Monday, April 24, 2006

A New Oslo Peace Process?

The Fjordman Report
The noted blogger Fjordman is filing this report via Gates of Vienna.

Thorbjørn Jagland is a former Foreign Minister and Prime Minister of Norway from the Labor Party. He is now President of the Storting, the Norwegian Parliament, and thus technically speaking the highest ranking person in the country, next to the King. He recently wrote an essay to Aftenposten newspaper entitled Islamofobi vårt nye spøkelse? (Islamophobia our new ghost/specter?) where he warned against the dangers of Islamophobia. According to Jagland, seemingly paraphrasing the Communist Manifesto, a specter is haunting Europe – the specter of Islamophobia. Between the lines, Jagland seems to hint that the situation in Europe is now similar to that of the 1930s: We are very close to a new world war and the downfall of European democracy, a conclusion I wholeheartedly support. This is also where our agreement ends. According to Mr. Jagland, “far too few people during the interwar period understood what a fateful time they were living in. While those who wanted peace were arguing, Fascism grew stronger. In the point of intersection between the Islamists and Islamophobia, a new type of Fascism could emerge.”

Jagland praises the way the Labor-led Norwegian government handled the crisis after a tiny Christian newspaper, Magazinet, reprinted the now famous twelve cartoons of Muhammad from Jyllands-Posten in Denmark. According to Bruce Bawer on his blog, “Velbjørn Selbekk, the editor of Magazinet, had firmly resisted pressure by Muslim extremists (who made death threats) and by the Norwegian establishment. But then Norway’s Minister of Labor and Social Inclusion hastily called a press conference at a major government office building in Oslo. There Selbekk issued an abject apology for reprinting the cartoons. At his side, accepting his act of contrition on behalf of 46 Muslim organizations and asking that all threats now be withdrawn, was Mohammed Hamdan, head of Norway’s Islamic Council. In attendance were members of the Norwegian cabinet and the largest assemblage of imams in Norway’s history.” Although Jagland thinks we ended the cartoon controversy in a good way, he fears that there is still a lot of quiet Islamophobia in the general public because of “the perverted version of Islam promoted by the extremists.” The right-wing Progress Party, already the second largest in Norway, has been growing in the wake of the cartoons affair, and now seems to be in the process of replacing Jagland’s Labor Party as the largest party in the country, for the first time in 80 years.

Thorbjørn Jagland recommends time-tested Eurabian methods to combat “the rising racism.” He earlier lauded the EU’s decision to begin negotiations with Turkey as “just as important to Europe as the fall of the Berlin Wall,” of course without saying a word about the fact that this was strongly against the wishes of a majority of the people in nearly all EU countries. In particular, Jagland wants Norwegians to learn from the example of our neighbors in Sweden, which is not as “xenophobic” as our other Scandinavian neighbor, Denmark. Is Jagland being serious? Sweden is probably the worst country in the Western world in dealing with these issues. Sweden has a 25% real unemployment rate. What happens if or when the Swedish welfare state collapses? Isn’t it likely that this will trigger a flood of “welfare tourists” to neighboring countries such as Norway? This question hasn’t even been asked, much less debated, by a single political leader in this country. The number of rape charges in Sweden has quadrupled in a generation, parallel to Muslim immigration. Resident aliens from Algeria, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia dominate the group of rape suspects. Lawyer Ann Christine Hjelm found that 85 per cent of the convicted rapists in one court were born on foreign soil or of foreign parents. In a new Sociological survey, the wave of robberies the city of Malmö has witnessed during this past year is part of a “war against Swedes.” This is the explanation given by young robbers with immigrant background. “When we are in the city and robbing, we are waging a war, waging a war against the Swedes.” This argument was repeated several times. “Power for me means that Swedes shall look at me, lie down on the ground and kiss my feet.” The boys explain, laughingly, that “there is a thrilling sensation in your body when you’re robbing, you feel satisfied and happy, it feels as if you’ve succeeded, it simply feels good.” “It’s so easy to rob Swedes, so easy.” “We rob every single day, as much as we want to, whenever we want to.” A high school teacher in Malmö discovered that about a dozen Arab students were laughing and shouting “Allahu Akbar!” while watching a DVD of infidel hostages being beheaded in Iraq. The headmaster didn’t think the incident was such a big deal. At least 139 schools in Sweden suffered arson attacks during 2002 alone. Björn Vinberg from the fire department in Kroksbäck in the Malmö area says it’s humiliating and degrading to put out fires again and again in the same immigrant areas, with school kids laughing at them and lighting a new one just afterwards. His colleagues have been to the same place no less than twenty times, all totally unnecessary. One of the schools in Malmö recently closed down an entire section because of rampant violence, something unheard of in Sweden only a generation ago.

Sweden is a semi-totalitarian country. It’s all about façade. On the surface, Sweden is a tolerant nation and peaceful democracy. In reality, there is massive media censorship by a closed elite that is scared of having a debate about immigration. There are even physical attacks on critics of immigration by Leftist extremists, something which has been largely ignored and thus quietly approved by the establishment, until it now even targets parties in Parliament. No dissent is tolerated. Opinion polls have revealed that two out of three Swedes doubt whether Islam can be combined with Swedish society, and a very significant proportion of the population have for years wanted more limitations in immigration. Yet not one party represented in the Swedish Parliament is genuinely critical of the Multicultural society or the current immigration policies. The Swedish elite congratulate themselves that they have managed to keep “xenophobic” parties from gaining a foothold while the country is sinking underneath their feet. No, Mr. Jagland, we have nothing to learn from Sweden except hypocrisy to perfection. We should study them only in trying to avoid letting them drag us down with them when they fall, which they will.

Curiously, at almost the same time as Mr. Jagland warned against rising “Islamophobia,” an article in newspaper Aftenposten warned that “youths” are in the process of destroying Norway’s capital city, Oslo. Upon closer inspection, it turns out that these “youths” bear a striking resemblance to the same “youths” with Muslim immigrant background that are destroying so many cities across Western Europe:

Youths Destroying Oslo

Criminal youths are in the process of destroying the social environment in Oslo, concludes the Oslo City Court. Young girls are raped and robbed. Schoolchildren are threatened with death, robbed and assaulted. The Stovner-police is now uncovering another violent gang in the Grorudvalley on the outskirts of Oslo. Four boys were robbed Sunday night, February 5. Eight youths, ranging from 15 to 18 years old, were arrested, and are now charged with the robberies. All suspects are of foreign origin. One of the suspects, a Somalian who turned 17 years old last week, appeared in court and was sent to jail in order to protect society. Only four days after being apprehended he was due to stand trial in another robbery case. To avoid letting the youth loose among his peers, he was sent directly to a jail in Oslo to serve time for several robberies, a rape, and assisting another rape.

