Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The New Beirut

“They laugh at our legal system.”

Our Flemish correspondent VH has translated an article from DePers about the war zone that has developed in the immigrant ghettoes of Brussels:

War correspondent in Brussels

Even the police do not dare to step out of the patrol car in Kuregem

by Arnold Karskens

Officers are being shot at, robberies are a daily occurrence. Arnold Karskens went to have a look at “the new Beirut”. Which is in Brussels.

Brussels: barbed wire

The white police van stops for a moment in the Liverpoolstraat in Brussels, notorious for its illegal car dealers. In gaping dark rooms cars quick as lightning have their number plates changed or within a few hours are completely dismantled. But the police van is not lurking for the illegal Africans who rushed into the shadows. Too dangerous. “We don’t have bulletproof vests,” the driver says. “I say can’t say anything further, even though I know enough for you to easily fill four pages.” His partner nods: “I am risking my life every day. The money for the police is spent on bureaus, not to work in the field.”

“This is the new Beirut,” says Frederic Erens, member of Vlaams Belang. He points to the garages. “No tax inspector will go in here. The last one was twenty years ago and has never been seen again since.”


We walk through his old neighborhood in Brussels-West. The reason is the war situation in Brussels that began last week when a fugitive criminal, after a raid at a Lidl supermarket, was shot by pursuing officers. Followed by another raid on a money-exchange office. A police officer got three bullets in his leg. The weapons used were automatic Kalashnikovs, a notorious assault weapon. The 7.62 mm bullets easily pierce the light armored police cars. The former deputy did foresee this. “Last year four thousand rifles arrived from Chechnya. They start at €200 and can even be rented for €50 a day.” The influx of the murderous weapons has been leaked by the Brussels police leadership themselves. Justice Minister Stefaan De Clercq does not want to make announcements, because of the ongoing investigation.

The bazaar for the merchandise is, among other places, Kuregem, part of the Brussels district Anderlecht. The outdated and cheap housing in the impoverished neighborhood close to the city center acts as a magnet for fortune seekers from Eastern Europe and illegal aliens. Street Robberies are common. Criminals sabotage the street lighting so as to slip away easily into the darkness. Traffic lights in narrow streets are disabled. “The municipality did that themselves. Because motorists who stop at a traffic light at night will have their windows smashed and their passengers robbed.”


According to Erens there is also a political battle going on in the “quartiers chauds” [hot areas] of Brussels.” The riots often begin on Friday afternoons when the youth are incited in the mosques.” There are dozens, some of them illegal. And maybe we should view the submachine gun in the same way. In order to create chaos in the capital of Europe. And to stay with war terminology: The risk of collateral damage is great, because they are not professional criminals, but youth who shoot instantly from anxiety. Even the left-wing parties like Green and the Flemish Socialist SP.A argue for zero tolerance, with a fine for any violation. Erens can hardly suppress a grin. “We said that as long as twenty years ago. Brussels in the meantime is not a multicultural but a pluri-cultural society. It is them against us. The racism of foreigners against Europeans. They laugh at our legal system.”

An elderly Moroccan, “for twenty years a resident of Kuregem”, stops. He also has seen the neighborhood go down: “The youth, huh.” He does not want to talk further.
- - - - - - - - -
In the evenings heavy the heavy rain and potholes in the streets filled with melted snow make Kuregem even more depressing. Few dare to go out after sunset. In the dimly lit Tavern Pony Express on the Albert I Square, Rashid (29) looks searchingly at the visitor’s face. He is please to be able to tell about the side the finger is pointed at. “We are the victims. All problems stem from the police. The younger officers especially show no respect. At checkpoints they stand like cowboys in front of you with drawn gun.” That makes you become furious, he wants to add. In a corner behind a laptop some guests swear about the police force. “They are racists.” Of robberies and drug trafficking, which mainly the young Moroccans are blamed for, they know nothing about. Even though the Gondelsflats [Gondola Flats] that are notorious for robberies are just around the corner, and a school in the neighborhood closed its premises because of the robberies against its students.

The next day it is striking that shrubs sometimes grow in the roof gutters. A store advertises traditional Berber outfits, a long jalaba for €15. A black pulp on the pavement shows where plastic garbage bins once stood.

In the Flemish Renaissance town hall with beautiful stained glass windows, Mayor Gaëtan van Goidsenhoven makes a little time for an interview. The Walloon Liberal (36), likes to point at the glory days, when Anderlecht had major industrial sectors and cattle halls and attracted many traders. “Then the poor people came, and the government paid no attention to this area anymore,” the young mayor says, who holds sway over 80 nationalities, although there may be even more.

