Monday, November 20, 2006

We’re on Our Way to Hell

This is a translation by Steen of Snaphanen of an interview with a policeman in the southern Swedish city of Malmö. The original Swedish version was published in Folkets Nyheter on November 12th.

Steen wrote to Charlotte Thorbjörnsson of Folkets Nyheter about the interview, and this was her reply:

I confirm it’s authentic; we’ve done quite a few of these interviews with people the press won’t touch, but I can’t reveal the policeman’s identity. We’ll make a clarification on the site as soon as possible.

Steen then sent it to me and said, “It ought to be spread to the world.”

Here's the interview with a Malmö policeman:

Malmö police “As a cop, you see the consequences of the decisions taken by the politicians in a very concrete way. Sweden’s immigration policy is basically a total failure. Moreover, this experiment costs enormous amounts of money each year. Politicians now try to fumble and tinker around retroactively with different ideas and measures. But it is obvious to every thinking human being that things are about to go to hell — said in plain speech.”

So says an executive police officer — who has been working in Malmö for a number of years — to the newspaper Folkets Nyheter about his work situation, which during recent years has changed dramatically. And he is totally aware of the causes of the changes for the worse. Malmö is a city with one of Sweden’s highest immigration percentages; 40% of the inhabitants there have an entirely foreign background. And, as in many of the country’s other cities, violence and robbery — as well as the Swedes’ fear of falling victim to this violence — have become part of Malmö’s everyday life.
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The Skåne [southern Swedish province] newspaper Sydsvenskan contended in a leader earlier this year that democracy in Sweden is intact, and that the “ceiling of debate” in Sweden is high. Still, the newspaper is obliged to publish this interview anonymously, to avoid putting the police officer’s position in jeopardy.

“Today, we have freedom of neither expression nor opinion in Sweden”, he comments. “As long as you think the same way as the political power elite, you’re welcome for promotion — but otherwise? Look what happened to my colleague.”

The colleague he referred to is Bengt Lindström, formerly a Malmö policeman, who was transferred by the country’s supreme police authority Rikspolisstyrelsen, because he had criticized the consequences of mass immigration, such as a lack of community service for Malmö’s elderly. The decision has had impact on a large portion of the police force, says the officer.

“Today, no officer would dare to express criticism on any of these issues, neither on nor off duty. They are concerned about their position and livelihood. Rikspolisstyrelsen made an example of Lindström’s transfer: ‘And don’t criticize us, unless you want to lose the rest of your job.’“

He totally agrees with Bengt Lindström’s criticism of the Malmö situation.

“If they refuse to assist our elderly, who have worked their entire life to help construct this country, then this gives me a pain in my heart. Recently, the government sent the municipalities another 1.7 billion SEK [see this currency converter], so they can handle the load of all the illegal immigrants. Of course, we Swedes would primarily have to take care of our fellow citizens.

Malmö gang“The number of cases involving rough violence against individuals on public property has risen sharply since the beginning of the ’90s, when I started my work in Malmö. The perpetrators of robbery and bodily harm on public property are almost always immigrant youngsters. This is well-documented, but the authorities responsible prefer not to report it. It would be against the country’s integration propaganda, so they prefer to remain silent.

“The fact that also the number of rapes in Malmö has grown sharply is related to the fact that 40% of Malmö’s inhabitants have a different ethnic background, and where the men’s power over the women is total. Their view of women is so totally alien to us Swedish men, and they continue to live according to their culture without regard to the fact that they are in a different country with different laws. Unfortunately, this attitude is being reinforced by Swedish authorities and courts who show regard for the suspect’s culture when making decisions.”

This police officer confirms also the negative reception which police and emergency services encounter in Malmö’s immigrant suburbs.

“Many immigrants have not the slightest respect for Swedish cops. You’re often treated like a trashman. Immigrants have so far only met representatives of the immigration and social services. They have been treated very friendly and seen all their demands met.

“Certain routine matters, such as a driving license check with an immigrant in Rosengård, get easily out of hand and develop into a major incident, where all patrol cars must intervene to re-establish order. Thanks to cellphones, many ‘supporters’ gather when we intervene in Rosengård. If we stop a car for a routine check, the entire clan shows up to work against the police.

