Monday, November 20, 2006

The Fjordman Files

The Dutch blogger Klein Verzet has performed an important service by maintaining a list of all the writings of Fjordman at a permanent post called “The Fjordman Files”. His listing is broken down by topic, and then sorted in chronological order.

Klein Verzet wrote me last week to say that some of his readers were not completely satisfied with the organization of his list, and thought it would be better arranged in other ways (chronological, alphabetical, etc.) He is consulting with Fjordman to determine the best way to list all the posts.

I suggested that we could do multiple lists, each indexed differently. If the posts were kept in a database with certain data fields associated with each one, web page listings could be generated automatically. I volunteered to do the necessary programming and generate the HTML. It was relatively easy to populate my database tables, thanks to the excellent work done previously by Klein Verzet.

Eventually Klein Verzet will probably draw on one or more of my lists to use for his “Fjordman Files” post. But, in the meantime, I’ve posted the different lists on a page here. It is current as of today’s post at Brussels Journal, as far as I know.

There are four different indexes: chronological, by topic, by location (Jihad Watch, Brussels Journal, and Gates of Vienna), and alphabetical. When a secondary sort is used, it is alphabetical.
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Readers are invited to help me in two ways:

1. Notify me of Fjordman essays that have been posted, but aren’t on my list yet.
2. Make suggestions for changes to the “Fjordman Files” page, e.g. use a different index, revise the topic used to list a given post, etc.

The distributed intelligence of the VRWC on the internet will eventually produce a useful way of indexing and listing Fjordman’s work. At the rate he is producing posts (several a week in recent months), we will definitely need such a system.