bases in neighboring Bolivia, which will dominate the borders with Chile, Peru, Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil? The bases will be commanded by Venezuelan and Cuban officers.

This is what the brilliant Carlos Alberto Montaner — a survivor of Castro’s bloody regime — calls “a delirious vision of history,” and it is driven by a new alliance of dictators from Iran, Cuba and Venezuela.

It is part of the grand design so proudly announced by Ahmadinejad: the destruction of our civilization.

And the sad irony is, we are dependent on the very people who hate us. American imports 60% of the oil we need to fuel our economy. We are underwriting their efforts to undermine us.


We have forgotten our history. We have been here before.

We only entered the First World War after German U-boats sank American civilian and commercial ships on the North Atlantic. World War I was “the war to end war,” and with the defeat of the German armies, it seemed that peace was destined to last a long time.

But it did not last even one generation. It did not last because we failed to recognize the evil of fascism, and because we allowed the fascists to grow stronger and stronger, until they felt capable of defeating us.

We left Great Britain alone to face the Nazis for several years, and despite Mussolini’s entrance, we only engaged in the Second World War after the devastating Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Germany, Italy and Japan. They had nothing in common, so we weren’t willing to see the axis of evil gathering around us.

We entered the Cold War only after Stalin’s aggression in the Middle East and Greece. In every case the evil was obvious, the threat indisputable, but the willingness to confront was in every case late and prohibitively costly.

Are we willing to see the storm gathering around us and act before it is too late? Was 9-11 not enough? Have our memories faded? Or will it take something even more devastating?

When Winston Churchill wrote his great history of the Second World War, he began the first volume-”The Gathering Storm”- with a short description: “How the English-speaking peoples through their unwisdom, carelessness, and good nature allowed the wicked to rearm.”

We were part of that moment of folly, and we paid a terrible price for it on the battlefields of that war. We are running the same risk today, and we are again acting carelessly, unwisely and we are permitting the wicked to grow stronger and stronger.


Many Americans are sleepwalking, just as they did before the world wars of the last century. They pretend it is not happening, that it all has to do with the errors of a single American administration, even of a single American president.

Some even pretend that it will all go away if only the Democrat Party is elected in November.

How do they propose to save us from these people? By negotiating at the United Nations? By removing U.N. Ambassador John Bolton office? By relocating American forces from Iraq to Okinawa? By abandoning the Iraqi people to Iranian and Syrian slaughter and domination? By engaging in more direct talks with a nuclear North Korea?


It’s time to wake up.

There is no way to escape it, no matter what our policies, and whoever our elected representatives are. There is no escape because our enemies are fully committed to our destruction, and they will not stop until they have either destroyed us, or have been destroyed.

That is our choice: we can win or lose, but we cannot opt out and walk away from the greatest threat and most resistant threat this country has ever faced.

Cross-posted at the 910 Group Blog.


Vol Abroad said...

"Liberty will be extended to people who long for it but have never known it."

This is the kind of profound misunderstanding of the world that makes me fear for the survival of western civilisation. Most Muslims worldwide are not Islamofascists, yet most Muslims also have no interest in Liberty as we understand the term. Islam means Submission, a concept profoundly opposed to our idea of Liberty. Trying to force Liberty upon people who don't want it is a recipe for complete chaos.

Vol-in-Law said...

Above was me, Vol-in-Law

tex said...

It aims to kill or enslave every person who will not accept its twisted vision of Islam.

Amen. But instead of "its twisted vision of Islam", you could just say, "Islam".

The physical enslavement of non-Muslims is a twisted vision, as is the mental enslavement of Muslims themselves. Our Creator gave us minds for many purposes, but abject submission to mind control was not one of them.

All power to the movement.
Never submit.

Lady Liberty said...

I have a question about headscarves. What is up against them? I am here in Barvaria and they have this one teacher who wants to wear her headscarf, but they don't want it. They now have a little problem cause she is now using the defense of how nuns that teach are allowed to where their habit.
The point of not allowing headscarves in school, do you mean for teachers or for students. Does a woman who where's a scarf an islamofascist? Do we seperate some Islam from others?
I would like to point out that most of everything else that is list I do not have a problem with, but can we not give room to the Islam faith at all?

