Friday, February 26, 2010

A Day of Infamy: The “Field Mattress” Reborn

Early this morning, Editor-in-Chief Tøger Seidenfaden of the Danish newspaper Politiken — “The New York Times of Denmark” — announced that his paper had reached a settlement with the “descendants of the Prophet Mohammed”. Without admitting wrongdoing, the newspaper apologized for any offense that its printing of the Mohammed cartoons, especially Kurt Westergaard’s “Turban Bomb”, might have inflicted on Muslims.

Tøger Seidenfaden cartoon
“Tøger releases your pressure”

My initial reaction to this news was speechlessness. Then, when my aphasia passed, I said, “Those craven dhimmi lickspittles! They don’t deserve to be Danes! Revoke their citizenship! Send them back to Sweden, where they belong!” etc. etc., until Dymphna had to leave the room.

The English-language MSM reports of the event — see Politiken itself, The Copenhagen Post, and Al-Arabiya — were not adequate for my purposes, so I asked our Danish correspondent Kepiblanc to prepare a report for Gates of Vienna’s readers. He kindly and promptly provided the following essay, drawing on recent Danish history for his parallels.

A day of infamy: The “Field Mattress” reborn
by Kepiblanc

“There is something rotten in the state of Denmark.”

Never have those words been truer than today. So you assumed that our friends in the press could not possibly submerge themselves any deeper into the slime of submission to Islam? Think again!

The insignificant kingdom of Denmark became a bit less insignificant when the daily Jyllands-Posten printed some cartoons way back in 2005. Some insignificant believers in some insignificant prophet took significant offense and ignited a worldwide outbreak of “Sudden Jihad Syndrome”. Toll: something like 150 persons killed — so far, that is.

More people are on the Islamic death row, such as cartoonist Kurt Westergaard, who on January 1st had a friendly visit: a true believer from the Religion of Peace & Trade, armed with an axe and a knife. But that incident was by no means the first, nor will it be the last. Back in 2008 the Danish Police Intelligence (PET) foiled a plot by some (partly home-grown) holy warriors who wanted to pay him a friendly visit with some explosive devices.

As a gesture of solidarity with their fellow worker-of-the-press, eighteen Danish newspapers — and that constitutes the bulk of them — reprinted his cartoon. Yes, even the daily Politiken. Accordingly another outbreak of SJS ensued. As usual, with burning flags and all that jazz. This time with a bit of spicy refinement added: litigation. A Saudi-Barbarian land shark, one Yamani, sued those eighteen papers, demanding an apology — or else…

How can some savage from Saudi Barbaria sue someone in Denmark? Well, of course he can’t. All its shortcomings notwithstanding, Denmark is a civilized country — so far. Accordingly, the editors-in-chief more or less ignored the punk — who claimed to represent around 75,000 persons descended from a pedophile mass murderer who died 1,400 years ago. All those offspring appeared to be very, very insulted and suffering from acute post-traumatic distress syndrome. Or so he says.

The papers printed the indictment, and then placed it where it rightfully belongs: in the big forget-it drawer. Apart from one significant newspaper: Politiken.

And allow me to digress here: Maybe our readers are familiar with such dailies as “The New York Traitor Times”. But whereas that paper’s treason is of recent origin, the daily Politiken goes way back when it comes to treason. Starting around WW1 it consistently back-stabbed Denmark, Danes, and everything Danish, culminating during the Nazi occupation of Denmark, when it catered to the Herrenvolk from first to last. Shamelessly and without any hint of blushing.

[Note: Below the jump is a period illustration from WW2 which may require readers’ discretion.]
- - - - - - - - -
Field mattressDuring that bleak period of our history other Danes fell into disgrace as well. Among them were some girls of a certain very old profession who became known as “field mattresses”.

Today we saw that term revived. Politiken (among Danes: “Samarbejds-Politiken” — “Collaborator-Politiken”) is the contemporary “Field Mattress of the Press”. It caved. Totally. Unconditional surrender to Islamo-fascism. It apologized.

By doing so, its editor-in-chief, one Tøger Seidenfaden, not only back-stabbed his fellow editors, but encouraged the entire Ummah. And if there is something the Ummah can actually do — which isn’t much, besides breeding — it can smell blood. From now on all Danish print media will have to enlarge their mailboxes and hire untold armies of lawyers to cope with a deluge of litigation from offended Muslims. Or cave. Bend over. Qui vivra verra…

But there’s no cloud without a silver lining: all political parties in Denmark, except one — “The Radical Left” (another misleading name, rightfully “The Confused Party of Lost Lunatics”, 5% of votes) — unanimously condemned the high treason. And so did all the other newspapers. To say nothing about the larger Danish populace. The waters are dividing rapidly now, and this time the Danish “elite” can’t hide behind a well-trained, disciplined Wehrmacht. All it has is a hodgepodge of savage, illiterate, disorganized riff-raff of “Holy Warriors”.

