Thursday, February 18, 2010

“Not in my Place!”

During the past twenty-four hours we’ve run the gamut on stories of dhimmitude from the Netherlands — extortion, electoral pandering, and now surrender in the face of anticipated threats.

I disagree with Frans Groenendijk on his assertion that the possibility of Muslim violence is a “completely fictional threat”. The World Forum is right to worry about institutional liability for the violent consequences of discussing Islam on its premises in anything less than favorable terms. These are simply the facts of life nowadays in Europe.

The article below is from De Pers, as translated by our Dutch correspondent Bolleke:

Self-Censorship ‘Decision taken because of subject’

Presentation critical Islam book banned

by Kustaw Bessems

World Forum dares not because of security.

Mathematics Teacher Frans Groenendijk was to present his book Islamophobia? next Thursday in the World Forum in The Hague. The Congress Center even inquired whether there was a need for “coffee/tea/soda or a snack/cookie. Everything seemed settled.

MP Tofik Dibi of GroenLinks (Left Green) would receive the book, the book — together with an ex-Muslim and the editor of the leftist weblog Sargasso. And columnist Theodor Holman would make an introduction.

But just before the weekend Groenendijk received an email from Michiel Middendorf, CEO of the World Forum. He wrote: “I honor your request to hold a book launch at the World Forum. I can’t guarantee the safety of my colleagues, your guests, and yourself and therefore it is, I believe, not responsible for this event to take place.”

Middendorf wrote in the newspaper, “We have taken this decision because of the theme of the meeting, Islamophobia.” He says his organization generally “likes to offer a platform”. “Last year we even hosted the international Afghanistan meeting. But then the security was guaranteed by the state. “

Middendorf said, “It is not that Islam is the only theme that brings security risks and it is not that we refuse every meeting about Islam.” Why this then? He does not want to go into the matter. He would not say whether it plays a role that Groenendijk is very critical on Islam in his book and on the Internet.


What should Groenendijk do? “Seek another location that dares,” says Middendorf. “That does not sound welcoming, but if I make a wrong assessment about safety, afterwards you will also be on the phone with me.”
- - - - - - - - -
Groenendijk was one of the PVV (the party of Geert Wilders) -voters who responded early July on the “open letter to the PVV-voter” of the Green Left MP Tofik Dibi. The MP wanted alliances with “all men, that find freedom and equality as important as me”. It led to a conversation that both were pleased with.

“A quiet man, with a story”, says Dibi about Groenendijk. “Someone with a leftist background.”

“FlipFlop consonant”, so Groenendijk anounces his book in a press release. He has self-published. On the back cover is a rejection of an anonymous editor, who praises the book but fears for the reputation of its publisher.

Dibi called the book a bit of a pessimistic picture of the threat and fear of Islam, as he calls it, but true and substantiated. “I do not agree with him, but it’s just good to have that confrontation. “


Groenendijk sent the World Forum a surprised and indignant mail. He points out that the meeting is only for invited guests and writes: “Obviously it is your right to offer no room to opinions that are not to your liking. It is rather silly when you are taking refuge behind a completely fictional threat by people of extreme leftist or Muslim background.”

Middendorf of the World Forum responds with: “I take the liberty to close the debate.”

“It starts to get annoying that people act out of fear,” says Dibi. “You make it all worse.” He says he can’t imagine that the book presentation is very risky. “And if is, can you still just discuss measures?” Dibi is committed now to find an alternative place to settle on. “Top class” says Groenendijk. “This just started as a helping hand from left- to right-wing.”


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If words still have some meaning, the CEO of the World Forum is exactly what you would call an Islamophobe.

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You maybe interested in this Editorial comment in the Asian Eye on wearing the Hijaab and in the context of Muslims fitting in, in the UK.

"Islam is totalitarian and let us not be apologetic for that."

"Aisha Alvi, Barrister at Law, LLM (Islamic Law) University of London, aims to use the privilege of her training not for personal gain, but to show the wisdom of the Shariah."