Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Some Barriers Work Better Than Others


Monahan AFB pop-up barrier
Commenter Bill Keezer sent this picture of an attempt to run the Swan Gate at Davis-Monahan AFB in Tucson. The intruders found out the hard way that the pop up barrier works.

In case you’re wondering: no, it wasn’t terrorists, just pests. Two drunk “undocumented” aliens from south of the Border. Who knows what they had in mind? Or if they even had a mind between them at the time.

The driver will be arrested when he gets out of ICU. The passenger was sent on to a hospital in Mexico.

I think the driver should be returned also, as soon as he’s stable. Why bother prosecuting him when it just means we have to also take care of him?


linearthinker said...

If this is the incident I'm thinking of, there was also a stash of drugs found in the car...and no charges, just a ticket south. Don't quote me...no fact checking done before blabbing by me.
I ventured down to the Swan Gate last time in Tucson...just sight seeing and enjoying the A-10s coming and going. These guys had to be stoned blind to get in this pickle. I bet the gate security guards got a kick out of seeing their popup barrier put to use.