Good luck with that, Field Mattress!

Hat tip for the MSM articles: TB.


Jérémy said...

Religions are poisonous, that much is clear. "les fous de Dieu", be they muslims, christians or jews are dangerous. Selling an afterlife is a very nasty business.
But why is it that you never talk about the other bigots ? Why only muslims ?

Besides that, I am wondering, why don't you, as an american citizen, simply mind your own business ? Why don't you invest your time writing about your own country ?

And, secondly, why don't you recognize you are a racist ? It would be much simpler for you, you won't have to waste your time finding politically correct ways to express yourself (as you seem to be careful to appear as a "respectable" person, just like Le Pen, for example).

Writing things or publishing uncritically things like the following clealry show that you are a racist, like it or not :

"How can some savage from Saudi Barbaria sue someone in Denmark?"

and :

"And if there is something the Ummah can actually do — which isn’t much, besides breeding — it can smell blood."

Oups. You are a racist. Aren't you ?

Sir Henry Morgan said...


No, I don't think they are racist. Apparently, as a longstanding member of the BNP I'm a racist. I don't think I'm a racist either.

Saudi Barbaria sounds pretty accurate to me. Have you ever been to the place? I have. My wife and I were arrested there in 1982. To this day I don't know why ... Saudi Barbaria sums it up nicely.

Shall we talk about the savages in Syria while we're talking about savages? I was in Hama in 1982 too. The Syrian regime is composed of animals of the worst kind.

I honestly do recommend reading Jeremy - but I also recommend you get your nose out of the books on ideology every now and again and go spend a year or two living amongst these primitives.

No mate, not racist - REALIST.

Thorum said...

I am utterly and bitterly saddened. Where the hell is the fight?

Zenster said...

Jérémy: But why is it that you never talk about the other bigots ?.

Why is it that you don't pay closer attention?

Non-Muslim scum bags like Fred Phelps get their passing (as in "gas"), mention as well. If you hadn't noticed, this site is titled, "Gates of Vienna", which goes a long way towards explaining why all things Muslim tend to dominate the content hereabouts.

Thank you for playing. Please try again.

Jérémy said...

Hey Sir Morgan,

I do recommend reading to you too, firstly to get some clear picture of the evolutive stages called "savagery" and "barbary", stages which are clearly distinct in your own (Henry Morgan) theory, while you are mixing everything together here.

But I am interested in noting that you begin to consider some difference between the Syrians and the Syrian regime.

Being a member of the BNP doesn't make you a racist, but being a racist might give you an incentive to become a member of the BNP.

I live in France, so I guess from your point of view, this is already a quite primitive setting.
(I could also do the "been there, done that" thing, but we won't go anywhere with that kind of argument).

Baron Bodissey said...

Jérémy --

Read more closely: I did not write what you quoted, Kepiblanc did, and he is Danish. Perhaps he will show up here sometime later and say a word or two.

He will have to speak for himself, but of course I recognize that I'm a racist. All Islamophobes are racists. Didn't you know that? Just ask the OIC!

Jérémy said...

Hey Baron,

You let others (OIC) speak for yourself. That's your choice. I thought you might have your own opinion on the matter, and that you won't have to resort to irony.

And what about minding your own business ? Isn't there enough muslims in the usa for you to play with ?

kepiblanc said...

Jeremy, is the "Ummah" a race?

Jérémy said...

kepiblanc, (?)

Well, this blog seems to consider it is.

Jérémy said...


Do you think that the word "gypsies" refers to a race ?
Would you say, though, that the policies applied to them by the NSDAP were racist policies ?

X said...

No, it doesn't. You obviously do, otherwise you wouldn't try and claim that this blog does, when it has been clearly and repeatedly demonstrated that nobody here considers Islam to be a race. The only people who seem to think it's a race are people like you who cry "racist" every time someone criticises Islam.

kepiblanc said...

--> Jeremy: Do you think that the word "gypsies" refers to a race ?
No. Neither is Islam. Then why do yoy accuse this blog as being 'racist'?

Baron Bodissey said...

Jérémy --

The slinging around of the “racist” epithet is not a serious argument. It is an admission of failure, a sign that the person wielding it has lost any claim to rational debate, and is reduced to name-calling.

It is meaningless, inappropriate, useless, and no longer has any effect on me. I refuse to engage it seriously. You have joined a huge cohort of intellectually deficient interlocutors by using the label on me. If I had a centime for every time it has happened, I’d be a rich man. The time is long past when I would tremble in fear for my reputation upon being called a “racist”.