He can only confirm the seriousness of the situation. In November the police station under the town hall was fire-bombed to ashes. It is still closed down. In the evening the police only patrol in certain streets with two vans. “Criminals want to create a territory for their trade in drugs, stolen cars, and nowadays also weapons.” And that works nicely.

He estimates the number of criminals in central Kuregem, which has some 19,000 inhabitants, at a few dozen. But apart from them, 200 to 300 youngsters also cause serious inconvenience. Youth unemployment is 45 percent, but compulsory education creates problems in addition. “For minors who commit offenses, there is often no prosecution by the judiciary. The feeling of impunity is very strong.”

Kuregem is at crossroads, Van Goidsenhoven sates; the district will either disintegrate into a real ghetto, or it will find a future. “We have the potential, being so close to South Station and the European institutions.” He shows drawings with futuristic flats. “But we need more of a mix, now there is too much poverty, too many social problems and poor and old buildings.”

The pavement in front of the hall has, however, been renovated now.


Apuleius Platonicus said...

So it is fine to call Geert Wilders a Nazi and even compare him directly to Adolf Hitler -- but if Wilders compares Islam with Nazism this is a crime?

PatriotUSA said...

It is of note to see who is
called the bad guy in this article.
It is always the
fault of the authorities
for trying to do so,
who try and keep order,
peace and then are
villifeid on or
at any level for just
trying to do their job.

Rampant immigration maybe the
downfall of freedom if we are
not careful. It may already be
too late. Immigrants; it is
never their fault. We know that
is NOT the truth.

I will cross posot this to
Patriot's Corner as it fits
with Outlaw Mike's post on
the falling of France.

Fjordman said...

And remember, when the Vlaams Belang wanted to stage a peaceful demonstration against the Islamization of their country in the EU capital, the Belgian police and authorities brutally harassed the demonstrators after the Socialist Islamophile mayor of Brussels had banned the demo.

It has been confirmed in Britain what we "conspiracy nuts" have been saying for years, namely that the authorities have deliberately flooded the country with immigrants in order to break down the native population and culture. Former US President Bill Clinton has said publicly several times, both as President and later, that it is a good thing that whites will soon be a minority in the USA. Jens Orback, then a minister in the Social Democratic Swedish government, a few years ago said during a public radio debate that native Swedes will become a minority in their in country and apparently saw nothing wrong with this. Professor Thomas Hylland Eriksen of the University of Oslo, perhaps the leading Multicultural theorist in my country, has stated that the most important task is to deconstruct the majority population so thoroughly that it can never be called the majority again.

I am sure there are many similar quotes to be found in French, Dutch, German etc., and the EU has long-term plans to flood all of Europe with Muslim immigrants. When can we say that there is a deliberate plan to dismantle the white West, all white majority Western countries? How much evidence do we really need?

Ron Russell said...

So Beruit has come to Brussels thanks to liberal immigration policies fostered by left leaning governments. I often say, people get what they deserve, however many didn't support the irrational policies of the left and are forced to live with the reality that is present day Brussels. Maybe things with change, unless the tipping point has been reached.

Takuan Seiyo said...

Do not forget what's drilled into every (real) American: When guns are oulawed, only the criminals will have guns. Alas, (real) Belgians allowed themselves to be disarmed, either by Hitler or by his socialist heirs. Now they are prey to Chechen Kalashnikovs.

Afonso Henriques said...

Good post Baron.

I'd just talk about men like that old Moroccan. I was going to say how I feel sorry for men like him.
I was going to say how they are so often good decent men, but their grandchildren cause "cultural enrichment".

I'd give the Portuguese example, which is the most unfair. I'd talk about how we've passed from the ancient Iberian-Celtic-Roman-Germanic phase to our three "modern" phases:
War during Reconquista;
Empire from 1415 to 1974 (not mentioning the colonisation of the Madeira and Azores Islands, as well as the early possession and development of the Canary Islands, all well during the XIV century);
And Nation since 1974, heavily influenced by the entry in the E.U. in 1986.

I'd then say how the abrupt jump from empire to Nation has not yet been precieved, not even by the population, which harms not only us, but mostly the good, decent immigrant, who was once loyal to our empire.
I'd then tell horrific stories from Africa, of rape and death, but just look instead to South Africa.

And I feel deeply sorry for men like this Moroccan. The old, the ones who came here from a world that does not exist any longer.

And because I'm feeling like writting, I'd say that I am sorry if I look racist but the muslims here are few and, as a group, relativly well of(f).
Our cultural enrichment is mainly caused by Africans. Like the recent rape wave caused by a "mulatto" rapist who raped 5 late teen, early twenty girls in a middle class area of Lisbon. We only got to know him through a naughty newspaper, and a sleezy legalist who thought it was revealing. The media and the police did not revealed how he looked like, and it probabily gave him more liberty.