Panday said...

I'd hate to admit it, but there is blame to share by both the Left and the Right for the mess the West is in. Too many years of good living have made all of us soft:

At the risk of being accused of shameless self-promotion, see my latest entry here, especially the quote by US Marine legend Chesty Puller:

Baron Bodissey said...

I’m afraid that my intentions are being misunderstood by some of the above commenters.

None of this is about government action. This is not an outline or plan for a government program. It’s not a strategy for military action.

It’s about the information war.

Our leaders are in the process of abandoning us, and are beginning to cut deals with the terror masters. This is a grass-root networking effort designed to overcome the media’s pro-terrorist propaganda.

If we are successful, popular pressure will cause our governments to change their policies and actually fight this war. But that will be a side effect. We are going to do this ourselves.

And, I repeat, this is about an information war. Not about guns and bombs and planes, though they will be involved, provided our leaders do their job.

We will organize the same way our enemies do, in small cells, loosely connected, acting quickly and relying on the distributed intelligence of networks. Some of the people involved in the 910 Groups are seasoned experts in this way of taking action.

I will expand more on this in another post.

Baron Bodissey said...

What I really object to is the assertion that there are no Muslims who long for liberty and want to live in peace, with tolerance of other faiths.

We know this is wrong, because the 910 Group has delegated the task of finding these people, and a sub-network has been formed, a group of what we call “Free Muslim” organizations. These are very brave people who speak out even at the the risk of their lives. They are observant, but also tolerant. They interpret the Koran differently, and do not take the barbaric parts literally.

I don’t take St. Paul’s injunctions about women literally, yet I am still a practicing Christian.

The same process is possible in Islam, but it sorely needs our support and publicity. And above all the Wahhabists need to be subverted by this process.

I’ll be posting more on this later.

Habu said...

Good Sir:
Once the intelligence is gathered,disseminated,digested, and file we will have a nice outline of an implacable enemy whose outline we already know.

What do we do with the intel? We know so far no Enlightenment logic has penetrated the Islamic culture and that they are actively seeking our lives or dhimmitude.
What then must we do?

Pastorius said...

Good stuff, Baron. I've posted a blurb and a link to this post over at Infidel Bloggers Alliance.

Vol-in-Law said...

"What I really object to is the assertion that there are no Muslims who long for liberty and want to live in peace, with tolerance of other faiths."

I think most Muslims want to live in peace, and are happy to tolerate other faiths (provided those faiths respect Islam), but only a fairly small minority really want political liberty as we or the US founding fathers understand or understood the term. Thinking that everyone has the desire or capacity to be a New Hamphireite is a dangerous mistake.

Eaglenest said...

"I think most Muslims want to live in peace, and are happy to tolerate other faiths (provided those faiths respect Islam)"

That's nice, but they don't belong in European countries. Europe has been beautiful and happy with her homogenous population. Less population would mean less density and less polution. It would not be a disaster. But corporations would not make so much money.

Everybody keeps forgetting very well known saying "In Masses there is power" It is not about several hundrets of individual Muslims who would seek better life in Europe and wish to escape Islamic dogma.It is about masses of them wanting to use the social benefits without any desire to assimilate. Even moderate muslims don't like European culture. For me all the Muslims are potentional enemies like in the WW II Japanese in America. Muslims don't have any loyalty to any country. Somebody should say: "You either assimilate completely, or leave" But there is no way how to assimilate them in such numbers.

Vol-in-Law said...

"Europe has been beautiful and happy with her homogenous population"

Not sure I'd agree with that - WW1? WW2? But certainly mass Muslim immigration combined with cultural-Marxist domination of society's commanding heights does threaten the destruction of European civilisation. There needs to be an end to mass non-developed-world immigration into the EU, and a vigorous assertion of both Enlightenment & Christian values. An unassimilable minority is not a good thing but it does not threaten the survival of the host culture if it is not too large.