“Unfortunately, large parts of the Swedish populace have a biased view of what is going on, and this is owed 99% to the partial view of reality provided by the mass media. For example, often the term ‘youth gang’ is used, instead of using plain language and saying that those causing the problems are criminal gangs of Albanian origin — as is the case in Landskrona.

“I’d like to emphasize that it’s not ‘Per’ or ‘Stina’ who act like dirt. It is immigrant gangs who try to take control and spread fear among normal people. Unfortunately, society has shown such a degree of unbelievable leniency towards this kind of behavior, that there is reason for serious concern with regard to future developments.

“I have full understanding for individuals organizing in vigilante groups, and who get involved in one of the most important questions that exist, which is one’s own family’s safety. If society fails then you unfortunately have to take things into your own hands. In fact, it is your right to defend yourself and your property. You may even use the force necessary to protect yourself.”

The officer says it is evident that the immigrants’ tendency towards violence and crime is hidden and explained away, because a clique in the corridors of power has decided so.

“My personal theory is that there are individuals who have their political roots in the late 60s. The so-called flum [sorry, couldn’t find this word — translator] left. The individuals that studied at the university in 1968 occupy high posts of society today, and they contribute to the moral decay and degeneration happening right before our eyes.”

Talking about the political power in southern Sweden’s Skåne province and three of its best-known representatives — supreme prosecutor Sven-Erik Alhem, district council Ilmar Reepalu/Malmö and sheriff Anders Danielsson — the officer says:

“All of these three represent the hardened power structure at different levels in Sweden, and none of them seems capable of thinking independently. They just act to make their superiors happy and couldn’t care less about the opinion of their fellow countrymen. They’re only puppets of Sweden’s political power today. Corruption among friends and guarding one’s power position is more important to them than taking care of the problems and tasks they are assigned to. All of them know each other personally and maintain private contacts.

“Alhem looks to me and most other colleagues like a big clown only interested in making himself look good. He has long ago lost contact with reality. Alhem is a vivid fan of multi-culturalism. That this multi-culturalism leads to a negative development in society and its safety is of no concern to him.”

The officer hopes that Sweden’s actual situation will force more and more Swedes to wake up.

“Sooner or later, we all have to realize that things cannot go on like this. Practical policies must change radically. You and I and our families have a duty to maintain our ancestors’ heritage, the heritage of those who helped to build a successful nation.

“There is no multi-cultural society on earth which could show a positive development.

“There is only one alternative, and it’s called preserving tradition. See the positive things that our ancestors have built. A society in good order which defends the family and which creates the conditions necessary to live, to develop and to feel safe. To care for one’s family and one’s own must be self-evident for all Swedes.”

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Anglo-Saxon limitations to free speech:

“… things like child pornography, false statements that result in demonstrable harm (defamation), the exposure of national security information, commercial fraud, and the proverbial shouting of ‘Fire!’ in a crowded theater” — nothing else.


grandma said...

My husband and I attended our Mayor's Prayer Breakfast Saturday morning. A gentleman who writes for a conservative magazine spoke eloquently of many important issues having to do with truth and justice. Although this man is a supporter of Israel and the West, and is directly impacted by the issues this blog addresses, he made no comment on such themes. A minister prayed, imploring Jesus to keep us. Our esteemed mayor (a Democrat, of course) leapt to his feet and made the final comments which can be summarized thusly: Muslims in France are behaving as they do because they are excluded from French society; British Muslims behave badly because of British intolerance; America does not have these problems because we are tolerant and embrace multicultural values. These comments had nothing to do with anything that was discussed during this meeting. It seemed that he simply needed to correct us, or guide our thinking, or something related to the arcane thinking of a liberal. This, in spite of the increasing violence directly attributable to the exploding immigrant gang problem in this city. The suicidal logic of the left continues to escape me.

Beach Girl said...

Baron, do you sometimes feel as though we are all grasping - holding on tight - to the outside of a balloon filled with water that is about to burst?