We ended up not knowing if he was a National or a foreinger, if he came from Africa or from Latin America, but due to the few second generation Latin Americans of that age, he was probabily from Africa.

I also would like to highlight how the young criminal focus in the "especially the young policemen are racist". I bet they exist. But you won't here a young policemen say, after holidays in the countryside "how well and quiet it was: No blacks, no gypsies..." just like the old policemen so often do and even more often think.
Because the young take them as granted. They're probabily less racist, but they're also probabily richer and more protected from minorities. It's an interesting dynamic.

By the way, I'm also growing tired of Romanian Gypsies. We have our own to Gypsies to handle allready for God's sake. In Southern Portugal (and Spain) we already have a very vibrant Gyspy community like the one of the Balklans, now we have to take in Gypies who speak a fricking Gypsy language to take over the area of Lisbon. Men, I've seen drug adicted Brazilian criminals, I've seen African gangs, I've even seen a Pakistani muslim crowd of about 15 angry men, but none of them make such a visual polution like the Balkanic Gypsies. I'm really growing trying of them.

I have to tell you that, as I am in college, I have difficulties in be against multiculturalism as the ethnic minorities are so... but I have to remind I'm dealing here with the elite, they have nothing to due with the average immigrant. From one who is overprotected from reality, it is impossible to think in this matters. I've written too much, I'll comeback with a little provocation to Fjordman.

Afonso Henriques said...

"I am sure there are many similar quotes to be found in French, Dutch, German etc"

Well, here is one of the Portuguese quotes that I try to remember. It was made by the famous Daniel de Oliveira from the radical anarchist party "Leftist Block" which is almost the third political force in the country, the third being the "rightist" CDS-PP, so far to the right that they even were against the legalisation of abortion, asked for a referendum on the homossexual marriage and, when in the last election they got 10% of the votes (including mine), their leader uttered his desire "To create, here and now, the first and only non Socialist major political party in Portugal ever since the revolution of 74". Daniel de Oliveira has a popular talk show in which he talks with 3 other far leftists. Luckily, it is only in pay per view and after midnight. Unfortunately, it is aired in the most prestigeous 24 hours Portuguse language news channel, owned by ex prime minister and one of the "barons" of the party that alternates in power with the hard Socialist one, the Bilderberger Pinto Balsemão.

Here are Daniel de Oliveira's words, in one of the most prestigeous Portuguese newspapers, also owned by Pinto de Balsemão:

"You sure can close the door for them (immigrants). They will enter through the window. Fortunately they will take over our cities, like the Portugues who wanted to live better took over Toronto, Johanesburg or Stutgard. And, if we were not so ridiculously arrogant, they would even took over and do something nice out of this aristocratic, failed and snob Europe. If we had learned with America, we would know that the future belongs to the best. And the best are the ones who immigrate. I hope they do not integrate into the National mediocraty. Let them come, as many as they can, and let them make this a country."

It also is interesting that this "man" has a blog called "Arrastão". He got that catchy name because he claims that the Arrastão of some years ago, when 500 African colonists went on to the beaches close to Lisbon to robb and beat people up, never existed. It was just racism due to an abnormal concentration of people with darker skin. See the video I present for yourself, to know what an Arrastão is. That video is in Portugal, Southwestern Europe. Not in Brazil or something.

PatriotUSA said...

Excellent example and commentary!
Most excellent. Thank you!

xlbrl said...

Milton Friedman put it succinctly. "It's just obvious you can't have open immigration and a welfare state at the same time."

You won't be getting the best, but the worst, and that's only the beginning.

Anonymous said...

I still can't forget that I was told by the consierge that I shouldn't go outside after sunset because I might get robbed or worse.

The social and cultural decay will just accelerate. Sadly, we don't have immigration, but we have gypsies and they're just the same. We have a neighborhood where taxis refuse to take you, where ticket checks on the mass transit are done with the police special forces... But again, we can thank the gypsies/Roma for that. At least they don't buy AK47s and cops still go there.

Fjordman, you forgot to mention that French immigration minister who said that there's no such thing as a French people, that France is a product of miscegeneation. There are others too, but they slip of my mind right now.

Afonso Henriques said...

I am glad to hear your words Patriot USA. It made me remember, don't know why, of the entire year I spent in middle 2000s reading this blog - which was much more dynamic by then, I must add - without the courage to comment because I thought I was not an equal to the great commentors and owners of this blog. Many times I was not. But still, for a while I started to comment because I as a reader felt that the view and comment of a unique commentater can be of great importance to any individual reader who for some reason never comments.

That's a great spirit, thank you for remembering me of that spirit and phase through your kind words.

A./ said...

And how long before both the "unemployed youngster" and the "racist cop" are Muslims? Greetings from Spain.