The 17 year old Somalian has several serious crimes on his conscience, but the worst is probably the rape of a young girl at Hoybraaten (Oslo suburb) one year ago. Oslo Court states that the rape was unusually brutal, and lasted for several hours. The young girl was threatened with a knife and beaten. The Somalian choked the girl so brutally and for so long, that the medical doctor who afterwards treated the girl, said that she could have died. Her voice has changed. The girl is now suffering from severe psychological problems in the aftermath of the attack. The Youth was sentenced to four and half years in prison, where three years was made conditional, which means he will serve only one and a half years. The sentence also included another rape, where his Norwegian-Moroccan friend raped a 13 year old girl, whilst the Somalian helped to threaten her and keep guard. She was also brutally treated, and is experiencing serious problems after the experience. The Court states that the girl was harassed by the family of the Norwegian-Moroccan and his friends. It went so far that the girl was angry at her own mother for giving the name of the rapists to the police. The girl wanted to pay the offenders to make them leave her alone. Her psychological condition became so bad she had to be forcibly sent to a psychological institution. Her schooling is destroyed.

Aftenposten should be commended for even printing this politically incorrect article, which is unfortunately rare in Norwegian media. The original article in Norwegian quickly got more than one hundred comments by readers. There were so many furious comments that the newspaper suddenly decided to remove them. In general, my impression is that a rapidly increasing part of the population distrusts Muslims. Only massive media censorship conceals this fact, and I suspect the same goes for much of Europe. However, Aftenposten seem to have forgotten an article they printed five years ago. In 2001, two out of three charged with rape in Norway’s capital were immigrants with a non-western background according to a police study. Norwegian women were the victims in 80 percent of the cases. A leading member of the Liberal Party (Venstre), Odd Einar Dørum, demanded all the numbers be put on the table: “A scumbag is a scumbag, regardless of skin color”. From 2001 to 2005, Dørum was Norway’s Minister of Justice, and nobody has seen these statistics since 2001. The number of rape charges in Oslo have continued to rise. There is ample evidence of brutal gang rapes, something that used to be rare in Scandinavia, being committed by immigrants against native girls.

Not only have the authorities done nothing to stop this trend of racist attacks against native Norwegians, they have taken steps to increase crackdowns on “racism” by the natives. In 2005 Stortinget, the Norwegian parliament, passed a new Discrimination Act, prepared by then Minister of Integration, Erna Solberg, who earlier called for the establishment of a sharia council in Norway. The act says in pretty clear words that in cases of suspected direct or indirect discrimination based on religion or ethnicity, native Norwegians are guilty until proven otherwise. The immigration spokesman for the right-wing Progress Party, Per Sandberg, feared that the law would jeopardize the rights of ordinary, law-abiding Norwegian citizens. Reverse burden of proof is combined with liability to pay compensation, which means that innocent persons risk having to pay huge sums for things they did not do. FOMI, a Norwegian anti-Islamic website, was recently charged with “racism and spreading Islamophobia” for translating one of several articles by Frontpage Magazine, with comments, about a Muslim rape wave in the West.

Bruce Bawer, author of recently published book “While Europe Slept: How Radical Islam is Destroying the West from Within,” devotes a good deal of space to European media in his writings, which is appropriate. Norwegian Prime Minister and leader of the Labor Party, Jens Stoltenberg, has stated that “journalistic diversity is too important to be left up to the marketplace.” The government is still running two out of Norway’s four national TV channels, and three of its national radio channels. NRK, the Norwegian equivalent of the BBC or Burka Broadcasting Corporation in the UK, complete with the same anti-American, anti-Israeli and pro-Islamic bias, was the only national TV channel in Norway until 1992, three years after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Leader of the right-wing Progress Party, Mr. Carl I. Hagen, has labelled NRK “ARK,” or “Labor Party’s Broadcasting Company,” since until the 90s, most of its leaders were former leading members of the Labor Party. In addition to this, something that would be unthinkable in the USA, Norwegian taxpayers actually subsidize commercial Norwegian newspapers. This is supposedly to ensure diversity of opinions. This system means that Norwegian taxpayers, whether they want to or not, subsidize the existence of Norwegian Communist newspaper Klassekampen (The Class Struggle), whose members in the 1970s strenuously denied any mass-murders done by Pol Pot and his comrades in Cambodia, denouncing these accusations as “capitalist lies” to slime a successful, Socialist nation. Norway’s only professor of journalism at the University level, Sigurd Allern, is a former leader of the Communist Party. He is today teaching critical thinking to aspiring journalists at the University of Oslo.

At the same time, Norway can hardly come up with a single decent conservative newspaper, the closest being business daily Dagens Næringsliv. The most rightist newspapers, such as Aftenposten or VG, could at best be described as centrist or even soft-leftist, with a few individual journalists as being centre-right. Diversity of media in Norway thus means the whole range from hard-leftist to soft-leftist, with the Norwegian equivalent of the New York Times being as far right as you get. As Bawer notes, when he first came to Norway, he was impressed by the number of newspapers the average citizen reads on a daily basis. Only later did he start to question what information they were actually presented in these newspapers.

Norwegians pride themselves in their sophisticated and informed view of the world, viewing Americans as somewhat simplistic and brainwashed by FOX News propaganda. The very word or concept of “Eurabia” has hardly been mentioned at all in Norwegian media. One prominent journalist, not a Leftist by Norwegian standard, told me that Eurabia is just another conspiracy theory, on par with The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. Kari Vogt, historian of religion at the University of Oslo and widely considered and quoted as the leading expert on Islam in the country, has stated that Ibn Warraq’s book “Why I am Not a Muslim” is just as irrelevant to the study of Islam as The Protocols are to the study of Judaism. A Norwegian NGO called the Freedom of Expression Fund supports the translation and publication of bin Laden’s speeches. They also awarded the editor of Communist newspaper Klassekampen with the Freedom of Speech award for his bravery in defence of free speech. He has shown sympathies for Islamic terrorists in his columns.

