Monday, February 15, 2010

Then and Now: Part Two

The Demonization of Geert Wilders, the PVV, and the Electorate

The demonization of Pim Fortuyn in 2001 and 2002 eventually resulted in the Dutch politician’s assassination. The same process is underway today with respect to Geert Wilders, who is routinely declared to be “evil” and compared to Hitler in the state media and by public officials.

The second video in the series is a snippet of the ongoing demonization campaign in the MSM against Geert Wilders. On November 10, 2009, the “TV personality” Maarten van Rossum joined the crowd.

Many thanks to our Flemish correspondent VH for the translation and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

A complete transcript is below the jump.
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00:00 00:04 Maarten van Rossum gathers in a crowd as list-pusher of the PvdA (Socialists) in Utrecht…
00:04 00:11 …against the ‘running wilders’ of the Netherlands, or the success of the populism of Geert Wilders.
00:11 00:17 Like most populists he causes more problems than he solves, or ever could solve.
00:17 00:21 They are problem-causers, and not problem-solvers.
00:21 00:26 Wilders is the talk of the day. In the district Kanaleneiand of Utrecht we gauge the opinions.
00:26 00:33 I think Mr. Wilders is nothing. He just has a big mouth. And he offers no solutions.
00:33 00:37 What I would like to see from him is how he will solve our problems.
00:37 00:41 Look, I’m not in favor of Wilders, but as far as I’m concerned he may give his opinion
00:41 00:47 as long as he does it in a civilized way, and also does not hurt others, for that happens too often.
00:47 00:51 The latest polls show many people agree with Geert Wilders.
00:51 00:55 Van Rossum has voted PvdA (Socialists) all his life. He remains in solidarity with his party…
00:55 00:59 …and warns people who want to vote for the PVV.
00:59 01:04 In the end there isn’t a single excuse for voting Wilders.
01:04 01:09 I want to pardon those who are poorly informed; there are usually quite a lot of them…
01:09 01:13 …but those who are informed, who know what he actually said,
01:13 01:17 and still vote for him, are also in the wrong.
01:17 01:23 Wilders identifies the problems in the big cities. But does he actually have a solution?
01:23 01:27 Of course there are problem areas in the Netherlands…
01:27 01:31 …there are indeed “groups” that cause more problems than others in the Netherlands.
01:31 01:36 I think you should look into it, but I think it is nonsense to point only at Islam.
01:36 01:41 The other day my son was beaten up by a Moroccan. So I am also troubled by it.
01:41 01:45 Moroccan people are also troubled by it. The Dutch are troubled by it. Everybody is troubled by it.
01:45 01:50 However, it must be dealt with in a different way. Like, “here is the door” gets you nowhere.
01:50 01:55 Van Rossum is concerned about the Wilders’ tone of incitement.
01:55 02:00 He is not alone: Herman van Veen compared the PVV with the NSB [Nazi’s].
02:00 02:04 Whether I agree 100% now with Van Veen or not, is not that important…
02:04 02:08 …but his concern is absolutely justified.
02:08 02:16 And that is because Geert Wilders is an immoral politician, and that is really very distressing.


EscapeVelocity said...

Many Nederlanders agree with Geert Wilders and vote for his party but we couldnt find one to interview on this anti Wilders anti PVV propaganda piece masquerading as news.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Did you notice how Maarten van Rossum threw his son under a bus in this interview? Let's ask his beaten up son how his son feels about Islamic immigration and integration policies?

Maarten van Rossum sounds as dispassionate about his son's attack by a presumed-Muslim as he would be about the cars that were recently overturned by the Islamic mob in Italy.

What has to happen before Maarten van Rossum cares: Do the Muslims have to kill his son or gang-rape his wife? Do the Muslims have to burn down Christian churches like those in Indonesia? Do Muslims have to shoot Christian worshipers like the Coptics on Christmas Eve? Do the Muslims have to convert him and his family to Islam upon the point of the sword like the indigenous Africans?

Wait. In the Netherlands, we cannot legally speak of the peaceful religion of Islam for fear of offending the majority of moderate Muslims who might become so enraged that they interfere with the public peace and beat up people.

But, didn't a peaceful presumed-Muslim already beat up his own son? Yeah, that's what Maarten van Rossum said. Hmmm. Hey Maarten van Rossum, it might be time to re-think that "hate" speech law before the Muslims break out their peaceful Islamic swords on you and your son. Wow.

Avraham said...

I had a discussion with an Israeli fellow about wilders. And since this was not the first discussion of its kind I noticed what I think is the problem. After the original bloody conquest of the Middle East in the area of Bagdad the Caliph opened the yeshivot that had been shut for a hundred years and brought in Greek scholars from Constantinople. IE what I mean to say is Islam stated out on the right foot at that point.
Christianity on the other hand did not start out well. Who ever is to blame is not the issue here but there was bad blood between Christians and Jews after the destruction of the temple in 70AD. Eventually when Christians gained power there was a dislike of philosophy and of Jews that was in the residue. This is called starting out on the left foot.
As strange as it seems people have long memories. And until today it is hard for many people to see that Islam is a terrorist religion in its essence. Personally I had a chance to mention Gerhard Wilders to a (Sfardi) Jew (and as many of them) it is almost impossible to get through to them that Islam is a problem. I mentioned about the trial of wilders and he said well incitement to violence is wrong (after all this fellow lives in an Israeli community where there are Muslims (and not the rabid kind but regular Bedouin types)) So he has a point that it makes no sense to go around insulting someone's religion.
I said but their religion itself incites towards violence. He asked where. I said in the second half of the Koran. He said he has a Koran and he will look it up.
I explained I have nothing against Muslims. As far as I ma concerned they can be Buddhists Christians Hindus what ever. Just not Islam
The problem is many people are simple predisposed against Christianity
Only after I pointed out to this Israel that America gives aid to Israel and that it does so not because of the Jewish lobby but because of evangelical Christians that constitutes the backbone of the republican party and that Jews had a long history in Christian land that was more than just the crusades (most great Talmudic scholar after the middle ages were from Christian lands—and even during the middle ages the greatest scholars besides Maimonides were from France) was he willing to believe that we need to see the big picture.

I don’t have any answer to this dilemma. But it seems to me that we are on the verge of a great struggle between the forces of good and evil.