Friday, April 28, 2006

Sweden Was Anti-Semitic Long Before the Muslims Arrived

The Great Synagogue of StockholmIt’s been known for some time that Jews in Sweden are at risk, but the situation is deteriorating.

Currently, Jewish congregations spend twenty-five percent of their budget on security because the police do not act. The synagogue in Stockholm has been told to remove its protective concrete barriers.

Anti-Semitic essays or public remarks are permitted because of the “conflict” with Palestine. However, the opposite does not hold true: speaking out against terrorists is a hate crime.

Sweden has withdrawn from the military exercises in Sardinia because Israel is one of the participants.

Hamas leaders have been given visas to enter Sweden.The Jerusalem Post
reports here:

Swedish Ambassador to Israel, Robert Rydberg, was summoned to the Foreign Ministry on Thursday to explain his government’s decision to give visas to Hamas members to enter Sweden.

Director-General of the Foreign Ministry Ron Prossor said that Stockholm’s decision effectively legitimizes terrorism, and that one cannot make the distinction between a terrorist organization and its members, Israel Radio reported.

The Local, “Sweden’s newspaper in English,” published reports of growing anti-Semitism in the country:

The results, which appeared in Dagens Nyheter, showed that 26% believe that there is a ‘Jewish influence’ over the world’s economy, and 15% consider that influence to be ‘too great’. It also emerged that 14% believe that Jews use the Holocaust for political or economic ends.

One out of four of those questioned said they were negative towards the idea of a Jewish prime minister.

“What has long been a problem is the fact that anti-Semitism has in many ways been denied or trivialised, or that the problem has been seen as peculiar to marginal right wing groups,” said historian Henrik Bachner…

This isn’t new. For a while now, Jews have been hiding their identity to avoid being attacked in public. In 2004, The Stockholm Spectator blog, Stambord, (run by three Irishmen — what is that about?) noted that a few Swedish Jews had joined the IDF in Israel, feeling they were safer there than in Sweden.

As you can see from the previous post, Sweden’s Muslims grow more aggressive by the day. However, what we are less aware of – what has been kept under wraps for the last sixty years – is Sweden’s history of overt anti-Jewish laws:

For ten years up until the end of the Second World War, Swedish priests applied Nazi race rules to marriage.

Swedes who wanted to marry Germans were forced to prove that they were not Jewish. And ‘racially impure’ marriages could be annulled by Swedish courts, according to evidence presented by the Swedish Research Council on Tuesday.

Since 2001, two research programmes have explored various aspects of “Swedish fear, horror and fascination, but also kinship within Swedish science, culture and church life with Nazism and Nazi Germany”.


Any Swede who wanted to marry an Arian German was forced to sign an affirmation stating that none of the German’s grandparents were Jewish.

According to Lund University’s Professor Anders Jarlert, who led the research, Sweden’s application of these laws lacked historical and democratic legitimacy. It was also alien to the Swedish sense of justice, said Jarlert.

The evidence uncovered by Professor Jarlert shows that Sweden was not merely paying lip service to its powerful neighbour. The Swedish courts were complicit too, annulling a number of marriages and declaring the children born within them as illegitimate.

Stig Ekman, a professor of history with a special interest in Nazism, told DN that Sweden’s culture of secrecy is one reason why the details of the priests’ and courts’ lack of resistance to Nazi influence is only emerging now, 60 years later.

As this study proves, the anti-Semitism in Sweden was well in place before any Muslim set foot there.

As Maxed Out Mama said in a comment at Shrinkwrapped recently:

I think you are right about the Jews getting out of Europe. I hate it, but I think it’s time for them to go. I’d love to see the US have an official open immigration policy for any Jew of European extraction.

We would do well to start with Sweden, though France is surely as dangerous.


X said...

Well, to balance things out, Sweden sold Israel a bunch of surplus P51-D mustangs s in 1957, contravening an arms embargo, and was cooperating with Israel on all kinds of technology and the like until very recently.

On the other hand anti-semetism is still rife. My wife's aunt, whilst otherwise quite sane and cool, believes that jews run the world. I'm sure it would be less prevelant if they weren't being so oppressed by their social "democrat" government all the time. Iv'e always found that people under oppressive governments or oppressive situations look for scapegoats, and it's usually the jews...

Handsome Hu said...

woah is that first link malicious? - had hella pop ups come at me and avast killed several scripts - be warned...

guess its my bad for clicking - jihadi script kiddies l0se all internets

diasporavoice said...

"woah is that first link malicious?"

The above link goes to my information deposit stored at blogger. Same software as used here. So if there is any problem, please fee free to report to blogger, and meanwhile check your computer for malware.

al fin said...

Excuse me, but saying that Sweden was anti-semitic even before the muslims swarmed in, is like saying the house was warm, even before it burned down.

There's a qualitative difference there, not just a quantitative one.

SC&A said...

I'm beginning to belive that Raoul Wallenberg is more important to the Swedes than he is to the Jews.

Of course, they aren't all that excited to recall Wallenbergs Jewish roots.

In any event, perhaps what is going on in Sweden is just karma.

You get what you give.

pst314 said...

