Friday, February 19, 2010

The Imam says Geert Wilders is Hitler

Ah, the old Adolphian Argument: it never stales. Ever fresh, ever new. All else pales in the light of its metaphorical brilliance, which is why people like this keep exhuming Hilter's and Mussolini's remains and setting them on fire to illuminate their point – thereby revealing far more than they know:

A commenter at the You Tube site asks pointedly:

Why is the imam not speaking Dutch? Also, did he say; Wilders cannot fool the muslims only the Dutch people?! That seems strange on many levels. So the muslims are not Dutch after all and the pesky Dutch are all stupid, but it is all going to be okay because the muslims are arriving to show them how things are really done. This is not immigration. This is an invasion. Surely you emigrate to another country because you love the people and their culture. Not because you wish to change them.

Fortunately another commenter is Johnny-on-the-spot with the answers to Allan’s queries:
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@allan3141: Because he lives for only about 20 years in the Netherlands, and he is a very busy man, he didn’t had the time to learn it. And why learn Dutch? Arabic is the language of the truth.
Whew. Glad someone was there to explain all this.

Would an imam holy as this one is, ever lie to you? Nah, of course not, though he does have his little hopes and dreams…in his case, that maybe Ayaan Hirsi Ali will “get cancer in her tongue” - but that’s just him being amusing. See, imams can laugh after all. Besides, it’s personal, he says. In other words, “shut up, infidel”.

Imam Fawaz Jneid’s interview is a good example of reflexive, automatic taqiyya. When you’ve been spouting this spiel as long as he has it’s like an accomplished musician strumming a chord for practice. It is simply what he does: breathe in, lie; breathe in, lie again; breathe in, etc., ad nauseam ad infinitum.

So it’s safe to brag now that if he had been called to testify at the trial, he’d have nailed Wilders with the Koran in an Amsterdam minute.

Sure he would have. And I’m a leprechaun and you’re Napoleon.

Thanks to Vlad Tepes and VH for their production.


Michael Servetus said...

I would ask this welfare imam leech vermin, who is about as useful and necessary as a bed bug or cockroach,so what exactly is Hitler like about Wilders' and force him to mumble some idiotic nonsense then pull out the Koran and Hadiths and video recordings and tape recordings and records of muslims from the past and present that are implacably hostile, venemous, hateful, prejudiced, discriminatory, supremacist and say so what are these?
Is Wilders Hitler like for pointing this out?
Then I would slap him, tar and feather him,have all the children come out and beat him with sticks as he was led down the the street to the town square to be publicly waterboarded. Then I would kick him out of the country back to his islamic made hell-hole.

Good point-out about the muslims being smarter than the Dutch .

Professor L said...

I contest that Arabic is the language of truth - surely such an epithet belongs to Latin. Quid erat demonstrandum: scientific names of animals are all in Latin, it was the language of the Catholic Church (and it seems to be coming back into vogue), and several sayings (like QED, among several others) are generally known among those who speak European languages (and there are three languages that are literally derivative of it).

Truth hurts, don't it?

Profitsbeard said...

But... since Muslims were Hitler's allies during WW II, this should mean that they support Wilders?

Of course, Islam enshrined Irrationalism as the core of its creed around 1100 AD when they decided that Allah's behavior cannot be predicted IN ANY WAY... meaning that their deity was anti-Reason incarnate.

Inshallah fatalism is the daily demonstration of this diseased mindset.

So, Wilders is "Hitler".

Islam supported Hitler.

Thus Muslims do not support Wilders.

Sheer frikkin' Mohammedan madness.

As usual.

The ultimate aim of this Koranic Death Cult (you try to leave, they kill you) is all I care about.

And it is a Global Theocratic Gulag based on Terror.

To that I say: Up yours, eternally!.

Anonymous said...

Well, this goes to show that imams know very well what which lible will make the pc-crowd jump.
They themselves have no problems with Hitler at all. Mein Kampf looks very cheery and mainstream in bookstores all over the middle east!

EscapeVelocity said...

Wilders is Richard the Lionheart, you Saracen devil!

EscapeVelocity said...

or perhaps more succinctly Wilders is Charles the Hammer Martel, reincarnate.

Tremble in the face of his courage, you unholy invaders.

Men of the West, rally to his righteous cause.

PatriotUSA said...

If Geert Wilders is Hitler than every moham, mussie troll and trollop are the spawns of satan.