Vol-in-Law said...

David Selbourne attacks (mostly) right-wing blogs like this one, here:

Andrew Ian Dodge said...

Notice he doesn't actually name any blogs that alledgedly declare those sort of things? Or is it that he is talking about the comments on some blogs not the blogs themselves? I have to say that is a pretty pathetic and disengenous.

ZMalfoy said...

Get ready for an Instalaunche, Baron. ^_^

A Jacksonian said...

What is interesting is that the United States does, indeed, the means to empower Citizens and their Companies to actually fight this kind of fight and get rewarded for it. As those that practice illegitimate, non-Nation State warfare flummox the 20th century anchored Right and Left those that look to the previous centuries find enshrined this very War Power, which cannot be taken away save by Amending the Constitution. Congress is now a wooly beast lacking backbone and bleating over-much about things it wants to do and shouldn't and not about the things it can do and *should*. To do that *requires* that the People adjust themselves to this new century

Tom said...

Do you have a secret handshake yet?

ethan said...

Le wank. Wank wank wank wank.

I'd side with the scary brown people before I would willingly read (well, skim while laughing) that again.

X said...

I see the trolls are out in force tonight.

Hi fellas! Or ladies, as the case may be. Who knows? I'm glad you feel free to express your opinion on this here interweb. After all, freedom of expression is one of those fundamental rights we in the west enjoy so much.

Try it in Iran and see how long you last.

Night all!

X said...

Incidentally, as I have the combined resouorces of 5 distinct single malts mixing in my stomach right now, I feel quite empowered to add: I live not in the basement of my parents home. My wife and I enjoy rather spectacular views from the third floor of a lovely apartment building here in rainy Stalybridge. The fact that my parents own said building is neither here nor there, since we're all now directors of the limited company that actually administers the place. The rent is good, the amenities better and the proximity to the railway station makes travelling to Manchester almost a joy. Go me.

Dymph, Baron, please forgive this pollution of your comments, as it's really unwarranted bhlathering without thought or intelligence. Also, I'd like it if you could try to overlook my comments too. :)

Thomas said...

You want to fight? Enlist, you freakin' doofus.

Panday said...


It is in fact American crusader troops occupying Muslim countries, not the other way around.
Muslims have every right to defend themselves

I was curious if you could tell me 1) how many Christian churches there are in Saudi Arabia and why

and 2) the political status of Christians in Sudan, Indonesia, Iran and Egypt.

In Russet Shadows said...

Fewer things annoy me more than ignorance, but one of them is loudly-shouted ignorance. Let's get a few things straight, you set of ostrich, cannibalistic trolls.

1) An information war is being waged. You have heard about Al Qaeda, right? That's just the tip of the iceberg. Consider how a small group of terrorists manages to fool the American media into thinking that acts of terror are 110% of the story in Iraq. It's easy, if you understand what the media looks for, and you "feign strength when weak". The same tactics were used by an outgunned, outmanned, out-manuevered foe in Vietnam.

2) If you do not learn from history, you are going to repeat it -- only moreso. Islamism is not some isolated event that occurs overseas. I'm sure you've already forgotten about those 19 well-educated Saudi kids who massacred 3000 of your own fellow citizens in the name of Allah. I haven't.

3) If you think this is a racial issue, you have no idea what ISLAM is. Islam is not a race. It is not a gender. It is a creed, and a creed which stipulates death to any who disagree.

4) How much do you really know about abortion "doctors" being "murdered"? First, how often does this happen? Not often. Second, how innocent is a man who murders children for money? Third, nearly all of the vigilantes turn themselves in immediately after doing the deed. The contrast between the abortion "doctors" and their slayers could not be more obvious.

5) If someone says they do not support vigilante justice in the case of abortion doctors, then who the heck are you to tell them that they do? Just shut up.

