Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Green on the Outside, Red in the Middle

Information from The Watcher of Weasels to bring you up to date — or perhaps you already knew this:

Celebrate Earth Day
Some fans of the Watermelon want to make August 3rd the unofficial celebration of National Watermelon Day, but to me Watermelon Day is the perfect nickname for Earth Day, because so many of its most ardent supporters are really just Marxists wrapped up in eco-friendly clothing... they’re Red on the inside and Green on the outside. And the so-called environmentalist movement is really just a conduit for their anti-Capitalist and anti-American propaganda. Ask anyone who scoffs at this notion why it is that Lenin’s birthday was chosen as the official day to celebrate Earth Day, eh?

Earth Day is Lenin’s birthday?? It’s the birthday of the Baron’s Boy also. How will I break the news?

But please, let us not ruin a perfectly good fruit on a group of nut cakes.


Wally Ballou said...

I agree abou the watermelons, of course, but I wouldn't put too much stock in the "Earth Day is Lenin's birthday" theory. There are only so many days in the year.

April 22 is also Kerensky's and Nabokov's birthday - so much for ideology.

It's the birthday of Jack Nicholson, Bettie Page, Aaron Spelling , Yehudi Menuhin and Charles Mingus.

No to mention Immanuel Kant, Henry Fielding and Queen Isabella.

It's the anniversary of the founding of the American Lutheran Church, the day "in God We Trust" first appeared on American coinage, the day Cromwell dissolved parliament, and a million other things happened.


BTW - the UN and most non-US countries, observe "Earth day" on the vernal equinox in March. Earth day is on April 22 in the US because that was the day of the massive "spontaneous" demonstration organized by Senator Gaylord Nelson.

SC&A said...

It's sad to realizwe the alternative to watermelon is cantalope- white on the outside and yellow on the inside.

Someone call a shrink.

Dymphna said...


Thanks for your expertise. The Boy will be pleased about Kant and Nabokov -- and he even knows about Betttie Page since his brother wrote a song about her.

And now of course, we know that Sen. Nelson really had the boy in mind for the American day...that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

SigCarl *don't* call a shrink. You know what color they'll make the inside....eeeyew..

El Jefe Maximo said...

So many on the left besides environmentalists are "red on the inside" or marxists morphed into "transnationalists" or "communitarians." No surprise that Earth Day is the Evil One's birthday (no, not the Baron's son), although I never made the connection, or paid much attention to Earth Day at all.

Frank said...

What I'd like to know, without straying too far afield, is how Kyoto is going to help reduce CO2, assuming that

A) Global Warming (GW) is actually occuring

B) GW is a result of manmade CO2

C) That industry and its CO2 were responsible for the Big and Little Optimums (although given that both took place something over a millenium ago, I don't know how this link will be established or even hypothesised, but I'm assured by lefties that its just because I don't understand "science").

Anyway, how is transferring industry from the regulated economies of the first world to the unregulated output of the third world a boon for clean air? Oh, and with an exemption for China, because its...well...I'm not sure why...I guess I don't know enough science.

And what about all those sweatshops we are warned about by the hemp sandal brigade of do-gooders? How is little M'butu in Botswana going to feel working 26 hours a day in a factory belching out billowing clouds of unregulated CO2 and assorted other nasties? Oh wait...that'll be illegalized by the World Government the UN will evolve into right after it learns to tie its collective shoes?

Of course, the first world can keep on spewing CO2 in amounts that are fractional in comparison to the third, as long as it pays the third world for the priviledge. How does THAT work? I'm not a scientist of course, but isn't that like Alfred paying the Danes wergeld in an effort to stop inclement weather?

And then we have my native land, Canada, whose former ruling junta was sanctimoniously outraged by the Bush administration not signing Kyoto. This in spite of the fact that the US produced far less per capita CO2 than Canada, in spite of the fact that Canada had fallen hopelessly behind in its commitments by...well, an order or two of magnitude...and in spite of the fact that Canada doesn't have a snowball's hope in hell of EVER reaching its targetted emmission schedule without adopting industry policies even the Luddites would have been happy with.

I guess I have to do more book larnin'.