Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The I-Word

MalmöLast Friday I posted an email from a Scandinavian reader about the closing of a school in Malmö due to excessive violence among the school’s students, who are predominantly Muslim immigrants. At the time, there were no English-language news sources for this story.

Now, thanks to a tip from Roncesvalles, I can post an excerpt from The Local, an English-language Swedish news organ:

Plans to shut down the senior part of Hermodsdal school in Malmö have prompted the Liberals to request an extra parliamentary debate on the problem of discipline in Swedish schools.

“In Malmö a gang of troublemakers has dictated the decision. It’s unacceptable,” said the Liberal Party’s Jan Björklund.

The proposal to close the high school with 200 students, which was put forward during the Easter break, was due to “lack of security, vandalism and poor study results”. The school has been vandalised several times and in January part of it was damaged in an arson attack.


“It’s the first time a school in Sweden has been closed because it is too rowdy,” said Jan Björklund, who sees the decision as giving in to discipline problems. He described it as collective punishment, which has affected the innocent.

If you read through the whole article, you might notice something. In fact, if you’re a regular reader of Gates of Vienna (and Fjordman), it will stick out like a sore thumb: the words “immigrant”, “Muslim”, and “Islamic” are not mentioned. The Local contrives to tell the whole story without mentioning the most significant element of it: violence perpetrated by predominantly Muslim immigrant children forced the closure of a Swedish school.

Somehow – nobody knows quite how – the staid, phlegmatic, law-abiding Swedes have become “rowdy”. There’s no real explanation; it just kind of happened. One day Swedish citizens woke up, and their children were violent. A school had to close. There’s nothing to be done about it; these things happen.

In Sweden there are apparently two I-words which must not be spoken or printed. The lesser I-word is “immigrant”, and the greater I-word is “Islamic”.

One I-word, however, is permitted, even encouraged: “Islamophobic”.

We all have to learn a new language. It’s called Dhimmispeak.


Pastorius said...

Suddenly, the Swedes have become rowdy indeed.

If Bergman were making movies today, they'd look like Natural Born Killers.

No, really, they would.

Pastorius said...

You almost have to congratulate them on this article, though, Baron. Not once did they call the troublemakers "youths."

The_Editrix said...

You are not alone! For similar suicidal idiocy from Germany click HERE, HERE and HERE.

Where does all that self-loathing come from?

I had a look at your great Bloody Borders project and won't be sleeping all that well tonight.

Keep up the good work!

Baron Bodissey said...

Thank you, Editrix! And thanks for the tip for "The Local".

leap_frog said...

Not to rain on your post's title, but in Sweden they refer to immigrants as aliens.

However I do have another word: Indifference.
This would be more aptly describe the Swedes demeanor IMHO.

Use to live there briefly a few years ago, and ended my outgoing emails with; From behind the Swedish wall of Indifference, love ...

That was during the time that Anna Lyndh was murdered by a crazy man -of course, read -young Moroccan Muslim man.
We happen to be living in Nykoping as well, go figure. Given the date I never felt so far from home.
Interestingly it was the 'aliens' who were the ones who befriended us though, mostly Christians from Iran, Lebanon, Albania and Algeria.
Their kindness and hospitality I will not forget. I feel for these people as they fled their homelands to get away from the Islamic tyranny. As many told me, good quality of life and good education of their children (daughters esp.), even in a 'peacful' islamic countries is not possible.

Hope Sweden comes to their senses before it's too late, but not sure if they will be able to without some serious civil strife happening.