I spit on the grave of my reputation!

Bring it on — “racist”, “xenophobe”, “Islamophobe”, “bigot”, “Nazi”, “fascist” — it’s all the same to me.

Baron Bodissey said...

Kepiblanc, what the hell are you doing here?? It's way past your bedtime!

3:34 AM in Jutland, if I have the time differential right.

kepiblanc said...

Yep! - G'night y'all!

Jérémy said...

"The only people who seem to think it's a race are people like you who cry "racist" every time someone criticises Islam."

I beg your pardon ? Every time someone "criticises Islam" ?

"some savage from Saudi Barbaria"

"something the Ummah can actually do — which isn’t much, besides breeding — it can smell blood."

Aw, yes. This is what you call "criticizing Islam". Yeah, get it. Sorry about the misunderstanding.

Well if that is "criticism", a "criticism of christianism" would then look like : "christians are a bunch of warmongering barbarians". Same sh*t.

You think just like the people you pretend to oppose.

Anonymous said...

You think just like the people you pretend to oppose

Ah well - it's not so bad then..We do not actually oppose them; we're only pretènding..
(Could you ever even understand that this is not about our own virtue, Jérémy?)

By the by - calling Saudi Arabia barbaric is positively shocking of course: pc-souls have gotten used to honeying their tongue when speaking of backward third world countries (only then, incidently, western countries can be epitomized every which way) but you know, harsh words aren't necessarily untrue, and lisping is n't necessarily wise or kind

Who can deny that there really are a lot of reasons why Saudi Arabia should be considered a primitive, barbaric country? But of course you know these reasons very well; you just like to feel good about yourself, and keep your illusions..

As for the disappointing productivity of the arab nation excepting their fecundity, who can deny it? The arab world is stagnant, and it is getting worse now that it has unearthed it's sorry fundamentals: the islamic religion

So if it be "racist" to state obvious facts Jérémy: instead of patronizing the poor and the silly by complimenting what's destroying them and us, then by all means let's be racist!
Let's call primitive practices inhuman and uncivilized, let's call robbing, murdering and fornicating prophets and their racist cults barbaric and unholy, so that the umma may come to their senses and mend their ways - or stay the hell out of ours..

laine said...

Jeremy from France demands others "mind their own business" but does not seem to be confining his remarks to problems in France. Hypocrite.

He conflates all religions and their achievements in a truly ignorant way. On the one hand we have 57 Muslim backwaters none of which offer equal rights between Muslims and non-Muslims up to and including ethnic cleansing and even slaughter of non-Muslims. On the other hand we have all Euro-Christian based countries wildly successful defined as treating all citizens equally under rule of law and giving a decent standard of living to the most people. But Jeremy cannot differentiate between these two religious constellations that may as well be light years apart. He is therefore willfully blind and deaf but unfortunately not dumb in the sense of unable to speak.

And what does he "speak"? The most juvenile threadbare charge of racism which he appears to think substitutes for argument. Muslims prove themselves barbaric in thousands of incidents around the world. Start with the racist slaughter of half a million black civilians including women and children by Muslim militias in Darfur. The men are shot in the legs and stabbed repeatedly or decapitated in front of their women who are raped. Their homes are burned. In addition, there is the damning fact that Muslims are the biggest killers of Muslims in the world today. They are ecumenical killers.

It is up to Jeremy to refute the proven charge of barbarism, and calling people racist for observing Muslim depredations and describing them correctly in salty terms as barbaric is a mere distraction.

To repeat for the truly dense, Muslim militias at the behest of a Muslim government slaughtering half a million blacks in Darfur is RACIST. Calling them barbarians for it is not.

Don't bother with the bogus defense of "most Muslims are peace loving etc." Since there are no mass protests from Muslims about Muslim inhumanities in Darfur and elsewhere, they are definitely with the program.

Jeremy has his work cut out defending the indefensible but then lefties thought a hundred million dead of Soviet and Chinese communism a mere bagatelle...

laller said...

Have people forgotten that Jyllands-Posten apologized for the same thing in 2006: Causing offense. If Politikens apology makes yesterday "a day that will live in infamy", then what would you call the day Jyllands-Posten apologized? Remember, that was at the height of the cartoon-crisis.
Now I know many people also critisized Jyllands-Posten back then, but there were also many people who didn't. I critisized Jyllands-Posten but I also found comfort in the fact that they "only" apologized for causing offense not for printing the cartoons.

With regards to the "racist" label; The Danish "Supreme Court" ruled that simply distancing oneself from a group of people, no matter how that group is defined, can be labelled racism. In Denmark, if you're anti-racist, you are actually racist. Ain't that funny?


PatriotUSA said...