For some strange reason, Bruce Bawer’s book has so far been widely ignored by Norwegian media, despite the fact that Bawer lives in Norway and that his work is being read with interests by experts and laymen on both sides of the Atlantic. Could it be that Mr. Bawer has touched upon some sensitive issues that the sophisticated Norwegian press don’t want to talk about? Michael Moore’s books criticizing the USA were translated into Norwegian and sold very well. Any chance this will happen to Bawer’s book, criticizing Europe?

Mr. Jagland worries about the possibilities of a new kind of powerful Fascist movement in Europe, and quite frankly, so do I. But there is no need for this to happen if people feel that their elected leaders uphold their interests they way they are supposed to do. However, when a government can no longer guarantee, within reason, the safety of its citizens, that government’s days are numbered and that system of government’s days may also be numbered. It took centuries of hard and ingenious work to build our civilized Western society, yet judging from current events, it may take just a few short decades for this civilization to commit collective suicide. It is amazing to see such a rapid dissolution of centuries old European countries due to immigration without assimilation. I have read Norwegian historians and “experts” who claim that there is nothing to worry about over this massive immigration, since there has always been immigration and this situation is not new.

This is a clever form of lie. At the beginning of the 21st century, the total number of people on this planet is vastly larger than ever before in the history of the human race. Combined with modern means of communication, we get the largest and fastest population transfers ever recorded, large enough to destroy nations or, in the case of Europe, perhaps even entire continents. This is “the great extinction of peoples,” and small Scandinavian nations with a few million inhabitants, a drop in the sea of humanity, will be completely crushed by these processes unless they take strong steps to limit immigration. That’s the simple truth. Yet all our so-called leaders can do is warn against “xenophobia.” Dr. Ole Jørgen Anfindsen, editor of, believes that Norwegian authorities have cheated with prognoses for the number of immigrants. According to his numbers, ethnic Norwegians will become a minority in their own country before 2050 if the current trends continue, in Oslo long before this. The number of Muslims in Norway over 15 years has quadrupled, meaning an annual growth of more than 9%.

Norway celebrated 100 years as an independent state last year. Judging from the new Discrimination Act and the runaway Muslim immigration, perhaps the anniversary should be called “From independence to colonization”. At the same time as their women are no longer safe in the streets because of immigrant gangs, the authorities respond by making Norwegians de facto second-rate citizens in their own country. They use their own people as stepping stones for their personal careers in the UN bureaucracy, lecturing about how to create the perfect society while their own citizens find it increasingly hard to live in their major cities. We have no significant colonial history ourselves and denounce all forms of colonialism, but are supposed to smile when we are colonized ourselves. We were one of the poorest countries in Europe at the beginning of the 20th century, and one of the richest in the world at the beginning of the 21st. We managed this transformation entirely on our own, and didn’t “plunder” anybody for it. We don’t owe anything to anyone, except perhaps the British and the Americans for preserving our freedom during WW2 and the Cold War. It is true that Norway is a special case, with its oil wealth since the 1970s, today the third largest exporter in the world after Saudi Arabia and Russia. But even wealth has to be managed. Norway is probably the only major oil exporting country on the planet that has managed to remain a stable democracy with low levels of corruption. By any standards possible, we’re one of the most successful cultures in the world, our largest flaw, which could eventually bury us, probably being our naivety. So why on earth should we quietly watch while our country is subdued by the most unsuccessful cultures in the world? The most basic instinct of all living things, even down to bacteria level, is self-preservation. In 2006, you have a natural right to self-preservation if you are an amoeba, but not if you’re a Scandinavian. Maybe the solution then is to argue that Scandinavians are indeed a species of amoebas, and that we need special protection by the WWF. We could showcase some of our finest specimen of Leftist intellectuals and journalists to prove our point. Shouldn’t be too hard.

With current trends remaining unchanged, native Norwegians will be a minority in their own capital city within a couple of decades, a situation that has never happened before since the foundation of Oslo a thousand years ago. Judging from all experience with Muslims previously, non-Muslim Norwegians will be ruthlessly persecuted, either cornered into a civil war or forced to flee from what was once their country. Newcomers move into an area and brutalize the natives who have become too soft to uphold themselves. There is nothing new about this scenario; it has been going on for thousands of years, as long as mankind has existed. It is the harsh law of nature. What is unique in this case is that the original inhabitants of this country are forced to fund their own colonization and eventual extinction by their own leaders, who portray this as an act of “tolerance.” I’m pretty sure that hasn’t happened before.

Thorbjørn Jagland, sticking to true, Eurabian form, also recommends increased pressure on Israel to solve the “Palestinian issue.” Why doesn’t he talk to his old friend from the Labor Party, Mr. Terje Rød-Larsen, a key player during the Oslo process, who has publicly admitted that “Arafat lied all the time and knew he was lying.” There never was an Oslo Peace Process, only a hudna, a temporary truce with the infidels to buy time and destroy the Israelis later, just as Muhammad did in the treaty of Hudaybiyya. The only peace process we will have in Oslo in the future will be when Israel sends special envoy Binyamin Netanyahu to negotiate a division of the country between Muslims and the native Norwegians that haven’t fled to the USA. Who knows, maybe the Norwegian Nobel Committee will award him the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts.

This week, Olav Versto, political editor of the largest newspaper in Norway, VG, supported the decision to keep sending money to the Palestinian Hamas government. VG as a newspaper was created during the resistance to Nazi occupation during WW2. It is a sad day for this country and this continent when institutions that fought Nazi Germany end up appeasing the anti-democratic forces of our age. Darkness is descending upon Europe when Europeans are no longer safe in their own cities from harassment by Muslim immigrants, and the only thing our so-called leaders do about this is recommending a 500% increase in the number of Muslims by letting Turkey into the EU, giving more money to Islamic terrorists and working to silence “Islamophobia” by their own people.

But remember, Eurabia is a conspiracy theory only American simpletons believe, and Fjordman is just a racist, right-wing nutcase. Our state-sponsored Leftist newspapers tell us so, so it must be true.