6) Finally, if you do not stand up while it is easy to do so, then you will have no chance but to fight later. You can claim that there is no threat, that there is no problem, that everything is fine and no-one has to do anything. The men who founded our country suffered no such illusions. They told us that vigilance was the price of our liberty. If you will not be vigilant, or if you say that only the armed forces can be vigilant, then you have foresworn your sacred duty to be a citizen-soldier. We're all citizen-soldiers, and we all have a part in safeguarding liberty. To think that only the armed forces can do so is naive, ahistorical, and again, sadly, blind. Freedom is much too precious to entrust its security to someone else. If it means anything to you at all, you must make it yours while you still can.

Lobbey Dosser said...

Damn that '..stifling fog of Political Correctness and Multiculturalism that infuses every aspect of modern discourse, and would enervate those who seek to preserve our culture..'

Can you please define '..our culture.'?

Unknown said...


Never in the history of warfare has so sound a strategy been executed with so obvious a string of failures. When one thinks carefully about how to conduct a war against an enemy consisting of widely dispersed cells of violent fanatics, one must approach military action from an entirely different perspective. Bush and his cohorts, while failing to articulate their strategy in terms that congressional leaders could understand, did actually come up with a plan of extraordinary insight, if not brilliance. Unfortunately, the Bush strategy has not been accompanied by tactics of equal brilliance.

Allow me to illustrate the brilliance of the Bush strategy as it relates to tackling the problem of violent Muslim extremists. Violent extremists are not limited to a specific geographic area or country, with the exception of course, of Afghanistan, where terrorists in the form of the Taliban were the de facto rulers at the time of the 9-11 attacks. Given the wide distribution of violent extremists around the globe, conventional warfare, or at least conventional military strategy, remains virtually useless in seeking to overcome the terrorist threat.

Here’s where the brilliance lies: If one equates violent extremists to insect pests like cockroaches or wasps, it is easy to see that the Bush strategy offered great hope in its innovative approach to isolating the troublesome pestilence of violent Muslim extremists. By placing a large contingent of western soldiers into a location remote from the area to be protected (outside the borders of any western humanist country), Bush stumbled onto a strategy that caused these pests to congregate in a geographic area distant from the area to be protected. If it were possible to eradicate an infestation of insect pests by luring the pests away from the house and into a location where they could be “bombed,” it would greatly simplify the job of pest control.

Like placing a ripe slice of fruit on a plate to lure wasps or roaches, placing tantalizing fruit in the form of western soldiers onto the plate of a Muslim country, Bush caused widely dispersed cells of terrorists to migrate and reassemble within the borders of Iraq.

It really didn’t matter whether the battlefield of choice was Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan or any other Muslim country: Bush discovered the one brilliant strategy that might succeed in remotely destroying the greatest number of violent extremist pests by causing them to assemble outside the “walls of the house” – outside our borders. The fact that there have been no major terrorist attacks here since Bush initiated this strategy seems to indicate that the concentration of active violent extremists within the U.S. has been reduced while the concentration of such extremists in the Middle East has grown.

The analogy between suicide-bombing Muslim extremists and insects becomes even more accurate when one remembers that wasps, like suicide bombers, are willing to die in the act of stinging their victims. It may be debatable whether wasps or roaches can be “herded” into a corner for extermination, but it is hard to deny that violent extremists have certainly been drawn in concentrated numbers into the Iraqi theater of war. Unfortunately, the area that Bush lured the pests into was not a thinly-populated area where bombs alone could eradicate the maximum number of pests. On the contrary, Bush’s actions have drawn the enemy into an area populated with huge numbers of innocent civilians.

Given the heavily populated country that Bush selected for engagement, one tactic that might have worked to quickly round up violent Muslim extremists would have been to enlist the assistance of civilians as informants, much as the Colombian government has done in using local residents to identify members of hostile militias in Colombia. Unfortunately, the complex religious loyalties that exist in Iraq have made this tactic virtually impossible. In hindsight, perhaps Iran would have been a better location for Bush to initiate his brilliant strategy - certainly in light of the Iran government’s express nuclear ambition and manifest intent to annihilate its near neighbor, Israel. Unlike the divided Iraqi population, the Iranian citizenry might have been easier to enlist as informants.

