Friday, April 21, 2006

Malmö Update: School Closing

A reader from Scandinavia sent us the email below.

MalmöJust thought I’d bring this little update.

Some time ago, there was a mildly semi-heated debate on this blog regarding the state of affairs in Malmö, and I argued in length against the Swedish “journalist” who proclaimed that my statements were wildly exaggerated etc., etc.

He in turn offered the prospective student a guided tour to some of the hotspots I pointed out, to show him how calm everything really was.

Turns out he is kind of right :) If he tours one of the schools I mentioned it will indeed be very very calm. Actually, it will be completly empty. The school has had so much trouble, violence and crime (etc, etc), that the city now is closing down the entire school(!).

I will not translate the entire articles, but for the sake of documenting it, they are Dagens Nyheter and Bergstrand – Krönika.

Basically, although one is more apologetic then the other, violence and crime were indeed, as I said, rampant.

It should be noted that the school had 95% of its students being “immigrants” (guess who…).

On a side-note, there were officially in 2005 more rapes in Malmö and its county Skane alone then the entire country of Denmark(!).


bordergal said...

Sounds like the immigrant school in Germany where teachers are begging for closure due to "discipline problems".

Funny how they all involve the same religious group.

Unknown said...

That's an evil, Islamophobic lie! There are no problems with Muslim immigrants in Malmø, it was all made up by Fjordman, the right-wing nutcase. Just ask Mr. Anders.

al fin said...

European appeasement has become celebrated across the blogosphere, with David's Medienkritik translation of Henryk Broder's recent article in Welt am Sonntag titled "Europe Your Family Name is Appeasement."

The suicidal elites in Europe cannot possibly represent the majority of Europeans. Their appeasement policies are so universally inept and self-destructive as to cause one to question their sanity.

All that one can do presently is to continue to shine a spotlight on the problem and its cause, and hope Europeans wake up soon.

X said...

Funny, considering Scania was once part of denmark...

I have a suspicion. I suspect that Skåne alone is suffereng these problems far more than the rest of Sweden. When I was in Kalmar I didn't see a single non-white face... well apart from that korean family, and the one black guy in a leather jacket but they were the obvious exceptions. By swedish standards Kalmar is a fairly large town. No mosques either. Plenty of churches and a couple of synagogues but no mosques.

I further suspect this is why most people in Sweden don't seem able to grasp the idea of a large problem in Malmö. Unlike, say, the UK or France, where there's a large and widely spread immigrant population, Sweden is mostly homogenous. Stockholm is, as the BBC once arrogantly put it, "hideously white". Even the airport had but a few non-white faces, and Stockholm-Arlanda is an international hub that serves most of northern europe.

And this is where I get weird, now, because I tend to view things in a spiritual as well as physical and cultural dimension. Skåne, as I said, used to be part of denmark. The entire country is still considered to be "outsider" to the rest of Sweden; its inhabitants are the scandanavian equivalent of the irish or the canadians. Not quite right in the head, funny accent, bit slow eh? Anyway the point is, Islam is attempting to occupy denmark and scania, "spiritually", and culturally, is part of that realm, so it would make sense that they'd try and occupy it too. At least it would if you're strange like me. :)

Dymphna said...


It sure helps to have context for the cultural ethos of the area under discussion.

Thanks for the background. Except the Irish aren't funny in the head, just unlikely to be sober...makes me wonder: what's the Muslim immigration rate in Ireland?

And fjordman: it must be nice to br so fluent in another tongue that you can even be sarcastic in it.


X said...

Dymphna, everything I learned about the Irish I got from my mother, who is a Ryan. I also got my liver from her. :)

Anyway, glad I could shine a light on it. A lot of people tend to lump scandanavia in to one big homogenous mass, which is a mistake. It does people well to remember that the place had a history before the Atheniens had started writing their first poetry.

And as fjordman demonstrates, despite the current crop of social "democrats" running the various nations up there, the norse spirit still lives on.

X said...

Well I wouldn't go that far. My wife and her family are from Skåne, and currently living in kalmar, but they don't seem particularly rejected by their neighbours. To some extent Skåne has to shoulder the responsibility for any rejection and, seeing as it was "won" quite a long time ago it's no surprise that denmark doesn't worry too much. Skåne and Friesland changed hands so many times in the nordic wars it's surprising they have any original character left.

X said...

I'm sorry, I don't know where friesland came from then. Should be Jutland.

The_Editrix said...

Thanks for the info! Great blog!

I have duly credited you HERE!