Monday, February 22, 2010

The Only Real Revolutionary Movement in the UK

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Aeneas sends the following exchange taken from the English Defence League forum. I don’t yet have a link for the posts below, but here is the text. Spelling, punctuation, and a little bit of the syntax have been fixed up:

I read the mainly left-wing urban75 forums without posting, and there was a thread called ‘EDL leadership arrested.’ While most of the backwards mainstream leftwing element that post on there were over the moon, this post was an unusual piece of realism:

EDL: Birmingham demoI see. So Police raid self-proclaimed Anarchist squats filled with people who make no bones about the fact that they are there to cause mayhem and yet people on their way to take part in legal protests, and who call for them to be peaceful, get stopped on their way and their homes then get raided by gun toting cops.

You lot want to be stopped by the Police. It’s why you make such a song and dance about the squats and so on. It’s just a game to you. An excuse to have some high jinx all safe in the knowledge that the ‘Pigs’ will pile in and arrest you giving you all some war stories to tell around the fireplace.

The EDL must be scaring the s**t out of the people that matter. Your response of just calling them fascist and so on is so out of touch as to make it embarrassing. I mean the UAF is the establishment. It’s funded by them.

English nationalism is the only real revolutionary movement in the UK at the moment. Yes, the EDL might not be the ones who promote it to its conclusion, but they represent the tip of a very large iceberg of slow-burning resentment that has not had a chance to really articulate itself at the moment. But it will come, and the potential political earthquake that it represents dwarfs anything that the British left can even begin to contemplate.

And the actions of the Police today show that it’s being taken very seriously.

Bloody hell, I read about it and it makes me almost want to join up with them. It’s a f***ing disgrace what happened, and whilst you indulge in your onanist enjoyment at what you see as the right getting one stuck on their chins, take a moment to really think about what these people have actually gone to do in such a short amount of time. And then think about what could be done with the resentment that they are feeling by somebody with half a brain.

It ain’t going to be the BNP for all sorts of reasons, but somebody, somewhere is going to emerge and things could really be up for a serious shaking up.

This was the reply:
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Things have moved on. This ain’t the 70s and 80s anymore, despite your yearnings for a time when socialism actually mattered, rather than it just being something desperate to latch on to, just to keep its head above the water.

The EDL are not the BNP. They are not the National Front. And they are not C18. They are a grassroots movement that has sprung out of nowhere, and which nobody within the political establishment (and I include the BNP here) know how to respond to. The left are confusing the fun of a day out and waving their trendy credentials in public with actually coming up with a serious response to this grouping.

Now I don’t think they are going to be storming the gates of Downing Street any time soon but they represent something (not sure myself), and that something has mobilised a segment of the mainly white, but not exclusively, working class in a way that the left has not managed for years, and the fact remains that if any real changes to our political system are going to happen in this country then the group that gets the biggest white working-class support is the one that will bring it about.


Anonymous said...

My knowledge of the EDL is limited as I have not spoken with any of their supporters, but based on what I read, I think they do not seem to be the answer to Britain's problems. Their ideology is civic nationalism, which is a poisonous belief system that is neutralizing the right wing opposition to Third World immigration. They wave banners saying "Black and White: Unite" and partake in the Labour/Tory/Lib/UKIP smearing of the BNP as "Nazis". They seem to favor race replacement so long as it's not Islamic. Not my cup of tea.

Homophobic Horse said...

"The EDL are not the BNP. They are not the National Front. And they are not C18."

No, the EDL is not even Sinn Féin. Which is ironic because Sinn Féin have (arguably) killed a lot more people than Combat 18 and the BNP ever could if they tried. Also, Sinn Féin has achieved real successes with international solidarity. They're also much more popular; just ask Dymphna.

Sinn Féin should be an inspiration for violent irredentists everywhere.

Henrik R Clausen said...

