Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Situation in Malmö

While browsing Snaphanen early this morning I came across a YouTube video about Malmö called “Welcome to the New Sweden”. Even though Snaphanen is mostly in Danish, the video seems to be from Swedish TV. But, fortunately for us monoglots, the main part of the video was from Fox News, in English with Swedish subtitles.

What’s frustrating is that sometime in the interim YouTube has gone down, so readers will be unable to see the video until the site is repaired. Fortunately I transcribed parts of the video and took screen-caps while it was still available. The embedded YouTube link is below the jump, and I hope it’s working by the time you read this.

Muslim schoolgirls in MalmöThe video focuses on the enormous influx of Muslim immigrants into Malmö, and the effect that it is having on Swedish society in general. Most of the immigrants are young, and come from various parts of the Muslim world — Iraq, Iran, Somalia, etc. Many are illiterate when they arrive, speak no Swedish, and have difficulty acculturating to a completely alien society.

The unspoken subtext, of course, is that Sweden doesn’t really require them to acculturate.

The Fox interviewer spoke to a civil servant in Malmö:

Q: You have a thousand students in a Swedish school?
A: Yeah.
Q: How many are Swedish?
A: Two.

Swedish civil servant in MalmöJust 0.2% of the school’s students are “persons of Swedish background”! Many of them have to be taught through interpreters, and most of them never complete school.

Another civil servant says:

They are not part of the Swedish society, so to speak. It is difficult for them to get into the society.
- - - - - - - - - -

The video contains footage of riots and disturbances among the “youths” in the immigrant parts of the city. According to the narrator, when trouble happens in certain districts, the personnel in arriving ambulances are intimidated by the “youths”, and are told whom they may carry to the hospital, and who must be left behind.

Earlier this year a mosque was set ablaze — whether by angry Swedes or the immigrants themselves is not made clear — and, when the firemen arrived, the violent mob refused to allow them to put out the fire.

In previous discussions here about Malmö, we had at least one Swedish commenter who asserted that there are no problems in the city. He offered to give visitors a tour to prove to them that they can go anywhere, that Malmö is a normal city.

Well, which is it? Are the scenes in this video anomalies? Were they rare occurrences, unrepresentative of the “normal” Malmö? Were they staged by the Fox News crew?

How can 99.8% of the student body at a school be made up of immigrants with a different language and religion, and not affect the culture at large?

When large swathes of Swedish metropolitan areas are, de facto, no longer Sweden, what becomes of the Swedes?

Since it is official government policy to permit or even encourage this situation, to whom can the average Swede turn?

I have nothing but questions; no answers. Maybe some of our Swedish and Danish readers can offer their own opinions about what is to come.

Hat tip for additional information: LN.


Simon de Montfort said...

I think it was 'snouk' yesterday who called for imemdiate deportation of recent Muslim immigrants--I agree and suggest that all immigration into Western Europe be at least temporarily stopped, and my post two days ago exhorted European women to squeeze out "one for momma, one for papa, and one for Sverige, Danemark, Norge, etc"

If all three of these steps are not taken--soon--none of us will recognize Europe in a generation
That continent is being infested ( yes, I use that word deliberately, with a full understanding of its meaning and connotation ) with hostile un-cultured aliens, may of whom clearly want to import their alien religion / death cult and conquer / absorb / kill their hosts

Choose your analogy: Muslim immigrants in Europe are a cancer; a parasite; a Fifth Column.....

I'm so very sick and tired of this: My grandfather fought and was nearly killed in France in 1918 ( 1st Infantry Division )defending Europe. My father fought and was nearly killed in Italy in 1945 ( 10th Mountain Division ) defending Europe. I was stationed in Germany for three years and England for another three--stressed and overworked and underpaid, but not nearly killed--defending Europe. I do not want my two sons to soldier over to Europe and get themselve killed or nearly so to.....defend Europe

Really, I'm too old and tired for this shit. Somebody do something, please. Europeans, for God's sake as well as your own, ERWACHE!!!!

