Friday, April 14, 2006

The Generals’ Revolt?. More Like CYA Time.

Diversionary tactics, folks. That’s what this Waltz of the Generals is, as they dance to the MSM tune. And as they swing around the dance floor, Spook 86, the blogger at In From the Cold has stolen their twisted knickers and hung them up to dry:

Retired Army Major General John Batiste says there is “no coordinated effort” to get Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld fired. Batiste is one of at least six retired flag officers who have spoken out against Rumsfeld in recent days, but he calls those statements “absolutely coincidental.” Yeah, right. In military terms, we’d refer to that statement as “disinformation,” or an effort at denial and deception.

Let's see...half-a-dozen retired generals are all over the media for the past month or so, stating that Rummy must go, and it's a mere coincidence? Sorry, General Batiste, I'm not buying it, and you can skip the sales pitch for that bridge in Brooklyn and those ocean-front lots in Arizona. The MSM may be willing to buy your story (since it advances their anti-war message), but many of us can see through your little charade.

Want a lesson in military anthropology? Simply read what Spook 86 has to say about the track record of these worthies:

I’m sure that these officers are justifiably concerned about the situation in Iraq. But that does not mean that the retired generals were motivated only by “professional” concerns. Do a little digging, and you’ll find most have some sort of personal beef with both Secretary Rumsfeld and/or the Bush Administration. In that regard, criticism of the war effort (and its leadership) provides an opportunity to settle old scores, with the assistance of a willing press.

Make that “with the assistance of a panting press.” They want Rumsfeld’s head so badly you can almost hear the "Allah Ahkbar" murmurings in the press room:

I am not doubting the loyalty (or professional competency) of any of the officers who have criticized Rumsfeld. But describing their sudden flurry of criticism as “coincidental” is pure bunk. Retired flag officers are a prototypical “good old boy” (and girl) network; they communicate frequently, share ideas, and they certainly know how the game in Washington is played, right down to a well-timed media offensive.
Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

Go over and read the dossiers of several of these officers and gentlemen. You will understand better the intricate moves of the Generals’ waltz, better known as “Cover Your Ass,” played in ragtime because they’re jiving us regular folks.

Hell hath no fury like a scorned flag officer.

They know Rumsfeld’s not going anywhere, and they know that Rumsfeld knows they know. It’s just time for a little bloodletting as they waltz by.

These generals are playing a loser’s game and dancing with two left feet. Let’s hope their dime-a-dance act doesn’t go on too long.

Whatever you do, be sure to click on the link and read the whole tacky mess. And hold your nose.

Hat tip: Mrs.Davis.


diabeticfriendly said...

5 generals out of 888

it's a tidal wave...

Epaminondas said...

Y'know I think Rummy DID blow it back when turkey said no, but these generals should have resigned en masse and gone public if this is what they thought.

Where were they?

I find Zinni especially obnoxious, especially after his comments about certain "people" in the admin that 'forced this down everyone's throats'.

Gee, Genl, what group would you be talking about?

al fin said...

These generals are prancing peacocks, posing for the admiring media. Will there be a book tour, perhaps a run for public office? Yes, five retired generals (out of 900) are whining like babies for Rumsfeld's head on a platter. Did mean old Rummy hurt your feelings, poor little general? Did that bad man Rummy give you an Owhie?

Always On Watch said...

These generals are all about garnering publicity and stirring up a shitstorm. I have zero respect for them.

Anonymous said...

Nothing like character assassination to make a point--except that you lose credibility when you do.

Some of us are not so easily persuaded.

Dymphna said...


Character assassination?? Pardon me, but what are these men doing to Rumsfeld if not character assassination -- and being rewarded handsomely for it?

If you had read the outline of issues that the military -- and their boss, Rumsfeld -- had with the actions these men took, then you couldn't have called it character assassination.

Did you read the link? Did you know those things about these generals? Have you read up on the ferocious infighting that goes on in the Pentagon? These men have been stepping on faces for a long time.

I, for one, am glad they're being called on it.

Whether or not you are persuaded is immaterial.

For information on the environment in The Building, read John Boyd. That's why he made the decision to remain a colonel and *do* something, rather than *be* a general, a somebody.

The military is admirable but the further up the chain you go, the bigger the sharks.

And calling for Rumsfeld's resignation is simply a stab in the back. Come on, what do you think the learning gurve for a new SecDef with only two years to work things out and two theatres of war could possibly do except satisfy the egos of this group? Oh, and all the haters who lump Bush?Cheney/Rumsfeld into one large EVIL.

Frankly, Heather, I don't give a damn that you're not persuaded and I don't gib=ve a fig for your opinion of my credibility...