Close your eyes and think of Arafat, and everything will be fine.


Exile said...

An impressive essay.
Why do you not go to an independant publisher and start writing "seriously"? (if you will pardon the phrase).

Books do get read.

Well done.

Scott said...

Hopefully the British public will
slap the stupid faces of the major
parties there in the municipal
elections there in a few days.

I'm not a real fan of the BNP as it
is hardly a serious political
alternative but it does represent
the British working class on some
issues when no other party will.

As to Scandinavia, good luck, but
the rot is almost congenital there.
Repudiating generations of social
conditioning is going to be tough.

How horrible it must be when one's
political fantasies end in the
snarling hirsute face of an Islamic
immigrant raping your country.

Not far away another problem is
brewing. Putin is trying to rebuild
the USSR and is throwing his lot in
with the Islamofascists. And Europe
needs his gas as much as Tehran's
oil. Guess Putin figures if he can
keep Russia out of the coming fray
he can pick up the pieces of a
prostrate Europe so he makes a deal
with the devils of Islam. He is
allowed to do as he pleases with
Chechnya etc as long as he wields
his UN veto and sells the armaments
the Islamic nations cannot build.

XY said...

Fjordman, you've done it again.

Excellent thinking, good writing, scary conclusions.

I live in Sweden, and the situation here is spiraling out of control.

Dan M said...

The multi-cultural Left is creating the society that will give birth to neo-rightists, blood and soil nativists, a genuine party of REACTION.

And after it happens, after all the blood that will probably run in rivulets down the many streets of Europe, they'll have no one to blame but themselves.

The elite will flee, they're already leaving cities, and this trend will accelerate. But in Holland, which is relatively small, there isn't lots of spaces to go once you leave the city. So we're seeing a new development, more Dutch are LEAVING than muslims are entering. This too, will only accelerate the EURABIAN nightmare descending.

The redoubtable Fjordman laid out several futures for Europe the other day, in a post that will certainly prove prescient. But as yet, we aren't exactly sure how it will all play out.

As Sherlock Holmes observed "I can't make bricks without straw." So too we can say that the future is still vague. One more decade should tell us more, and by then we'll probably be able to see which way Europe is going to go, of those paths that Fjordman laid out for us.

Oengus said...

scott: "…Putin figures if he can keep Russia out of the coming fray he can pick up the pieces of a prostrate Europe so he makes a deal with the devils of Islam."

If that is the case, then, to put it bluntly, Putin is a fool.

But Russian leaders have, in the past, shown themselves capable of a great deal of self-delusion and stupidity. For example, Stalin was actually astonished that Hitler would turn around and attack his country. Past Tsars weren't much better in this regard.

I think the basic problem with Russian leaders is that they play way too much chess. They seem to think that by being clever enough, and if they make all the right moves, they can keep control of the situation and make it work to their advantage. History is simply too chaotic to play it as if it were a chess match.

rickl said...

From my perspective, it looks like most European countries have a choice between left-wing socialist parties and right-wing fascist parties. There don't appear to be any political movements championing individual liberty and free-market capitalism. Europe seems intent on collectivism, come hell or high water.

So it pains me immensely to find myself rooting for the right-wing fascist parties. But they seem to be the only thing standing against a full-blown Muslim takeover of Europe.

Once again, Europeans will find themselves swimming in a sea of blood. And it will happen sooner rather than later. I just hope the US stays out of it this time. Fat chance...we will have to safeguard the French and British nuclear weapons, so once again we will be in it up to our eyeballs.

Oscar in Kansas said...

Fjordman - I've been reading you for a long time. I read Bower's book recently and I have to say that I am pessimistic on good days. On bad days it's just open despair. Europe is fading. Only a miracle can save ethnic Europeans from their fate. Even without further immigration, given Muslim birthrates and disinclination to assimilate, Scandanavians will be lost is a sea of foreigners.

The extinction of peoples isn't just an academic subject. It happens to real people and real cultures. Scandanavia follows Byzantium. If they are lucky and struggle perhaps they can achieve the status of the Copts, maybe kept around to as technocrats manage the oil production.

I wish this wasn't the case, certainly. But short of a massive popular uprising and a deep cultural shift in the way Scandanavians view childbirth and children, I don't see any way out.

Those who don't convert will be welcome in America.

XY said...

And btw, regarding the 'Immigrant Rape Wave in Sweden' that Fjordman has been writing about, there is one case I think he hasn't mentioned in his writings. A guy with the name Atheer Al Suhairy is charged with rape against more 60 girls, most younger than 15. He lured them into thinking he was an arabian prince etc, took them home and raped them. (He's not yet convicted, but the evidence against him is strong). There is also reason to believe that there are in fact many more victims than 60 (he has admitted having contact with more than 1000 girls).

link (in swedish):

al fin said...

Excellent work, Fjordman. It is a pleasure to read your essays.

The rapidly multiplying muslim immigrants can clearly not run an advanced technological society such as Sweden or Norway, so Sweden will fall, as you say. Norway has oil wealth, so whatever muslim "gang" takes over Norway will rule as middle eastern dictators rule, hiring outsiders to run the technology. Native Norwegians who stay will be dhimmi.

The best Viking blood may have gone away to the new world many years ago.

snowpea said...

Yes, regarding that Viking spirit ... Under Nazi occupation, with (I presume) ferocious penalties for any kind of political opposition, as well as some collaboration with the Nazis by the Norwegian authorities, Norway produced an anti-Nazi newspaper, as Fjordman observes. But now there are no real opposition newspapers! Where is the clandestine organized Resistance now, when the most you would be likely to get for belonging to it would be a fine or short jail term? This goes for other Western countries as well. Why are we leaving the defense of the West to the neo-fascists? (I'm not talking about courageous but isolated individuals.)

Anonymous said...

Documental tonight (swedish television):

Sweden: Muslim Integration Prohibited By Religious Police

buddy larsen said...

Al Fin, The best Viking blood may have gone away to the new world many years ago, thanks, great grampaw would appreciate that!

quark2 said...

