Monday, April 24, 2006

Welfare State Wahhabism

All Jihad, All the Time!Well, Osama bin Laden (or whoever the Voice of Waziristan has standing in for him these days) has struck again with one of his Top-of-the-Charts jihad audiotapes.

Better minds than mine are looking at this material (Atlas Shrugs, the Belmont Club, and Dr. Sanity, to name three), so go check in with them for an in-depth analysis.

But what stood out for me in the transcribed excerpts from the tape was this:

“Their opposition to the Hamas victory proves that this is a crusade against Islam. This shows what Sheik Ayman al-Zawahiri [bin Laden’s No. 2] warned about before, not to enter into an infidel’s council. The sanctions imposed by the West on the Hamas government prove more that there is a Zionist crusader war on Islam.”

Do you realize what Osama is saying here? Let me translate it from Jihad-Speak:

Anyone who won’t send payments to Hamas is in a state of war with Islam!

How’s that for chutzpah?

Or can an Arab exhibit chutzpah? Maybe there’s an Arabic word it…

It reminds me of people who say this:

The federal government won’t subsidize my latest excrement-covered statue of the Virgin Mary copulating with a stallion! That’s a violation of my First Amendment rights!

Or when a celebrity leftist (I know, I know; that’s a redundancy) goes on TV and says this:

Bill O’Reilly disagreed with me and called me a pinhead! That’s censorship!

What do all these things have in common? They assume the the United States government is the cause of all things, is responsible for all things, and violates the rights of various people or groups if it doesn’t accede to their demands.

It’s a welfare state mentality. The government owes us. If it doesn’t give us what we want, that’s a violation of our rights. In addition, it insults our honor, so we’re going to break out the molotov cocktails and start looting Starbucks. Smash the State!

Bin Laden’s version has an extra added ingredient: the Classic Shakedown. He’s got mau-mauing down to a fine art. Pay up, Infidel, or else!

It’s a nice little civilization you have here — wouldn’t want anything to happen to it…

You’ve got to hand it to the guy; he’s a master of pushing all the West’s buttons. Oppressed people. Longterm grievances. Racial and religious tolerance. And then the threat of violence, vicious ruthless violence against the soft limp-wristed pansy quaking-in-their-boots infidels, all those pathetic weaklings who lack the manly necessity to resist his demands.

He sees us all as Canadians and Swedes, ready to roll over and expose our soft underbelly at the first sign of his darkening brow.

And so it’s time to pay the next installment of the jizyah, with the Palestinians wearing the green eyeshade and writing the figures down in the Caliph’s ledger as the infidels line up at the teller’s window.

Here’s your receipt: “Rabee’uth-Thaanee 23, 1426. Rec’d from Crusader apes and pigs US $50,000,000,000.”

See you next week!


X said...

It's just that tax, whatchamacallit, Jizya or something. The alternative to paying it was forced conversion or death.

Wally Ballou said...

It's a little pathetic, too. Bin Laden, who gave up his luxurious lifestyle to squat in a cave and call himslef "caliph", is now the leader of nothing. He's like the politician who, every time he sees a parade, runs to walk in front of it.

His choice of Khartoum (his old home) for a cause is telling. The genocide in Darfur - unlike the other Sudanese genocides of Christians and animists - is directed at black Muslims. It's largely a case of virulent arab racism. How's that for a rallying cry, troops?

The Frito Pundito said...

If I were bin Laden, I would be feeling my oats a bit too, seeing as how the most powerful nation with the most guns on earth can't seem to figure out where he is (or just doesn't care). I don't know why every new announcement by bin Laden isn't preceded by: "And contrary to Bush's pledge, he's still on the loose..."

Frank said...

"He sees us all as Canadians and Swedes, ready to roll over and expose our soft underbelly at the first sign of his darkening brow."

Lol...well, from an usually ashamed Canadian, I can tell you that Canada is finally, under a Conservative government, showing our other side. We're the folks getting shot up in Afghanistan these days in a greatly expanded mission and stopping payments to Hamas (the first ones aside from Israel to do it, too).

Yes we still live in a welfare state and there are a great many Canadians who snivel and whine like Michael Moore, but hey, at least we're starting to look more like Alfred of Wessex than Burgred of Mercia.

Unknown said...

Re: "He sees us all as Canadians and Swedes, ready to roll over and expose our soft underbelly at the first sign of his darkening brow.."

You mean like this: Attacks toughen Canadian resolve in Afghanistan

Or this: Canada cuts off aid as Hamas takes power

Fat Man said...

Bin Laden changes the subject By TigerHawk
: "Why didn't bin Laden talk about Iraq?"

Fat Man said...

Bill Rogio disagrees with Tiger Hawk:

The early speculation in the blogosphere that bin Laden ignored Iraq wholesale has proven incorrect. Osama did address Iraq's place in al-Qaeda's plans and the country's importance in the global jihad. ... :

"The epicentre of these wars is Baghdad, the seat of the khalifate rule. They keep reiterating that success in Baghdad will be success for the US, failure in Iraq the failure of the US. ..."


Baron Bodissey said...

John B --

I'm not referring to how Canada actually is, I'm referring to how it is perceived.

It was the same way with the US after Somalia in '93: weak, ineffectual, indecisive, cowardly. That's the way we were perceived.

Then came April 2003, and Saddam, Uday, and Qusay learned a little lesson about the "weak horse".

Right now, however, with our behavior vis-a-vis Iran and the IAEA, it looks like we're slipping back into our old habits.

Always On Watch said...

Anyone who won’t send payments to Hamas is in a state of war with Islam!

How’s that for chutzpah?

My husband doesn't follow current events as much as I do. But when he heard about that part of OBL's latest, he nearly choked. "Blackmail!" he screamed. Obviously, my husband is not familiar with the term "jizya."

What impressed me about OBL's lates was the arrogance. God, I'm getting tired of that attitude! Puts me in mind of a selfish teenage.