Saturday, February 20, 2010

Fjordman — The First Five Years

The Fjordman Report

The noted blogger Fjordman is filing this report via Gates of Vienna.
For a complete Fjordman blogography, see The Fjordman Files. There is also a multi-index listing here.

Five years ago today, on the 20th of February 2005, I made my first ever blog post under the name Fjordman. Back then Little Green Footballs was the leading blog in the movement and linked to my very first post as well as quite a few of my essays over the next couple of years. As most readers would know, things have changed substantially on that account since then, yet I am still here and doing fine while Charles Johnson’s LGF has become a universal joke. In some ways I guess that is sad, but Mr. Johnson made his choice and has to live with that.

In early 2006, a few weeks after I closed my old blog, I talked to Robert Spencer and was offered the opportunity to post at his website Jihad Watch. I told him that I might do so, but I intended to publish few essays in the future. It is an understatement to say that these plans were altered. How much material have I published during these years? I honestly have no idea, but the last time I checked I counted hundreds of thousands of words, and that was a long time ago. If I have to guess I would say that I have published at least half a million words online for free, and approaching one million. Since I sometimes write several posts about related subjects or quote some of my older posts the total amount of original material is somewhat less, but even after editing I have certainly published enough material for at least half a dozen to a dozen books of full length (60-80,000 words). So far only one book has been published on paper, Defeating Eurabia, but I am currently working on more titles.

When looking back I notice that I currently write about many more topics than I did when I started out in 2005. Back then I concentrated mainly on Islam and Islamic Jihad. This still constitutes a significant part of my writings and will continue to do so as long as I publish essays online. The reason why I write about more subjects today is that I have come to realize that Islam is a secondary infection. Are Islamic teachings inherently violent? Yes. Can Islam be reformed? No. Can Islam be reconciled with our way of life? No. Is there such as thing as a moderate Islam? No. Can we continue to allow Muslims to settle in our countries? No.

These few sentences contain all the information about Islam that you will ever need to know. It is still useful to know more about the way your enemy thinks and how to exploit his weak points, yet there is no point in spending too much time on studying the failed Islamic culture.
- - - - - - - - -
Our culture did many things right, but has gone horribly wrong along the way. The interesting question here is not what is wrong with Islam since Islam has always been wrong. The interesting question is what is wrong with us. Consequently, I devote more time to explore this subject. This is why I write essays about historical subjects, even beer. First of all I want to celebrate what our civilization has achieved and reclaim our history. Second, I want to take a closer look at our history to analyze exactly where and when things went so wrong. I hope to publish two books, one each on these two subjects, within the next couple of years. These will contain a little bit about Islam but it will be a secondary subject in them, as it should be.

Things don’t always go as planned, but sometimes the way they turn out can be better than you had originally envisioned. I liked the Gates of Vienna when I had my own blog. This is why I accepted an invitation to publish here as a guest blogger, in addition to The Brussels Journal and other websites. Yet I honestly didn’t predict that GoV would turn out to be one of the most important websites on the entire Internet for my line of work, but it has. I guess it was a very lucky accident, although religious people will probably give another explanation and claim that it was fate. And maybe they are right for all I know.

The Baron has called GoV a “group effort”. In a sense that’s true, but the only reason why others desire to publish here is because the Baron and Dymphna have made such an excellent blog. I want to thank them for that. I know I speak for others, too, if I express the hope that they will continue blogging, although none of us will ever get rich from doing this. I should also thank the Dutch blogger Klein Verzet for helping to make my essays available in a user-friendly way with the Fjordman files.


Sol Ta Triane said...

Thanks Fjordman, thanks Baron and Dymphna for your standout work for these years. That's a hell of a lot of work you all did.
Everybody else, please visit the tip cup on the left and help support these guys.

Profitsbeard said...

Like Fjordman, my assessment of Islam over the past several years of writing about it online has been boiled down (by boiling over its transgressions, aggressions, crudities, inhumanities, stupidities, cupidities and core Koranic madness) to one concern: Islam's declared aim.

Which is: a global totalitarian, theocratic tyranny based on "holy" Terrror.

Everything else is mere commentary, and ultimately irrelevant to fighting Islamic Imperialism and defeating its unconscionable and laughable and maniacal plans for this world.

You do not argue rationally with the irrational.

You note their absurdity and intolerance and viciousness and battle against these things, and those who promote them, with reason, creativity, and an indomitable will.

Nothing else works in stopping militant madness.

You mock their dogmatic follies and superstitious idiocies and ruthless brutalities while demonstrating the superiority of human decency and liberty and honor over the retrograde cruelties of this Bronze Age Death Cult.

If the aim of Islam is evil, everything else about it is meaningless.

Kufic script aesthetics, geometric tile achievements, mytho-historical "Golden Age" claims, architectural ingenuities, poetic curlicues... all meaningless ... as long as their thrust is toward a planetary concentration camp run by insane ayatollahs and homicidal mullahs.

The Nazis had sharp uniforms, nifty dive bomber stylings and a much more rational soldier's helmet design than the more-haphazardly outfitted allies, but it was all in service of sheer psychopathia.

Which rendered it minus meaning.

I care nothing about Islam except its defeat.

The rest will make interesting museums arcana, once this bloody Mohammedan assault on humanity is sent into well-deserved oblivion.

Arius said...

Fjordman, your work has been an inspiration for me and many others.

Fjordman said...