Wake up............please

anonymous poster said...

Meanwhile, in Norway...

What is a Norwegian?

The Equality and Anti-discrimination Ombud (LDO) has asked The Norwegian Language Council to explain its definition of the terms nordmann (Norwegian) and etnisk norsk (ethnic Norwegian) which the Council recently said were equivalent.

The matter came to the LDO's attention after an article in the news magazine Ny Tid (New Time) and the Council has been criticized for saying that a Pakistani can never be a 'Norwegian' even if awarded Norwegian citizenship....

Rob Spear said...

Americans absolutely should not do anything beyond giving support for the European nations undergoing this crisis. Part of the problem in Europe is a lack of national self-love caused by their liberation by the Americans from the Nazis. Europe would be a psychologically far healthier place if the Nazis had taken over, then been chucked out by resistance movements a generation or so later, after falling into decadence. The idea that your nation is so feeble it can only survive due to the benevolence of the kindly American super-power is not conducive to healthy patriotism.

Yorkshireminer said...

ear Rob,
I think it is about time I debunked a few myths. I am an amature historian, some what of an obsession on mine. I have no formal qualifications, I do not need them, or even want them, I left school on my 15th birthday and went to work down the coal mines in Yorkshire the following Monday. I can't let a day go by without having to read . Nearly fifty years later I have my own library a somewhat pretentious word. I have my own room filled with my books, a good comfortable chair, a stool to plonk my feet on a good reading lamp and a small side table where occasionally reposes a cut glass whiskey glass full to the top with a good single Scottish Malt Whiskey.

Some Americans seem to be under the dillusion that they paid for all the war, not only materially but also in blood, and the rest of we Europeans should be grateful. As an Englishman when I put all the facts in the balance, I take my hat off to you and say thank you America, without you we couldn't have won the war. I say it also with a sense of deep affection for your country, but let us look at the facts. When we the British stood with our backs to the wall after the evacuation of Dunkirk in 1940 we had only the R.A.F. and a somewhat antiquated navy to defend ourselves with. Everything that we need for our defence, that we couldn't produce ourselves, had to be paid for in cash. When the war started we transferred all our gold reserves to the Sun Assurance building in Canada. We used this gold to pay for our imports until these ran out. When these ran out we had to liquidise all the assets the British had accumulated in America, these by the way were sold off at fire sale prices, it was a Buyers market, we were so desperate. The Americans even checked that we were not hiding anything from them they even insisted that the last ₤ 50,000.000 in gold be transferred to American in a British Battleship from Cape town when we were fighting for our lives and need every ship we had. Have you ever wondered why America had such a large percentage of the worlds gold reserves sitting in fort Knox after the war, now you know. When we were literally bankrupt the lend lease act was passed. It wasn't as most American think a one way street that America paid the Bill and the rest of the world got a free ride. It was certainly a two way street for the British. While America provided ₤13,500,000,000 in lend lease the British provide ₤4,500.000.000. While in absolute terms America paid more, in relative terms the British paid the lions share, 1% of Americas gross national product was dedicated exclusively to lend lease 15% of the British gross national product was devoted to lend lease and the economy was distorted accordingly. Another thing Americans should know is that machine tools were explicitly exempt in the lend lease act. It was impossible for the British economy to modernise during the war. The capital stock of Britain was being degraded by bombs and over use and it was to cost Britain dearly and also America when the British economy collapsed during the winter of 1947, and America had to take over the obligations to certain countries in the middle east, have you ever wondered why the British got out of Palestine so quickly in 1948 now you know. Another fact you might like to know when Marshall aid was offered to Europe the goods bought had to be shipped in American ships, shipping that had been allocated to America to produce under the lend lease act. It could just have well been allocated to Britain but it wasn't. The British lost out there, when we needed as much foreign currency we could get, to pay for the loan we had contracted with America to pay our way after they arbitrarily cut off lend lease after VJ day.
After the war Lord Keynes ( if you don't know who his was goggle him) made an account of who had paid what and to whom during the war, it turns out that among the Allies Britain had paid 53% while America had paid 47%. of the total costs
Rob you might think that after this I am a rabid anti-American but I am not, the reasons are two fold. While I might disagree what America does, I always feel that they are done for the right reason, there is a sense of common decency behind there motives, they might get it wrong but it is done for the right reasons. The other reason is purely emotional, I was born in the middle of that bloody conflict and most of the male members of my family where up at the sharp end, my Uncle died the night I was born flying lancaster bombers over Germany another died at Anzio. We had very little and I remember very little of what was going on. I have two distinct memories one is the soldiers from our village coming back and we had a parade. The other is my Mum receiving bottles of Cod liver oil and concentrated Orange juice. The Cod liver oil was a gift from Canada for which I am eternally grateful ,the concentrated orange juice a gift from Florida, can you imagine what it is liked to be bribed with a teaspoon of concentrated Florida orange juice when you are 4 or five after you have ingested a teaspoon of cod liver oil, when the only fruit you have ever seen or tasted has been perhaps an apple or a pear. For that pure transitory experience I will always be in Americas debt. I say thank you America. But Rob, please don't get up and Crow.

