Sunday, November 19, 2006

Down the Rabbit Hole

Are you an émigré? If so, Bradley wants to hear your voice:

The White RabbitFour months ago I posted on many blogs, letting everyone know that we were trying to start a podcast (Rabbit Hole Daily) by people who had emigrated to other countries…

I thought it would be interesting to share all of our “misadventures” and news… I had hoped to get a contributor to/from every continent (i.e., a Brazilian in Japan, a Japanese person in France, a French person in Australia, etc.).

People leave their respective home-countries for all kinds of reasons; some people marry a “foreigner” and leave their country, some people take a job or do academic research out of their country, some are forced to leave for political reasons, some do it for the adventure. The podcast was designed to welcome all of these points of view. We’ve been working with mixed success to get all types of voices…

Podcasts are a great way to get complex stories out that would never make it onto TV or radio, and we’d like to use the medium to create something that’s informative, eclectic, and interesting, all voices and topics welcome (provided they’re well-written)!

At any rate, I’m writing to renew my call for contributors and say that we’re still around. We were accepted by iTunes, we’ve been publishing consistently, and although we’ve had some technical concerns (people write articles, read them into a mike, then get them to me via internet or skype; getting it all edited evenly has been a challenge), we’ve just received some equipment donations by listeners that will make it possible to produce with ever-better audio quality.

Please consider listening to the podcast, and more importantly, contributing articles. (Articles are 2-3 pages, submitted 4-6 times per year, contributors are featured on our “contributor profiles” page, rules for contributing can be found on the “contribute here” portion.) If you know someone who has emigrated from their country of origin and is a good writer, please pass the word!


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I know some of our readers are émigrés. Yorkshireminer and Vic come to mind for starters…


Vicktorya said...

oh goodness, Baron outed me outta my rabbit hole. Yep, Vic is a wayward Californian gone kiwi. Now feral. Not sure if I could come back; would I recognize the country? Bradley, keep in touch with me. I'm a so far down the rabbit hole right now, I'm not sure I know which way is up, or er ... out, since we live on this little ball of mud with all holes going inward. Count me rightsideup while upside down.
meanwhile, best to you and your pods,