I don't see how this can go on indefinitely before the native citizens of a nation break and anarchy reins. Which nation will it be? My history is rusty here but will it take an incident such as the assassination of someone like an Archduke (?) that brought about WWI? Will it take something like the Hungarian revolt which to our everlasting shame we did not support? What will be the "next shot heard 'round the world?"

Baron Bodissey said...


It's hard to tell what the trigger event will be. I think the analogy is more 1938 than 1914. In the '30s, everyone knew another Great War was coming, it just wasn't sure exactly when.

We know something big is coming, and all this talk-talk-talk with Iran and North Korea, and all the futzing around in Iraq, is just so much entertainment while we wait for the inevitable.

anti-uffe said...

While I applaud information escaping the clutches of Big Swedish Brother, I'm more than a little worried about the means of dissemination being a liability. Go take a look at the Folkets Nyheter website and see for yourself, no Swedish language skills required. Not the type of site that I would like to be associated with.

gertrud said...

"Not the type of site that I would like to be associated with."

Ichecked that out, and for a Swedish "nationalist site" its not at all bad.

Two things matter to me: Is the stuff interesting and credible .? I´ve checked it and my answer is "yes".

2: If the information is OK and important, it matters more to me what it says, than who says it.

I am aware that this principle is not shared by everyone, especially in Sweden.

Considering the swedish media and freedom of speech situation, thats the way I get about it.

sincerly - Steen , DK

sincerly - Steen

Beach Girl said...

Thank you, Baron. I admit that I need cool heads to hear and to read. The 1930s are a better analogy - Japan was on the march in the Far East and we know the rest with Italy and Germany. Again, thank you. There are several blogs that I read one is Carl from Israel, the Gates, and Mr. Minority. All for different reasons but all lend integrity to their respective goals. Stay safe.

Simon de Montfort said...

"We're on our way to Hell"...and I'M supposed to be he "pessimist" here?

Sorenson, writing for JFK in 1961, called the Cold War a "long twilight struggle". He was wrong, as usual. The Cold War was a successful defense of of the existing political and political alignment of forces. The West won, and the Soviets crumbled.

The greater struggle going on in the late 20th Century was the steady erosion of a secularized Judeo-Christian culture by radical leftist amoral narcissists. The culture which had been in place since the early 1900s has been almost entirely eroded, replaced by....well, you've all seen and heard the voices of the media and academic and bureaucratic elites

But our New Multi-culti Masters are spectacularly ill-equipped to resist ( let alone defeat ) the rise of Islamic fascism in Europe.

Oh well, enough said. Why bother sounding the alarm over and over again?

John Sobieski said...

I didn't think that site was bothersome to me, of course I do not read Swedish, but there were not graphics there or words I could surmise that would bother me.

America has Dearborn. That would be an interesting place to visit for a short visit.

Vasarahammer said...

"Go take a look at the Folkets Nyheter website and see for yourself, no Swedish language skills required. Not the type of site that I would like to be associated with."

I haven't read that rag before but the content of the news raised suspicions about the organization behind the site.

However, I would not blame Folkets Nyheter for the fact that the Swedish MSM avoids discussing these subjects even though after the Borgerliga Alliansens victory in the General election there have been signs of loosening the iron grip of self-censorhip in the media.

It is now easy to see what it was like to read news in the old Communist bloc countries. You had to read between the lines. In case of crime news, you have to look at small details and do a little background research to find out who the "youths" are.

eatyourbeans said...

It may be that the oppressively generous social welfare systems in Europe foster passivity and infantileism in the people. "Mommy says multiculturalism is good, mustn't make mommy mad. "

Americans, in contrast, are like difficult teenagers towards their government. This tension is enshrined in our constitution, one half of which protects the people from the government while the other half protects the government from the people.

Eaglenest said...

To eatyourbeans...
no it is not the social welfare system. It is their homes, their kids, their nice life which keeps them from being involved more. They have been living in peace for so many years and they just want to be left alone. The same like Americans. Nobody will engage in anything until their own families will be put in danger.
America it is not better. California is becoming Mexifornia and nobody is going to stop it. All the products have signs in Spanish language and some department stores too. White people live more and more behind gates and walls or move completely away. Is that a great life? Instead of putting criminals behind the walls WE have to live there. And nobody protests. So how different America is from Europe?