Bush had at least one chance to execute his brilliant strategy in Iraq: March 31 and April 1, 2004, when virtually the entire City of Fallujah showed itself to be a hotbed of extremist pestilence in connection with the murder and bodily dismemberment of U.S. citizen contractors. If Bush had immediately carpet-bombed and eradicated the city of Fallujah in the wake of this gruesome event, it might have been relatively easy to convince the residents of other Iraqi cities to identify the Muslim extremists hiding within their midst, in abject fear that the same fate might meet their city if they failed to cooperate. Such a tactic would have resulted in a tragic loss of life in one location – Fallujah. But it would no doubt have saved an equal number of lives in other Iraqi cities which have since been infested with extremists bent on fomenting civil war.

As Dresden was annihilated in World War II to bring Germany to its knees, Fallujah could have been sacrificed to bring order to Iraq. While world opinion would have been against the U.S. afterward, the destruction of Fallujah could scarcely have done any more damage to the U.S. image than the bungling of the war has done since then. Such action could possibly have brought the war to a much quicker end – with a figuratively decisive U.S. victory. Ultimately, world opinion would have swung our way – since everyone loves a winner (or at least fears a victor). After all, even Germany has forgiven us for defeating them in World War II.

It is difficult, if not impossible, for Bush or any other president to wage a successful war against an enemy that behaves more like a swarm of insects than a conventional military force. Political correctness and naïve pacifism have left the world in a much different state than it was when the U.S. succeeded in ending the Second World War by mercilessly laying waste to Germany and by annihilating the suicide-glorifying culture of Japan via nuclear bombs. Tender mercies - in the form of cruel but decisive victories - are not easily recognized by a world that fails to see the necessity of extreme tactics to rid itself of suicide-bent extremists.

It remains to be seen whether any brilliant military strategies can ever again be successful, since politically correct warfare requires that the enemy be given the game plan in advance. I wonder how western humanists will enjoy life under Sharia law if violent Muslim extremists ultimately win their holy war.

In seeking to protect western humanist civilization from violent Muslim extremism, perhaps what the world needs is a leader like Orson Scott Card’s protagonist Ender in the book “Enders Game.” Ender was able to save the earth from destruction at the hands of the alien “formics” only by confronting the insect-like enemy in deeps space - far from the earth he sought to protect – and only by means of a ruthless and decisive blow.


inquirer said...

What about the other identities, Latin, Chinese, Hindu etc promoted at detriment to our American identity .
What about the coalition which include business, laymen , clergy ( including, like Catholic Church , listen to their preacher ) which
support , promote and give cover to such destructive forces against American nationality
What about private schools which teach Non American Identity brain wash . Be Hindu, Chinese, etc even in Catholic Schools. What about charter school and special schools focusing in promoting specific Identities and receiving funding from Republicans , Democrats and Independent.

Listen to our politicians , we can not anger the future generation of American citizen who will be the majority voting block

We the current ( dwindling majority , who feel American and legally American citizen, who put in power to all officials be at local, state , federal level
We do not count, our interest to the garbage can

But we are squeeze. Jobs going abroad
Due to taxes ? A joke, first, check the news, many of the Corporations are getting from 40,50,60 even 100 percent of their tax contribution back . So it is about higher taxes
or desire from Business who lack American patriotism in their hearts
, to drive wages down. \And given away our know how, our industries and taking away any advantage over our rivals. America has become weaker not stronger due to the New Kind of Non American Nationalistic Breed of Captains of Industry and money fuel political decisions

American Business are behind all the way behind Open Border, Alien invasion. What about our National SEcurity

But we are usually remind that the only the left is working to destroy .
Our America , the America of Washington , or Adams, of Jackson, of Jefferson, Pro Free Nationalistic Capitalist , All American nation of Teddy Big Stick

Many among fellow Capitalist ( I am a Capitalist ) many Social Conservatives are also working to undo us .

We should reject such disdain and withdraw our votes , support and donations to all officials regardless of their political affiliation at least that by ACtions they prove that they are serving our interest and preserving the Union not
working for Alien interest