Arius: Thank you for that. I do wonder sometimes about whether or not there is any point in doing this line of work, but some people seem to like it and others want to chase me off the Internet, so my articles must be having some effect....

You New: Yes, do donate some money to B and D. All of us here are idealists, but even idealists need to eat, at least occasionally.

In Hoc Signo Vinces† said...


Have followed the counterjihad for a good few years now, though the waters may appear stagnant the underlying current is gaining momentum this is now almost tangible in the U.K. that momentum has accelerated markedly particularly over the last few months, but there is still a long, long way to go before the war is won and it is a war.

Anonymous said...

Fjordman, I'd like to thank you for your first blog. Reading it opened my mind to the world - I wrote this before. I stumbled upon your blog in one of the darkest periods in my life and the learning process I went through since then sort of gave me a meaning. It's funny because I went through a similar process as you did, from Islam to economics and politics and then I realized that the problems we face aren't things to be solved inside the box, but they're problems created by the foundation of the box - our "civilizational" mindset and that the whole ethic and cultural thinking we have is rotten. Now though, I think I will start to refrain myself from commenting as much and go back to the drawing board and look deeper into things and read more. We have a saying in my country: You were given two ears and a single mouth so that you will listen twice as much as you shall speak. Or along the same lines who speaks is seeding, while who listens is harvesting.

Also, I will need to get a new name for my online things because if someone is smart, they can trace this one to my real identity and that isn't really safe, considering certain things that I might say. lol. I guess it was some youth stupidity on my part.

Anyway, thanks to you, Baron, Dymphna and a lot of others who do a great job about it and provided me with inspiration. And there's a point in doing this and that is to inspire me. :P

HolgerSvensken said...

Fjordman, my family is both from Sweden and Denmark, and I had heard my mother (she is the Danish side) talking about all of the problems muslims were causing in Copenhagen, but I never thought much of it (she said "I'm glad they haven't polluted Lolland yet"). My first quarter in college led me to look for as many controversial topics as I could find, when I came across your blog 'Muslim Rape Wave in Sweden'. When I read it I was livid, and from then on I've been writing papers in my classes on the Islamic incursion, reading the Gates of Vienna, and educating as many people on the topic as possible. You have opened my eyes and countless others to the current and coming struggle that is bound to unfold. Thank you Fjordman, Baron, and Dymphna for preparing us to defend our freedom. I hope to be informed for many years to come, and can't wait to celebrate a well earned victory (Jehovah willing).

AMDG said...

Happy birthday, Fjordman.

I do not remember when I started reading you. But I remember when you announced you would discontinue keeping your blog.

Fortunately, you have continued writing. As you know I do not miss your essays, which I collect and then print to enjoy reading them on paper.

Keep on. We need your commitment.


Anonymous said...

I remember that I started reading Fjordman writings with the "rape Epidemics" and from there until today I always found him informative, intelligent, rational and well articulate. He made me think to things I never considered important or reconsider them under a new light.
I really hope he is able and willing to continue to write, because I will like to continue to read his works.

Paul said...

Since you mentioned Charles over at LGF, I was moved to pay a visit and see what's up over there. Oh my...

I knew Charles had let his standards down, but I had no idea that he is, in fact, an outright fringe lefty. He's a global warming hoax true believer. I thought he was supposed to technically sophisticated. Can't be that sophisticated to buy into the global warming hoax, especially now that the fraud is exposed.

Charles is a true believer. But in what?

costin said...

GoV, right now, it's the most important place for me on the whole internet.

comelook said...

If you want to identify what is wrong with modern western political culture then you need to contemplate the insight offered by this adaptation of a third reich bunkerscene...This plot was reenacted recently by the ruling Dutch Coalition with the Capitulation in Uruzgan and subsequent fall of the Coalition. By merely changing one or two words (from the original dialogue) here and there the scene plays out (though somewhat melodramatically) without a hint of Surrealness or Irony.
Now why should that be?
De Val van Balkenende

Lauren Jensen said...

As an American of Scandinavian descent, I have appreciated Fjordman's reports on the state of Sweden and Denmark. It saddens me to see what the outcome of the Muslim invasion has been in my beloved mother countries. My mother's family is entirely Swedish and my father's is Norwegian and Danish and I am proud of my heritage. But, as an American, I am appalled by how the governments of those countries have allowed these Muslims to perpetrate violence upon their citizens, especially women. At least in the US, we have an informed and vigilant citizenry who are actively doing what we can to keep that from happening here. Keep up the great scholarship, Fjordman and I'll follow your work wherever you go.

Anonymous said...

Lauren, do white Americans get informed about the way higher rates of murder and rape of blacks? I mean, you said you have an informed citizenry.

Baron Bodissey said...

Rebellious --

You mean "by" blacks.

And I can answer the question for you: No, we are not informed about that. The information is available, but you have to dig through data at the local levels. And anyone who does so tends to be demonized as a racist.

It is something which basically is not discussed except by fringe people like white nationalists, or the actual racists.

Anonymous said...

Baron, yes, I mean by blacks and it was a rhetoric question in order to show Lauren that the US citizenry is an uninformed public, not an informed one. :)

urah2222 said...

#2 Profit'sbeard -

I heartily agree - my prayer is to live to see that Bassackward Totalitarian System masquerading as a religion - a/k/a "ISLAM" consigned to the same dustbin of history as the worship of ZEUS! In fact compared to MUhammad and his "Allah"- ZEUS was mild by comparison.