Wednesday, November 29, 2006

An Opening on The Council

There’s an opening on the Watcher’s Council. Interested bloggers should go here for details.

And how about some gurrrl blogger applications for a change? It’s a whole buncha guys and me over there - and no paranoia about sexism, please. It’s simply that the guys are willing to apply.

Onceuponnatime, when I first started, there was Doc Sanity and e-claire on board. Now…nothing but bloggers who have to shave. We need a little die-versity, a little lipstick and powder, some estrogen added to the mix.

I want some gender parity here or I’ll...I'll stamp my foot.

Take a look at e-claire’s huggy-kissy photo.


The Anti-Jihadist said...

Any takers yet?

John Van Laer said...

RE: e-claire's huggy-kissy horror.

Yecch! This is the last time I ever lurk here while preparing dinner.

Dymphna said...

auntie j--

I won't know until the Watcher announces his pick from those who volunteered.


Never, never eat whilst reading GoV. And especially don't dring coffee so as to avoid spouting it onto the keyboard.

Better you should listen to NPR during dinner prep, so as to lose your appetite, thereby saving on groceries.

Except I sure did like Nina Totenburg's grandmother's cranberry sauce. But no one else in my family would ever eat it.