Fjordman, once again you speak the truth eloquently.
If you have a patron saint, he must
be Jeremiah. He who broadcast to his own people who refused steadfastly to heed the warnings he gave. In the end, he was the last man standing.
Man seems to have cycles of cultural suicidal tendencies. Maybe what we are witnessing is the waning of civilization, in which only the strong will survive. All the technology will not save a culture if the people who make it up are not willing to put in the effort to keep it intact.
In that case apply the old saying,
you can lead a horse to water, but
you can't make it drink. The same
holds true to man. Sadly.

Dan M said...

It's hyperbole to suggest that Europe "needs" to adopt fascistic governments to ward off the dangers that are nigh.

Ordinary responsible government would immediately order the cessation of all muslims arriving in Europe. THAT ALONE should help.

Combine that with policies designed to incentivize EUROPEAN childbirth, and simultaneously DISINCENTIVIZE muslim families having additional offspring, would serve to alleviate the problem.

Nobody needs to start goosestepping anywhere to solve the fricken problem. Suggestions of armbands and goosestepping are exactly the kind of lingo that the left has been bandying about for years, to such deleterious effect.

Rational policies, designed to recognize the regnant European culture, and designed to make sure that culture AND its peoples survive, is really all that's required.

XY said...

sugiero, thanks. Ska försöka hinna se det.


I just read about one leftist politician that has expressed fear regarding the rise of islamic fundamentalism in Sweden (which itself is an unusual admission). Her solution? Give more muslims political power (political posts) so that other muslims can have them as role models. Sure, and why not while we are at it give them a couple of airplanes to fly into buildings with.

Dan M said...

And one thing more, as it was a mistake to judge the martial potential of Germany by the decadence and listlessness of Weimar Germany, so it would be EQUALLY foolish to judge the martial potential of present day Europe by the poorly educated, morally relativistic Europe of today.

As the danger rises, SO WILL ITS APPARENCY, to one, and to all.

Thus the Europe of a decade hence will be very different from that we see before us today.

The days are grim, but they are not to be despaired of.

Let us do our duty, let us speak the truth, and Fjordman will see a swelling chorus behind him, whose ranks will swell, whose power will grow, and will be equal to the challenges they face.

Dymphna said...

dan m--

You may think it's hyperbole, but you're not living it, are you? This isn't rational behavior, where people look out for their own self-interest, the commonweal is too unwell to do that anymore. The time has passed.

As Fjordman said,

Sweden is a semi-totalitarian country. It’s all about façade. On the surface, Sweden is a tolerant nation and peaceful democracy. In reality, there is massive media censorship by a closed elite that is scared of having a debate about immigration. There are even physical attacks on critics of immigration by Leftist extremists, something which has been largely ignored and thus quietly approved by the establishment, until it now even targets parties in Parliament. No dissent is tolerated. Opinion polls have revealed that two out of three Swedes doubt whether Islam can be combined with Swedish society, and a very significant proportion of the population have for years wanted more limitations in immigration...


People are talking about fighting fire with may yet come to pass, but there is no room for rational discussion to be born.

Not that your sentiments aren't admirable...

Dymphna said...

Quark 2

Funny. I just told Fjordman earlier today that he was like Jeremiah. I've taken to calling him "The Dark Prophet of Norway."

KGS said...

There are disturbing similarities in the political thinking in both countries of Norway and Sweden, where immigration policies are out of control, and their politicians in denial. Finland however, is not troubled with the type of problems on the same scale as their Nordic cousins, which might be reflected in the tighter immigration restrictions practiced by the Finnish state, which draws most of their immigrants from neighboring Russia and Estonia.

Clearly the policy of seeking immigrants whose beliefs are presently in conflict with the concept of a liberal democratic system, appears to be a fool hardy enterprise, not admitting that after reviewing all the evidence is absolutely unforgivable. KGS

Dan M said...

Dympha, you must distinguish between public expressions of dissent, and what is going on at the personal level. Every single one of those girls that got raped and brutalized has relatives and friends, and rest assured, just about every single one of those relatives and friends has told the story to their relatives and friends, which then causes these stories to move from ear to ear, throughout all of Europe. It's amazing, probably the better word would be surreal, that in this incredible era of communication, that the truth is probably moving in the slowest way and in the oldest way possible, person to person, ear to ear. But nonetheless, the truth is moving, it can't be entombed, despite all the efforts by the elites.

Have you asked yourself why would the elites be constantly running commentaries and stories further demonizing expressions of "xenophobia," {in quotation marks to indicate its bogus nature}. The elites, despite their power, despite the apparent firmness of their position, know how truly precarious that position is. They're so desperate to prevent the overthrow of their parties and agendas, that they've taken to criminalizing opposition thereto. Again, the tactic will work for some time, but as the rapes increase, AND THE BRUTALITY OF THE RAPES INCREASE, because the muslims will feel more and more able to give rein to their darkest impulses, the resistance to this multi-cultural insanity will increase.

There are two tracks at work. One is the one that Fjordman has well described, where we see European eilites sowing their own destruction. BUT THERE IS ALSO another track, and that is the one that the muslims are working on day and night, every rape, every robbery, every burnt car, every gang rape, every time their evil visages are seen by ordinary Scandanvians and Europeans, every single time these horrors are perpetuated, the muslims are sowing the ground of their own destruction as well.

So there is a race going on, which group is going to cross the finish line first, and thus win the dubious laurels of being purged from Europe. Will it be the listless European, or will it be the savage muslim gang rapist? I bet that the muslim will make himself so heartily unwelcome, that what happened in Lebanon will happen to them. And it won't be fascists who are ripping and tearing at muslims, but ordinary Europeans, who would ordinarily be peaceful, but have been pushed beyond the breaking point.

Thus the elites are sitting on a powder keg, of their own devising.

But what can hamper the ability of the sane to enact policies to protect Europe, would be for those politicians to be branded with the same brush as former rightists, such as Franco, Musso and Hitler. So those suggesting extreme policies from the right, are hindering the enactment of policies which would be effective.
Suggestions that the situation is so dire, that only far rightist parties can provide the answer, are only to kindle memories of the '30s. Conservative politicians have to speak the truth, and do so in a manner not reminscent of the '30s. So they have to be careful, and very mindful of their language, their demeneanor, their personal style.

