Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Then and Now: Part Three

Pim Fortuyn: “This country has had enough of it! C’est ça!”

A number of statements — such as a call to put a hold on the immigration of Muslims — brought Pim Fortuyn into conflict with the board of the newly-founded party he was asked to lead. This video shows a part of that conflict, and is taken from “The Night of Fortuyn”.

“I will not reject my viewpoints, but, people: it is five to twelve! Not in the Netherlands, but in Europe! And you want that? I stand for this country! For what has been built here in the last five, six centuries.”

“Damn it, what we have here simply is a fifth col—… well let me say it all now: a fifth column! Of people who want to help bring down the country! But I will not go for that.”

Many thanks to our Flemish correspondent VH for the translation and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

After this meeting, Mr. Fortuyn decided to found his own party, LPF (List Pim Fortuyn) and, after a long campaign of demonization, was assassinated on May 6, 2002 by a left-wing activist who considered him “a danger to society”, particularly for “vulnerable groups such as asylum-seekers and Muslims”.

A complete transcript of the video is below the jump.
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00:00 00:06 I will not go for that, and I say, “you can stay here, but you must adapt.”
00:06 00:12 I must hear “Allah is great”, that I am a “dirty pig” … you are a “Christian dog”…
00:12 00:16 THAT is what they say, and you think that is okay…
00:16 00:22 And I have so far been very reserved. I have never repeated that…
00:22 00:24 … but you accept being walked over, and I will not let that happen anymore.
00:24 00:29 And that’s where I get all those seats from (in the polls).
00:29 00:32 Because this country is FED UP! … C’est ÇA!
00:32 00:37 That is what I stand for. And if I must express that otherwise, well, fine…
00:37 00:41 … but it is about YOUR children, YOUR grandchildren. For what else is this about?
00:41 00:46 Must I explain more here? I can not do it any other way, and will not do it any other way.
00:46 00:52 Then I would rather be finished off. Okay, fine …
00:52 00:56 … but the problem sir, will remain. That will remain.
00:56 01:00 People have had more than enough of it.
01:00 01:05 Damn it, in my city, Moroccan boys, Turkish boys…
01:05 01:11 …who do not rob the Turks, the Moroccans, but rob you and me and little old ladies.
01:11 01:15 And the police? What they do? Damn it … nothing.
01:15 01:19 They tell you: “If you say that, you discriminate”.
01:19 01:24 And THAT is what I express from the Dutch people. And I stand for it, I STAND for it.
01:24 01:31 Is that not allowed? Okay, I respect that. C’est ça [That’s all].


In Hoc Signo Vinces† said...

A powerfull epitaph.

spackle said...

Wow. To use a overly used phrase. That was heavy. But that anger is how so many people feel. God knows what will happen when the top is finally blown. All it might take is a financial collapse. When the welfare spigit is gone all bets are off.

Profitsbeard said...

A well-spoken charismatic figure... an ulta-liberal gay man who was passionate about Liberty... was turned into "a right wing radical Hitlerian despot in the making" by the crypto-Marxist, Muslim-coddling media of the Netherlands to the point that one of their Leftoid zombies got a gun and assassinated the greatest hope for the survival of Holland in their recent history.

That the Dutch are actually getting a SECOND CHANCE with Geert Wilders, someone as passionate about keeping the gains of Freedom and Tolerance and Civilization that the Netherlanders have achieved over the past five centuries, is a miracle.

If they lose this last minute reprieve, their future is sealed under grim minarets and a Mohammedan birthrate which will swamp and render their land one more Islamic hellhole by the end of this century.

Wake up Hollanders!

Op is op!