Yet, the British regime ('government' is too kind a word here) choses to crack down on EDL, as if it were a dissident group in the old (good old?) Soviet Union. EDL is exposing that the system as such is rotten, which appears to be needed.

Times are strange...

X said...

They seem to favor race replacement so long as it's not Islamic. Not my cup of tea.

Lack of opposition is not the same thing as support.

But, to call themselves the English defence league as opposed to the British defence league speaks volumes, does it not? Britain isn't a nation but a state; British isn't a nationality. The inherent contradiction of the "British National Party" is one of the reasons why they are never going to succeed.

Whether they know it or not, by calling themselves the English Defence League they're making a statement about who they are and what they want to achieve. Since being English has certain pre-requisites that being British doesn't necessarily have, their fight is inevitably going to come down to nationality.

Zenster said...

The left are confusing the fun of a day out and waving their trendy credentials in public with actually coming up with a serious response to this grouping.

I found this to be a most interesting observation. The Left's overall strategy seems to be that of using immigrants to demographically swamp all conservative opposition. These Liberals, themselves, are not reproducing at anywhere the rate needed to gain political ascendancy. Truth be told − in America at least − the conservative Right has a much higher overall birth replacement rate than the Left does.

This blog has long addressed the folly of Leftists using illiterate, tribalistic savages of an entirely different credo to subvert White Christian Free Market Democratic Western Culture. It still remains to be seen whether the bulk of these applecart-upsetting Liberals have even the most remote comprehension of what their erstwhile strategy implies. Awash in their cosmetic utopian successes and willfully blind to the ultimate implications of their dead-end tactics, they are swept up in "the fun of a day out", rejoicing what will likely prove to be a very brief period of victory before their Neanderthal pets turn upon them.

Those who oppose this deconstruction of Western civilization have much more at stake. At the very least, they recognize what lies in wait at the end of this darkening corridor and are truly alarmed at its implications. While the Left has yet to realize that they are slitting their own throats with Islam’s scimitar, the Conservatives have already begun to feel the kicks and grinds of Antifa boot heels.

It is in their lack of a "serious response to this grouping" where the Left makes their fatal error. In America we witness the current idiocy of Liberals who eschew gun ownership nigh well provoking civil war with their far better armed Conservative opponents. Similarly, European Liberals are even more rapidly pushing their Conservatives into a survival mode of operation.

It is these European Conservatives who continue to volunteer as today’s soldiers and fight wars. It is their elders who also fought in previous conflicts. While they may be at a deficit in gun ownership, they are clearly capable of operating the weapons necessary to ensure their collective survival. Along with this, they have the actual war fighting experience required to prevail over their current Liberal foes and the burgeoning threat arising from the immigrant rabble imported by them. Finally, they have borne grim witness to the measures used elsewhere for ensuring − morally valid or not − the survival of other nations.

As the inheritors of enlightened and technologically progressive freedom-based Western civilization, the indigenous populations of European and American who recognize its worth will just as easily understand how desperate of a fight its preservation may well require. Two World Wars plus the gruesome spectacle of Russian and Chinese Communism’s ritual mass slaughter still loom large in their collective consciousness. More than ever before in human memory, a potential repetition of recent history carries with it the repugnance and well-documented malevolence which can only serve to strengthen the resolve of those who oppose it.

As with World War II and the Cold War; this is, again, a fight of Good against Evil. As the Baron is so fond of noting, if the word “evil” has any meaning then Islam − and its fellow travelers − must be recognized for the evil it is and fought as such.

In Hoc Signo Vinces† said...

Counterjihad must transcend British national entities and Christian sectarianism, otherwise it will descend into division and defeat.

Anonymous said...

Graham, I can understand your criticism of the British identity that the BNP promotes. I personally favor the UK splitting up into the historical nations of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. But at the same time I understand the BNP's views on defending Britain as a political entity. From a genetic perspective, the English, Irish, Welsh, and Scottish are the same people. The English may carry a bit more genes from Continental invaders than the others, but all 4 groups largely descend from the ancient British hunter-gatherers that first settled the isles. On top of that, the cultures of the 4 nations are similar enough that there is a basis for some sort of pan-Britain identity.