It's difficult for us Americans to understand the deep collective guilt among European elites for the Great War, for the Second World War, for the leftist and rightist totalitarian movements, for the camps. This is a deep loathing within their very anti-Christian souls.

They really need a Saint Dympha to once again move among them, healing them of their mental and spiritual torments. The reason the elites opened up the gates to the muslims is that they hate themselves, and they deeply hate Europe. Benedict the XVI recently said as much. That Europe suffers from a lack of love for itself. Modern Europeans, especially their elites, believe that their past is evil, and thus they are evil, being the children of an evil and flawed society. But as they get a good look at islam, at Beslan, at the women in their own midst suffering from being gang raped by evil creatures, there is going to be a reassessment of their own worth, and the worth of the Europe that their fathers bequeathed them.

Thus as the knives of killers are pressed to the throat of Europeans and Europe, the resisidual flickers of life will be stoked.

So we will see.

The muslims cannot build; they can only destroy.

We will see.

X said...

Once again I think I have to take issue with description of fascism as "rightist". Fascism was and is a socialist movement. You only have to look at the language and actions of fascism to see that; the state becomes the ultimate power, capital is so regulated as to leave its use entirely at the whims of the state and industries are, if not natioanlised, then effectively controlled by the state through ever tighter regulation.

The BNP, a supposedly right-wing party, shares more policies in common with Labour than any other party; its only differences are that it's a nationalist party.

I think this is the mistake people make. They assume that nationalism = rightism or conservatism, when that's not the case. Nationalism simply puts the country first. Stalin started out as an international socialist, pursuing the goal of global communism until hitler turned around and attacked him; when that happened he quickly adopted the language of national socialism, re-instituted the old ranks of the red army and started bastling out nationalist phrases about the fatherland.

And Hitler himself was a socialist. People, again, say he was right-wing because he used nationalist language, but his policies were socialist to the core. And that, I believe, is the mistake people are making today; they assume nationalism = right-wing = hitler, yet the only difference between Stalin - the communist - and Hitler was the nationalism.

I'm a nationalist. I'm also a conservative. I believe in strong borders, small government, personal responsibility, free trade and the right to own property without inteference from the state, among other things. I've found that there are no truly conservative parties left in my country and, apparently, nowhere in the whole of europe. At least none that have any chance at power. Politicians have sealed themselves inside their little bubbles along with the media luvvies and talking heads; here at home they're called the Notting Hill set - they all inhabit that one part of London around Notting Hill, famous for its carnival and the amount of coke it snorts - and have little contact with the rest of the country. This group is their echo-chamber, and for some reason such priviledged groups always seem to swing to the left; they assume they know what everyone else should do, regardless of how realistic their ideas are, and then proceed to make it so. Then they get patted on the back by their compatriots while the country falls apart around them. This is repeated all across the continent, in every national government, and further repeated at the supranational level in the EU commission and parliament; and again at the transnational level in the UN and NGOs, the leaders of which probably never did a days real work in their entire lives.

And then they wring their hands about this "swing to the right", not realising that people are reacting against their inaccountability and want a return to national accountability, and local accountability; they describe the BNP as right-wing, in the face of all evidence to the contrary, and then act surprised when people start voting for it. The Tory party swung to the left, promoting the idea of mroe government to solve problems alongside a tacit approval of the EU as a law-making body, and people stopped voting for it.

There's a pattern here. The tranzies are the ones who have caused the immigration mess we're in, and who are further responsible for the existence of islamic terrorism - which is funded as much by the EU and UN as by oil. They prevent the free movement of goods and capital whenever possible, yet promote the idea of free movement of people, which creates an imbalance; people migrate to where there is prosperity rather than being allowed to create their own prosperity through trade.

They've also created a dependency culture among certain groups, especially the arab muslims. They don't do anything for themselves; it's all paid for, by oil, or by UN/EU/transnational aid. ANd so, by doing this, they've fed the beast of Islam, as it were; Islam is a religion that sees itself as entitlted to tribute from the world. It's the ultimate welfare case. It demands, childishly, that we fund it, and feed it, and give it everything it wants. This keys in perfectly with the champagne socialism of our so-called leaders, the Notting Hill set, who expect the country to feed them and clothe them. Islam becomes their new poster-child because it thinks so much like them. It's become their adopted offspring, and everyone knows that a child can do no wrong in the eyes of its parents.

I think, from the speed that things are progressing, the ordinary people will react far sooner than most are predicting, but not because of islamic terror, nor because of perceived threats. Government intrusion in to everyday life is now reaching a tipping-point in western europe. I would like to think that it's the English that will rise up against it but, for various reasons not unrelated to the problems facing Norway and Sweden I'm more inclined to believe that the Irish and the Scots, both of whom have been net recipients of EU largesse until very recently, will be the first to react when the money dries up. And once the continent sees Ireland, up to now one of the most vocally supporting EU members, reject the whole mess, they'll follow.

Baron Bodissey said...

Archonix, you're quite right about Hitler, Mussolini, and socialism.

I bang that drum here frequently.


All of them, every single bleedin' one. Nazism, Fascism, Pol Pot, Stalin, Castro, all socialists.

The great propaganda success of the Left was to convince the rest of the world, after Hitler turned on the USSR, that National Socialism was different, it was right-wing, it was like the old boys in the Conservative Club, only gone a little bit further to the right.

Islam and the Left are not really strange bedfellows at all. You are right: they do share a worldview.

David Foster said...

I wonder what Norwegian women think about all this--opinions similar to the men, or different? (and, if the latter, in which direction?)

I have in mind the Commanche Indian saying: "A people is not defeated until the hearts of its women are on the ground."

Dan M said...

Arch, your point is well taken, and it's a point that I, myself often make when jousting with Lefties. It usually throws them off their game when you throw Hitler in their face as another socialists, AND A VEGETARIAN to boot.

But conversationally, Hitler and Musso are branded as rightists, and that's why the elites are using their memory to toxify Europeans who are Conservatives, and propose Conservative solutions.

And Arch, Hitler himself said that the best marchers in the SA, were all the former Communists.

Dan M said...

Arch, another issue that you slightly touched upon, but didn't go into in depth, was the role that fashion and fad plays in strengthening the grip of the Left, not just in Europe, but worldwide.

