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Islam Explained for Those Who Do Not Read the Koran

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The French Counterjihad site Truth, Values, and Democracy (Vérité Valeurs et Démocratie) has posted an excellent short guide designed to help people who are otherwise unfamiliar with Islam understand Muslim practices and priorities. Gandalf has kindly translated the article into English for us.

Update: This article was actually written by Gandalf, and translated by L’échappée belle. Also, a minor change of wording in the translation has been made, at the request of the author. Sorry for the mix-up:

Islam explained for those who do not read the Koran

Islam is not as complicated as they would have you believe.

You have the Koran: a hodgepodge written by unknown men under poorly understood conditions. But this doesn’t matter, because even Muslims don’t really care about the Koran’s historical origins. Only its current contents have importance in their eyes.

You have a prophet: Muhammad, whose deeds are known thanks to the following texts:

  • The Sira, which is a biography of Muhammad
  • The Hadith, which are records of oral testimony about the acts and words of Muhammad

From these basics, the Islamic doctrine is simple:

  • To establish an Islamic society arranged by the rules contained in the Koran and in the words of the Prophet, which are grouped under the name “Sharia”.
  • To faithfully imitate the conduct of Muhammad, who is the archetype of the perfect Muslim.

That’s all you need to understand Islam.

What is a “Muslim”?

A Muslim (“one who submits” in Arabic) is one who accepts and seeks to conform to the rules of Sharia and tries to imitate Muhammad. If you do not fall into this category, you are a “kafir”.

What is a “kafir”?
- - - - - - - - -
A kafir is not equal to a Muslim. He is an inferior, despicable and impure, cursed by the god of the Muslims and destined to burn in hell.

What does it mean to imitate Muhammad?

To eradicate the kuffar (plural of kafir), to destroy their cultures and their societies in order to erect in their place an Islamic society ruled by Sharia.

The example of Muhammad shows that all methods are possible: proselytism, threats, rape, torture, pillage, trickery, and/or murder. No tactic is better than another and all are fair game depending on conditions. The goal is the same: the disappearance of the kuffar.

Islam is thus a process working towards the elimination of the kuffar and the destruction of their societies in order to install a universal Islamic civilization.

The ostensible complexity of Islam is simply due to the different interpretations as to how to achieve this goal, but they all involve the disappearance of the kuffar at some stage…without exception.

That’s it. As you can see, Islam is not complicated at all.

If you want to know the details, you can always read the Koran, the Sira, and the Hadith.

“But that cannot be the whole story,” you will object. “My Muslim friends and neighbors are perfectly respectable and pleasant!”

Indeed, outside the context of Islam, they are human beings like anyone else, neither better nor worse. But this does not change the fact that when they act as Muslims, even in a courteous and friendly manner, they are participating in a system that is working toward your extermination and the destruction of your society.

People are not the problem here; the source of the problem is the Islamic ideology that demands the extermination of kuffar like you.

Finally, there is only one really useful thing to know about Islam:

A kafir can expect nothing good from Islam, absolutely nothing.


PatriotUSA said...

To think I could have spared myself the pain and agony of reading the Koran. Darn it! This is very useful and I have cross posted this with a thanks to G of V with links back to here. The last line states it best:

A kafir can expect nothing good from Islam, absolutely nothing.


Cudoine said...

Instead of the total extermination of the Kaffar, Kafir being recognized as one of the sharia's and a muslim's goals, it is more accurate to say the principle is more loike the utter destruction of the state of kaffir, or whatever the arabic sense of it is. Unbelief must be destroyed as any kind of power in a society that is governed by islamic law. Your wording suggests that non-muslims must be killed to the last, some are expected to be converted.

filthykafir said...

From all my reading about Islam, this explanation, brilliant in its brevity, sums up the entire ideology and aim of devout Muslims. I am truly impressed with the folks at VV&D.

Thank you Gandalf and GoV; and please, more.

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

They need slaves to do the hard labor for them so all kuffar will not be exterminated. But aside from that small little detail this article summed up the goal of islam perfectly. After all, if the only options are converting or become dhimmified, then death does not seem as auch a bad deal after all.

Anonymous said...
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nb said...

very well writen summury.


Re Egghead's comment.

The link to the Coughlin paper does not seem to work.

But this one does:
Coughlin_ExtremistJihad.pdf 2.37MB

(with appendices)
Stephen Collins Coughlin Major, Military Intelligence, USAR
NDIC Class 2007
Unclassified thesis submitted to the faculty of the National Defense Intelligence College in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the degree of
Master of Science of Strategic Intelligence
July 2007
- - - - -
also interesting:

Strategy-Twenty-Year Plam Islam Targets America

Anonymous said...