Deep regards

Yorkshire Miner

Yorkshireminer said...

One of the things that is not taken into account is the added immigration from Denmark. Denmark has passed laws forbidding the importation of brides or bridegrooms under the age of 24. It would be quite legal for a naturalised Dane to settle in Sweden and import his underage bride or bridegroom into Sweden.. it would be nice if we could hear some comment from the Scandinavian readers of this Blogg

heroyalwhyness said...

Yorkshireminer - thanks for that history lesson. BTW, I know of no veterans from WWII that 'crow'. My understanding from my living relatives and their acquaintences is that they knew what they were fighting for. That is all.

Your brief synopsis of the accounting certainly makes one wonder about the French and WII. And that's a thought that never would have crossed my mind otherwise.

kepiblanc said...

yorkshireminer :

You're right : The 8 km bridge spanning Øresund is the physical connection between the cities of Malmø and Copenhagen but at the same time spanning cultures light-years apart. I'll give you an example from today's MSM :

Svenske krisecentre kritiserer Danmark

The article focuses on a bizarre consequence of the Danish 24-years legislation, namely the growing numbers of young women in Malmø applying for help at the Swedish "Crisis Centers". These young women live in violent, arranges marriages - completely isolated from society. They settled down in Sweden because of Danish anti-immigration laws.

Now, what do the relevant authorities have to say about this tragedy ?

The Swedes : "It is a Danish problem exported to Sweden" (Agneta Frick, Crisis Center of Malmoe).
The Danes : "It isn't Danish law breeding the violence, and it isn't me to decide who Sweden will grant a stay-permit" (Rikke Hvilshøj, Danish Integration Minister).

'Nuff said....

Baron Bodissey said...

Rebellix —

I’m not Scandinavian, so, in order to respond to your comment I asked Steen of Snaphanen. Here is what he said:

On the whole I found the short Fox video quite all right, though “sharpened a little” — but “old-Swedes are” fleeing the city by the thousands every year - e.g. in 2001 3,600 families in a city of only 267,000 souls.

I’ve never seen statistics on literacy, but it is a fact that you don’t HAVE to learn Swedish if you immigrate there. So, of course many grown ups never do.

Statistics on the city is found here at the city’s site.

In English here (pdf), though I suspect it is “perfumed” a little:

For example: The Swedes say that only 40% of the rapes are committed by foreigners, but then they only count “foreign born” — not descendants, and they are already a majority amongst 16-19 olds in Malmö.

Similar Danish and Norwegian rape figures are 70% — and we have much fewer immigrants. That’s in short how Swedish statistics work.

If you want me to comment on specific things, please return. I have read Malmö papers for 30 years, and in DO have a house there in southern Sweden and well informed friends.

Until then
all the best — Steen