We see it in Hollywood, where poorly read starlets spout lefty talking points without reflection, JUST BECAUSE EVERYONE IN THEIR CROWD does so, and were they to fail to comply, they might be on the outs.

The Left is able to force conformity, they have a carrot and stick mentality. And those that displease them, or run afoul of them, they'll use that stick with vigour on them, bashing them until they are no more.

That's another thing that should be mentioned. The level of political vitriol on the left, the eagerness, the readiness with which they'll take to ripping and tearing their opponents. There is a venom to the Left, that they use to their advantage. It takes courage, high courage to take on the Left publicly, especially to take them on in their bastions and redoubts, such as academia and Hollywood.

And another thing, I used a decade as the time frame before we will see significant changes in Europe, if we see it at all. But even when I used that time span, I had the suspicion that it might occur earlier.

It's difficult to say what is going to light that fuse. I thought that Beslan would trigger reaction. But Beslan went largely unnoticed, or at least, unobserved. But then look at this cartoon drama.

So who knows.

But I do know this, the muslims are overplaying their hand. They are too confident, which leads them to new outrages, increased horrors, and what is more, greater proclivity to speak their minds. And what's on their mind is domination, jizya, subordination, and the establishement of a muslim caste system, where they are at the apex, and others take subordinated positions.

Those statements are going to be made more and more often. And the media is going to be increasingly hard pressed to suppress mention of them. The muslims will blurt out their agenda in the most strange of places, and in the most politically incorrect manner.

Just think of it this way, every hour of every day that transpires, the muslims in Europe are making themselves feared, and hated. And that's a powder keg, that no elite despite all their efforts, is going to keep from going off.

snowpea said...

Dan M.:

I agree with the overall direction of your posts, but you seem excessively optimistic on various points. To take a couple of these, I'm not thoroughly informed on recent Lebanese history, but wasn't it the Christians who lost power in this country, not the Muslims, who were a minority that turned into a majority? Why is Lebanon any kind of example on which to base optimism?

Meanwhile, the danger to Western culture may not become generally apparent until a rather late stage, because even those who are personally affected by crime, e.g., may well find ways of rationalizing this in accordance with the prevailing ideas of REPTAL ("Religion of Peace, Tolerance and Love"—the felicitous coinage of Galliawatch's "Tiberge.") Does this seem implausible? Consider Theodore Dalrymple's account (I forget where) of how old people in the UK are able to deny that anything has really changed in that country, because nobody in the mass media says it has changed, even though they have personal memories of a crime-free society and now are scared to venture out their front door. The point is, to a very great extent, ideas can trump experience, at least when only certain ideas are allowed to appear in the public sphere. And the only ideas on offer appear to be those of suicidal modern liberalism on the one hand and right-wing extremism on the other. We urgently need to return in many respects to older kinds of "liberal" practice, even if we are unable to produce philosophical underpinnings for them. But there is little sign that this option has a wide appeal.

snowpea said...

And regarding the power of ideology: What contemporary liberalism has done is to have succeeded in convincing people that their gut reactions to outrages are "evil". Unless there is some alternative model of good on offer, most people will consequently cling to their suicidal "good" until they really can't take any more. Then they will suddenly snap and embrace evil.

Dan M said...

Snowpea, yes, you're right about how Lebanon turned out. The sectarian violence ultimately played to the disadvantage of the Christians, and has resulted in Hezboallah controlling most of southern Lebanon.

My point wasn't that however. It was much more narrow, I was simply saying that as Christians in Lebanon reached a breaking point, likewise will Europeans reach a breaking point.

But I should have thought of a better analogy.

Anonymous said...

I´ve translated the todays episode of Sweden: Muslim Integration Prohibited By Religious Police

Joseph Salomonsen said...

One man and his party will ever save Norways steady decline. Carl I Hagen. Ser frem til valg2009

Baronger said...

I think you might be wrong on the lack of migrations like this in the past. I keep thinking about the Germanic migrations into Rome. Sometimes these migrations were fought off, but more often it seemed that they were slowly let inside the border.

Europe has been fighting off the East since the battle of Marathon. It threw them off at the Gates of Vienna and also out of Spain. Charlemange must be spinning in his grave right now.

PacRim Jim said...

So much anti-Americanism has emanated from Scandinavia that many Americans no longer care what happens to you. We'll read about you in our history books after you've gone. You'll make a good object lesson.

XY said...

Anti-Americanism is unfortunately pretty common, at least among leftists (which means most journalists, among others). After 9/11 many thought that you deserved it (I'm serious, some actually cheered and made happy gestures etc). There were many comments like "I don't support terrorism, but..."

Speaking for myself, I often feel that Sweden deserve to burn in hell, which isn't helping my will to fight. Or rather, I fight for western civilization, but not Sweden specifically.

XY said...

Or actually I'm pretty mixed in what I feel. While the leftists for the most part deserve Islamic fundamentalism, many do not (and certainly not raped 14 year old girls). It's just that those who do deserve it are so vocal while those who don't are silent (most anyway).

When I read Fjordmans posts I do feel some degree of will to fight, and when I read Swedish media I feel like giving up.

Baldy said...

I don't know what to say. It's all too horrible. Especially the fact this isn't the #1 topic in the US. I'm often not thrilled with Europe (to put it mildly), but noone deserves this. It would be an immense tragedy.

XY said...

Islam is a threat to US as well (Iran's nukes and al qaeda and all that), so even if you hated Europe (which I don't think you do) you would have all the reason in the world to fight Islam.

Besides, the internet has changed the rules dramatically. What Swedish (and others) media refuses to identify or say, people can say on the net. Networks are forming and ideas are spreading in a way that was impossible just 10 years ago.

edoba snido said...

Discovered Fjordman via LGF. Love your essays dude. I think it's fantastic that some Europeans are getting worked up over the immigration issue. You may be part of a small minority but you do exist and are presenting a unified, thoughtful analysis of the situation. This can be considered a first step along a long path to averting the coming cultural/religious conflict. Many Americans who care about this situation have already given up on the Europeans. They say it's too late, the demographic and cultural momentum, which has been snowballing for decades now, is just too powerful. The best thing they say to do now is begin laying out strategies about how to handle the chaos and violence of the actually war and the aftermath. Many predict mass immigration of formerly native Europeans to stable democracies in the U.S., Canada and Australia. There has even been fear that the fleeing Euro-elites will simply attempt to set up shop in their new countries and countinue along the same political path of socialist destruction.