At any rate, the BNP supports holding a referendum on Scottish independence and supporting the results, whatever it may be. And if Scotland secedes under a BNP regime, than so will Wales and possibly Northern Ireland. But Nick Griffin has said he favors some sort of special relationship between England and the "Celtic" nations, which is understandable.

As for the English identity and its greater strength compared to British, know that civic nationalism eats away at all identities no matter how ancient or legitimate. Just as British as an identity is for sale, so is English. And judging by their propaganda, the EDL implies that blacks, Hindus, and "moderate Muslims" are just as English as those descended from the ancient Britons, so long as they embrace the English way of life. This is a delusion that conservatives in both the US and Europe still entertain. While yes, a handful of nonwhites may truly assimilate, most will not, especially when there are more of their people, so much that they don't need to breed with the host population, but recreate their own nation.

Zenster said...

Agent Chameleon: While yes, a handful of nonwhites may truly assimilate, most will not, especially when there are more of their people, so much that they don't need to breed with the host population, but recreate their own nation.

This goes back to what I label as “Enclave Mentality”. It appears as though current Third World immigrants must necessarily be drip fed into modern civilization. While this was not as important during the early 20th century wave of European immigration into America, that era’s greater ease of assimilation can be attributed to both a commonality in culture and less temporal displacement with respect to differences in technological advancement or overall intellectual enlightenment which existed between those two continents at that time.

This dynamic remained in place even into the 20th century’s middle portion as a result of the “Brain Drain” effect that saw continued relocation of highly productive individuals to the West. This positive aspect to immigration would soon vanish in Liberalism’s desire to rehabilitate all global economic discrepancies via redistribution of Western wealth, property and prosperity.

For a host of reasons that will remain unexamined at this time, most Third World cultures are so primitive in nature as to be largely inassimilable into modern societies. This is especially the case when, as Agent Chameleon noted, they are allowed admission in sufficient numbers whereby establishment of wholly detached communities becomes possible. America once saw this in the form of its own “Little Italy”, and “Chinatown” districts but, largely, these latter day immigrant enclaves were assimilated by virtue of economic opportunity and cultural absorption.

In this new age that has enshrined Diversity as a hallowed right, no such integration is occurring and, instead, a very damaging separatism continues to emerge. It is this ability to remain isolated and still manage to thrive that Islam is capitalizing upon to the vast detriment of every host nation and culture. All of this is complicated by the fact that Islam intentionally drives the enclave model via doctrinal enforcement and not just the comfort of surrounding oneself with those of similar ethnic background.

The fact that Muslims quite frequently originate from many of the most backward and incompatible cultural constructs only serves to exacerbate what is an already dysfunctional model. Of course, the Liberals somehow manage to perceive this as an exciting challenge to their amateur attempts at Social Engineering instead of the resounding refutation that it is. The injurious nature of such unchecked mass migration from Third World countries, especially Islamic ones, cannot be overstated.

Anonymous said...

The steady genocide on the white race does represent a crime against mankind. Particularly as far as diversity is concerned. Doing away with one of mankinds races will reduce global diversity.

Since whites are so apt at not having kids these days, flooding their homelands with nonwhites seriously exercabates the problem.

In 63 we got the birthcontrol pill, in 67/68 it was the student revolutions, then came the drugs and the abortion, then came the selfrealisation movement and the feminists. I probably forgot some, but all of the above mentioned have led to a catastrophically low birthrate amongst whites. Considering the many other races available to choose partners from today, we get lots of mixed kids contributing to an even faster decline in whites.

This may be the last century to have any significantly white nations at all.

Chechar said...

Ditto Chrispium. That's why conferences like this one are so important.

Stephen Gash said...