So we are all racists here, eh? Suits me fine as I have been called worse. How much studying have you done about Islam? Read the Koran, hadith, and discovered mohammad was a perverted sob at best, on a good day? Sir henry Morgan suggested you do some reading but you are obviously afraid of becoming enlightened and seeing the light of day about Islam. No need to waste much time on you as we are all racists because of how
most of us here KNOW Islam
and see it for what it truly is.

You live in France, bully for you and stay there, please! I am an Islamophobe and counter jihadist. If that make me a racist, so be it.
Name us ONE sick, backwater Islamic hellhole of a country that has equal rights for all. Women,
other religions, ideologies ect.
Name us one Islamic cesspool that treats Jews and Christians as equals or fairly. I hear crickets chirping and it is not even summer
yet. You will have to do much better than your panty wasted, candy assed arguments here.

Islam deserves every and all criticism leveled at it. No need to rattle oof figures or facts to you or to recommend some decent reading material because you already KNOW everything about us here and Gates of Vienna. Why did you post here at all?

On the topic of this post: Really a shame the paper capitulated to
denizens of the Islamic horde. Kepiblanc, thanks for the good read
and I think there is still hope for Denmark. As for France, with people like Jeremy, it's future is sealed. Let's send Obama to France as a 'gift'. Have a spare room, Jeremy?

Henrik R Clausen said...

Jérémy wrote:
Why don't you, as an american citizen, simply mind your own business ? Why don't you invest your time writing about your own country?

There are plenty of fine US blogs dealing primarity with US matters. GoV is different, and that is highly appreciated among those of us who value and revere our trans-Atlantic bonds.

If I get this right (Baron, feel free to correct), GoV was started with the intention of aiding to illuminate Jihad in Europe, in order that it could be stopped before it became a serious problem in the US. That is an interesting and constructive strategy, and useful alliances have been forged from that.

American can't make it out alone (just watch 0bama), nor can Europe. We need the strength and intelligence of each other.

As for your other comments: Please wisen up a bit. The 'racism' slur doesn't go down well with civilized people (but OIC loves it). If your have a sincere interest in racism, other blogs exist for you to indulge in that.

Immigrants tend to be extremely racist, but also some minor Western groups have that interest.

For obvious reasons, I will not link or suggest any. I don't like or condone racism. If you have any inclinations in that direction, I do not want to help you.

Baron Bodissey said...

Henrik --

No, that’s not quite how it happened. This blog simply started out as a counterjihad blog (before the word was even current), with neither an American nor a European focus. I began with a strong pre-existing interest in modern European history, because I had studied it fairly thoroughly when I took my A-levels in England all those years ago.

Then, as I started reading around the web — and especially when I started reading Fjordman — I realized how important Europe was, that it was on the front lines of the Jihad, and so I paid more attention. I started commenting at Fjordman’s blog, and he wrote to me with some suggested reading. That’s how our acquaintance began.

Then Dymphna happened to find the story of Queen Margrethe’s book, and wrote a couple of posts about it. At about the same time, Rune did our first translations (from the Danish, about Jonathan Friedman), and the Europeans started visiting and commenting.

The Danish focus intensified after the Motoon crisis hit — I knew about the cartoons almost as soon as they were published, thanks to Fjordman — and I started to realize what an anomaly Denmark was. The process became a virtuous circle — more Danish topics led to more Danish readers, which led to more tipsters and volunteers for translation. The thing just kept snowballing, and expanded to other European countries as the occasion arose.

That kind of made us a de facto Euroblog. For a while I tried to resist the trend, but then I gave up — it’s just the way things happened. Dymphna and I divide the labors a bit, with me taking the European or Ummah-related topics, and her taking the American ones.

It doesn’t mean that I’m not scrutinizing current affairs in my own country closely. But other blogs — e.g. Gateway Pundit and Michelle Malkin — cover American politics much more thoroughly and effectively than I ever could. So I just stick to our niche, to what we’re good at — which is to provide translations of material that might not otherwise appear in English, plus original commentary directly from the Europeans on the ground.

I can manage to be an “honest broker” about Europe — despite the special affection that I hold for Denmark and England — because I’m not part of Europe. Everyone hates Americans roughly equally, and that grants me a species of neutrality in the eyes of Europeans, who are, after all, often feuding among themselves.

Anonymous said...

They're not racists so much as they are just narrow-minded and filled with a sense of superior knowledge.

Henrik R Clausen said...

Jérémy wrote:
But why is it that you never talk about the other bigots? Why only muslims?

Others do that just fine. It's better to specialize in one subject and be really good at it, than waste time on a stack of difference ones without getting really good at anything.

Thus, for decent analysis of for instance Hindu fanaticism, feel very free to go elsewhere. GoV cannot provide that, and doesn't pretend to.