Friday, November 10, 2006

The Dutch Say, “Bye-Bye Burqa!”

This news story is hard to believe:

The NiqabTHE Dutch government has announced that it would seek a way of banning the wearing of burqas and other Muslim face veils in public places, possibly becoming the first European country to impose such a ruling.

The announcement comes at a time when the debate on such veils and whether they prevent Muslims from integrating has gathered momentum across Europe and drawn comments from leaders such as Britain’s Tony Blair and Italy’s Romano Prodi.

Needless to say, the Usual Suspects have their bloomers torqued:
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Dutch Muslim groups have complained a burqa ban would only make the country’s one million Muslims feel more victimised and alienated, regardless of whether they approve of burqas or not.

“What the government is doing now is totally disproportionate to the number of women who actually wear the burqa,” said Ayhan Tonca, chairman of an umbrella group of Dutch Muslim organisations.

“The legislation we already have to protect people for security reasons is adequate,” he added.

Hope, a Dutch-born Muslim, said she wore a niqab because she wanted to. “Nobody has the right to forbid it. If someone decides I cannot wear it then I will feel suppressed,” she said.

Yes, of course.

Strangely enough, the Dutch government doesn’t seem to mind if she feels suppressed. I wonder what made them change their minds?

And why does it feel like both the Netherlands and the U.S.A. have suddenly made 180º turns in public policy?

Hat tip: Brendan at the 910 Group.


Demosthenes said...

If this were done, it would be the most sensible thing any government has done in the 21st Century. Therefore, it will not be done. QED.

Fellow Peacekeeper said...

BBC : The Dutch government will soon decide whether to ban the burqa. Perhaps it will not become illegal in this marketplace or in the street. But they are likely to ban it in public places like stations, airports and cinemas - something many Muslims will regard as provocation in a Europe increasingly uncertain of its own identity.

Increasingly uncertain of its own identity? Hah! BBC commie swine, more like waking up to reclaim our identity.

Note the CAIR style Islamic whining in the news : they claim a burqa ban would increase fundamentalism. Aha. Accomodate or else!

The Dutch are entirely capable of doing radical things no one else will dare try (think drug legalization), it'd be a great precedent. Let us wait and see if its just an election stunt. Maybe its just talk, but at least its the right kind of talk, and thats no small potato in the world of PC newspeak.

James Higham said...

Chills you looking at those eyes looking back at you.

eatyourbeans said...

What's the Dutch word for 'youths'? If the 'youths' throw a street tantrum over this, how long would it take for the government to back down? And then: Cuius regio, eius religio, the dead white European male word for sharia.

Beach Girl said...

Here burqa, burqa, burqa! I posted yesterday that European folks best be fighting this war right now because with our new folks in office, we'll all be wearing burqas just to make the Muslim women feel "at home" and comfortable.

Good for the Danes! Good for you. Show that spine and maybe a fews Americans will grow spines of their own.

felix said...

Good for the Dutch. I hope they ban the face covering mask-wearing burka. We should do the same in the US.

Rositta said...

Oh, if only the Government of Canada had the guts to do that. I think that if they want to dress like "home", we should oblige and send them back where they came from. Good for the Dutch, I hope they follow thru.

Baron Bodissey said...

Lastango --

I was looking ahead to the day when Pelosi's Politburo takes the reins, when we "bring our boys home" and open the borders. We're going to pass the Dutch and the Danes going in the opposite direction.

tarikur said...

This is just show that Europeans have no tolerance and oppress women just as European accuses the Muslim of doing. Banning a woman to wear veil is same as forcing a women to wear veil, both are oppressive to women and violates women's right. Congratulation Dutch people, you guys are just like Taliban.

This just show Europeans don't care about Freedom, Democracy, Diversity, Torlance, Women's Right, Religious' Right, Minority' Right, Human Rights. Next, time they preach those things, just laugh at them as jokes.

tarikur said...

It kills the Westerners to think that Muslim women actually choose to wear it. Only thing they want to believe is that women are forced to wear it by men.

Look at the countries like Turkey or Tunisia that government banned it and discourage it. But the Muslim women continue to wear it with big numbers. In the BBC news, they said 65% of the all women in Turkey wear veil.

Very, very small percentage of women are forced to wear it by men but nearly all women wear it because they choose to wear it.

We all know why they can't ban the full Muslim veil or hijab because Nuns wear the same veil for the same reason.

Why is it when nuns wear veil, people consider them holy and pious but when Muslim women wear veil, people consider them 'submissive and oppressed'?