When a Swede tells you about how morally superior Sweden is, you are permitted to mentally spit on him.

Dan M said...

I think those Jews in Europe have an obligation to their families, and to their forefathers who perished in the Holocaust, to get the hell out of Europe now, while there is time. It would be wise for them not to weigh the issue to a nicety, and procrastinate until the very last minute. I'm not suggesting they need to go to Israel for instance, nor here. But there are signs in Europe, and those signs don't bode well.

It's sad of course that we must make such a recommendation, and what we are suggesting would be emotionally wrenching for those fleeing, BUT we have an obligation before history as well.

We weren't alive during the '30s, and we weren't able to give them advice which if taken, would have saved many of them. But we're alive today, AND WE SEE THE SIGNS in Europe, and we know through history what those signs betoken.

And thus, before conscience and history, we urge all those Jews in Europe to take a good look at what is going on in Europe, we urge them to see the dark clouds that are gathering, and we urge them to gather their families, to gather up whatever treasure they may have, and to get out now. Get out now, while it is safe to do so.

Dan M said...

Perhaps we could get Fjordman to speak to whether the resurgence in European anti-semitism is due to the Left, {in it's perverse embrace of multi-culturalism}, or whether it is a current phenemenon of the political right. The stats in the post don't really indicate one way or the other.

X said...

I'd be inclined to say it's the left that's causing it. It seems that leftists are quicker to blame the jews.

Also lets not start spitting on people, mentally or otherwise. Sweden is not nazi germany; its people are living in fear, its leaders are denying the problem and lashing out at the easy target. They need our help, not our disgust.

XY said...

The left in Sweden (including the media) is consistently anti-Israel (though those that are even more left think that the media is too pro-Israel), but they wouldn't be "anti jew" as such. The right usually holds a middle-position in the Isreal issue (but doesn't talk about 'jews' either). Very few are consistently pro-Israel. I would guess that the general anti-Israel stance that many hold also colors their view on jews.

sirius_sir said...

I would guess that the general anti-Israel stance that many hold also colors their view on jews.

Turn it around and your statement makes just as much sense: I would guess that the general anti-Jewish attitude that many hold also colors their view on Israel.

Scott said...

In my debates with British leftists
I've found many are openly anti-
semites. The term 'neocon' is used
interchangeably with zionist and
because I have defended Israel I
have been called a Jew on a number
of occasion as if that is itself an

While I have tried to point out to
these folks that the 'neocon'
movement had nothing to do with
zionism or even Israel but was born
of Democrats disgusted with that
party's pro Communist elements and
people like Scoop Jackson was the
movements 'godfather' not Ariel
Sharon it doesn't seem to matter to
them. "Neocon, Zionist, Republican,
Jew, are all the same to them.

As to Sweden, was it a coincidence
that the term 'Stockholm Syndrome'
originated there. Where non Muslim
Europeans of a non hard left bent
exhibit anti semitic attitudes are
we really seeing a reaction against
Jews or Israel or are we seeing
Jews being made scapegoats because
of Europes greater fear of Muslims?

By adopting a pro Palestinian anti
Jewish attitude are not the Swedes
and other Europeans hiding their
cowardice and fear behind a facade
of 'concern' over the plight of the
Palestinians and blaming the real
problem facing them on Israel, i.e.
if only Israel would 'disappear'
the Muslims would go away too.

XY said...

"Turn it around and your statement makes just as much sense: I would guess that the general anti-Jewish attitude that many hold also colors their view on Israel."

Maybe, but if the anti-jew attitude causes the views on Israel, what causes the anti-jew attitude? It seems to come out of nowhere. I guess historical reasons of some sort. I don't know. It's puzzling.

sirius_sir said...

Scott, I think you are on to something regarding the psychology of belligerance and compliance. The coward will always rather choose 'to go along to get along' rather than risk incurring the bully's wrath.

The problem is that the bully interprets submission by others as a signal of weakness and vulnerability.

No one should delude themselves it means anything but.

Fredrik Lindholm said...

Good and regretably nessecary post.

"As to Sweden, was it a coincidence that the term 'Stockholm Syndrome' originated there."

Yes. Given the right circumstances it could as well be called "The Tel Aviv Syndrome" or "The Padua Syndrome". Psychologists has known the mechanisms of fraternisation long before 1973. Check out Wikipedia

diasporavoice said...

chapter: some-swedish-problems + (now) with some 55 references...

Fredrik Lindholm said...

True, true, true. But before you all get too "freedom fries", remember that the Norrmalmstorg robbery was an exceptional crime that took place in 1973. No-one will solve any problems by making far-fetched comparisions with 33 year old crimes.

Raw Data said...

Just out of curiosity, what is the source that the Wallenberg's are of Jewish ancestry?

Ron said...

What the heck are Jews still doing in Sweden? Are they all idiots? Too elderly to move? Just totally blind? After WWII and the current wave of Jew-hatred in Europe and Sweden, what are they waiting for? If someone wants to stand in the way of speeding cars, eventually they will get hit. Are the Swedish Jews just suicidal?

Fredrik Lindholm said...

You can be both jewish and swedish. In short: A swedish jew.