I for one would be glad to welcome normal Europeans to the U.S. They would no doubt thrive under our system and add to the culture mix in a positive way. How strange it would be that all of these years later, a third large wave of European immigration suddenly washes upon the shores of a country whose very existance was born out of the need to escape another form of political and religious oppression. How times change.

This would all be great if not for the loss of Europe to the common Muslim immigrants and their totalitarian overlords. What a dim place it will become. Hopefully the shift will take place slow enough that much of the priceless cultural assets can be moved out of Europe before the complete takeover eventually consumes the region. Then perhaps underground networks will emerge that will allow the further smuggling Western Civilizations remaining treasures, as well as those poor souls who decided to stay and bury their heads but then,suddenly realizing their miscalculation, will be desperate for escape.

The big question will be: what do the retreating governments do with their nuclear assets. Will they to be covertly dismantled and moved along, through underground channels during the last days. One would hope so. Much should be destroyed during the retreat in order to better deprive the new Princes of Europe of any advantage. Entire industries, corporations big and small will need to relocate.

I write about the subject in these terms not because these type of speculations will one day unfold. But because it's interesting to think about how a transformation/immigration of such immense proportions would actually progress. Think about all the cultural implications and the seemingly mundane facets that would be addressed. For instance: what parts of the U.S. would different European people choose. Would Germans retrace the steps of their brothers and sisters who came over generations ago. And the French, what cities and states do you think they would feel most comfortable in. Or just the numbers. If 100 million of the current native European were to immigrate to the U.S over the next 30 years. That's somwhere on the order of 3.3 million new entrants per year. Add to that the already immense flow of Hispanics into the country and your looking at radically change U.S. in one generation. The big question is how would this monumental transformation effect the U.S. How would it change the world of internationally banking and finance? It boggles the mind.

Thanks again Fjordman for your essays.

Dan M said...

John, were we {the United States} to stand by, and allow Europe to fall into the grip of islam, that would be to throw away the fruits of our fathers' victory in the First World War, and in the Second. Not to mention, it would be tossing away the laurels of victory from the Cold War. But beyond that, you're right, that we have reasons of our own, not merely sentimental, to do all that we can to preserve Europe for the West, for Europeans, for those that cherish the values of the West, which have made the West the most liberal and tolerant of all societies on earth.

So yes, we want to help you. And we intend to. But you must help yourself as well.

This isn't the type of contest where we, all on our own, with the help of the always reliable British and Australians, can pull the entire West across the finish line to victory.

Your own fathers never wanted to see Sweeden led into such straits. This isn't what they intended. And I don't think it's what any of you really want. You never wanted a crime wave, you never wanted to be on the brink of demographic extinction, you never wanted your liberal society to be preyed upon by the enemies of the West.

So if you can't actually write to the newspapers, or challenge publicly your politicians, YOU CAN BEGIN TO SPEAK OF THIS PRIVATELY WITH YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS. THAT ALONE will begin to break the ice of silence that surrounds the discussion of this issue in your dear homeland. Rome wasn't built in a day, isn't that how the line goes? So what needs to be done in Sweeden will likewise begin with small steps, small gestures, small, everyday actions, such as the conversations between family and friends.

That's where it will all begin. That's where it always begins.

We wish you well, and we are eager to put behind us all recriminations and reproaches that might mar our relationship.

Dan M said...

And EDOBA, many, probably MOST Europeans won't choose the United States. They would choose Australia or Canada. Those societies and polities would be more consistent with their left of center political views.

Some Europeans will come to our country, but I don't expect that many. Besides if they did, they would probably vote for the Democrats. And that just might lead us into the paralysis that plagues Europe.

mean Gene said...

When people blame only a small number of Muslims (Oh! They must be the extremist Muslims!) for gang rapes, robberies, bomb attacks and so forth, they are showing ignorance of Islamic obligation.

There are two types of Koranic obligation placed upon Muslims: Fard Ayn: an obligatory upon everyone individually, like the Bible's admonition to everyone to not steal.
Fard Kifayah: an obligation on the community as a whole. Under this obligation a community/congregation may send forth one man or boy to satisfy the demands for obedience form allah to all of them.

Dan M said...

Mean, it appears to us to be a modern variant of razzia.

XY said...

"So if you can't actually write to the newspapers, or challenge publicly your politicians, YOU CAN BEGIN TO SPEAK OF THIS PRIVATELY WITH YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS. THAT ALONE will begin to break the ice of silence that surrounds the discussion of this issue in your dear homeland. Rome wasn't built in a day, isn't that how the line goes? So what needs to be done in Sweeden will likewise begin with small steps, small gestures, small, everyday actions, such as the conversations between family and friends."

Well yes, of course. I'm doing what I can. And as I said, the internet is very convenient for spreading ideas.

Charles Martel said...

Fjordman has, for over a year, quiety and persistently highlighted the problem of Western abrogation. He has, unfortunately, been largely ignored by the Western press. But slowly his voice is being amplified by the fledging, but increasingly more powerful blogosphere. Fjordman gives voice to the inchoate feeling of rage felt by a growing minority of citizens in the West. The failure of Western democratic institutions to deal with the cancer of multiculturalism and the secondary infection of Islamic supremacism has brought the West to yet another dangerous impasse, not dissimilar to that which gave rise to the fascist (socialism redux!) nightmare 70 years ago.

The stormtrooper's boots can be heard on the not so distant horizon to anyone who bothers to listen. Those boots belong to the Islamic savages, but with Western democratic abdication we may soon see a powerful indigenous nationalistic reaction. Democracy can only survive in an environment replete with a cultural pride that refuses to succumb to the malevolent forces of the world. It can only survive when we as a people are sufficiently confident in our values and culture to defend and unambiguously assert them. We in the West have been rendered soft, flaccid and effete by the chaotic forces unleashed by a mindless consumerism and an unhinged leftist nihilistic world view. We've become disconnected from our past traditions and beliefs and all that is left is the husk of our once great civilization.

Anonymous said...

And what do you think of Obadiah Shoher's arguments against the peace process ( )?