The English Defence League and supporters do not seem to have noticed that these raids on homes in England happened while they were supporting a Scottish Defence League demonstration in Scotland.

Were any Scottish homes raided?

The EDL need to focus on England and let the Welsh and Scots sort out their own Islamisation problems. Once the SDL and WDL have established themselves then mutual support can develop.

People should remember the headlines in the Scottish Daily Record before the Glasgow SDL/EDL demo last year which read "English nazis to terrorise Scottish streets".

It would seem hatred for the English is more important than combatting sharia and Muslim terrorists, where the Scottish press is concerned, and most likely the Scottish Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Gordon Brown, aslo.

Anonymous said...

Excellent, well-articulated post Zenster! :)

In Hoc Signo Vinces† said...

Stephen Gash,

That vitriolic statement was dumb do you really want it on public record?

In hoc signo vinces

Stephen Gash said...

Of course I want it on record.

The EDL has demonstrated in several cities now in England. The worst press it has received is when it demonstrated in Wales and Scotland.

That is no accident. Were there any SDL leaders arrested in Scotland? If not why not?

I don't make statements without just cause.

When it comes to vitriol most of it is aimed at the English.

In Hoc Signo Vinces† said...

Stephen Gash,

I think you are maybe in a state of shock at the brutality of the Scottish neoliberal system, this is a slap you down - keep you down society we are more closed down than the counterjihad allies in England. No matter how small the protest the S/EDL could open a political pandora's box if they succeed in delivering the counterjihad message to the people of Scotland, thats why they were so effectively suppressed.

Did you here the one about the Englishman, Irishman, Welshman and Scotsman arguing over the Sceptred Isle while Mohammed seized control of the aeroplane.

I am not affiliated to the S/EDL.

In hoc signo vinces

Stephen Gash said...

You misread or misunderstood my meaning.

I want the EDL to succeed. It has not yet reached its first anniversary and has achieved alot, despite some teething problems. These it is sorting out.

However, anybody who doesn't understand that England and the English are under attack are wilfully blind or wilfully stupid. The British establishment is England's worst enemy and there is no denying that Anglophobia has increased tremendously since devolution. The devolution project was overseen by the Scots Blair and Brown. Brown signed the Scottish Claim of Right promising to make the interests of the Scottish people paramount.

It was no coincidence that the arrests in England were made while the EDL was in Scotland.

I don't seek to tell the EDL what to do, but my view is, it would be better for the EDL to wait and let the SDL and WDL prove themselves before supporting them unequivocally.

The real jihad problem is in England and efforts are best focused there, in my honest opinion.

Tenuous links with certain nationalist causes won't help them either. Hence the armed raids by police. It's not rocket science.

In Hoc Signo Vinces† said...

Stephen Gash,

"Brown signed the Scottish Claim of Right promising to make the interests of the Scottish people paramount."

To read the Claim of Right 1988 as some kind of supremacy claim over the English or indeed the U.K. Parliament is absolute nonsene if anything the Claim was in support of the Union, the contention being that there was what they called a democratic deficit and Scotland was being treated as an unequal partner contrary to the Acts of Union. An example of this inequality was the introduction of the Poll Tax in Scotland before it was introduced in England.

If you read the Claim you will see that "to make the interests of the Scottish people paramount" is in the context of those "gathered as the Scottish Constitutional Convention" meaning that they will "make" the assembly work in the paramount interests of the Scottish people NOT lord it over the English in the U.K. Parliament.

The claim has no diplomatic or legal weight even in Scotland it is no more than a wish list of the period. To read a real Scottish declaration try the Declaration of Arbroath 1320*.

Many of those who signed it were in fact opposed to independence and the Conservatives and Nationalists did not even join the S.C.C.

As for Tony Blair's thoughts at the time he equated the powers of a Scottish Parliament with those of an English parish council, and observed that “sovereignty remains with me as an English M.P., and that is the way it will stay”.

*The Declaration of Arbroath vested sovereignty in the individual and that is the way I like it.