This was so succint, it's perfect.

Zenster said...

A kafir can expect nothing good from Islam, absolutely nothing.

An equally important corollary:


By its sheer existence, Islam is detrimental to all other cultures and beliefs. Islam loots them as it is able or permitted to and feeds solely upon their destruction.


Ignore this at your own peril.

Cudoine: Your wording suggests that non-muslims must be killed to the last, some are expected to be converted.

If they convert then they are no longer "non-muslims". One needs merely to examine the current state and vitality of dhimmi populations within existing Muslim majority nations to gain an idea of how doomed they are to eventual conversion or extermination.


ChrisLA said...

Anyone familiar with the Bible will see the Quran as a counterfeit "sacred text" the minute he or she begins reading it. It is not about faith, but rather about coercion and control. It is not about a loving God, but rather a scheming, vengeance-driven God who hates more than he loves. I encourage all non-Muslims to get a copy of the Quran and read it. Nothing would be more informative.

. said...

For another short (though not as short), but completely contradictory view of the fundamentals of Islam, read this book.

Read the book, and not just Robert Spencer's smears of Armstrong, and come to your own independent conclusion.

Anonymous said...

Muslims have traditionally lived as a rentier class on the backs of their working slave masses.

It was only when the west became strong enough to stop them from taking and holding slaves that their economies fell into disrepair.

To this day slavery is still going on in the ummah despite being nominally outlawed.

Really bizarre that the lefties so fawns over them instead of the oppressed. It's a testament to the muslim propaganda machine that they have been able to cast themselves as oppressed victims.

Baron Bodissey said...

Egghead --

Please don't paste long URLs into the comments; they make the post page too wide and mess up the appearance of the permalink page.

Use link tags; the instructions are at the top of the full post's comment section.


Egghead said

Egghead said...
Great summary, BUT abrogation and slander are also very important tenets of Islam.

Abrogation: Often, Muslims will trot out the few peaceful verses from the Koran to show the infidel that Islam really is a religion of peace. However, Muslims uniformly believe in abrogation which means that Muhammad's later revelations overrule any earlier revelations including any of his own as well as those of Moses and Jesus. Guess what? Muhammad's later revelations give Muslims free reign to slaughter and enslave the infidel.

Slander: In Islam, slander is any communication that fails to further the cause of Islam. Thus, when Geert Wilders quotes Islam to its detriment, Wilders is committing Islamic slander.

In contrast, a radical imam can quote Islam with impunity because the imam intends to further the cause of Islam.

Of course, the cause of Islam is the creation of a worldwide caliphate. One world under Islam.

Stephen Coughlin's presentation below is also quite fabulous to explain Islam. Page 207-208 defines Islamic slander.


Anonymous said...

About that slavery, here's a link to a comprehensive site about it.

Slavery in islam

Gandalf said...

To the acute readers who remarked that "extermination" wasn't exact.

My apologies, this is absolutely true, my french word was "disparition" = "disappearance" in English and not "extermination". My bad.

It's now corrected in the text.

Disappearance include the conversion process in addition to the killing of the kouffar.

If I didn't mentionned the dhimmis it's because dhimmitude is only a transitory state, dhimmis are kouffar and as such are to "disappear" too.
True islamic society is muslim only.


Profitsbeard said...

More succinctly:

Islam is a Death Cult.

Meaning: if you try to leave, they kill you.

All the rest is mere historical commentary.


The goal of Islam is evil: a global gulag.

Nothing, with such an aim, has anything else to recommend it to anyone with any sense, decency or humanity.

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

I wonder where they aregoing to get their laborers once they have achieved their global ummah. Who's gonna work for them once there is no more kuffar on earth? Probably they are going to find loopholes on how to enslave their own brethren. A fair guess is that anyone in the muslim pyramid below the arabs will do, especially the blacks who seem to be among the lowest among the muslim ummah.

Jesterhead45 said...


Well, they'll probably enslave fellow muslims first by sect, then by race (via a racial caste system) and once islam becomes racially homogeneous, they'll go on to enslave each other for petty differences until humanity is driven to extinction by inbreeding, tribal warfare and existential boredom with nothing left to conquer.

Personally, I believe that more should be written on islam's vision for humanity & its logical conclusion (in all its gruesome detail), even if it is unpleasant to think about.

Anonymous said...

Gordon, I laughed out loud reading the comments on Karen "Dhimmi" Armstrong book. Some of the parts of the comments in the 1 star category are brilliant.

Robin, you have to realize that Muhammed was a pretty thick individual. He didn't really think it through. Like the virgins thing. Where do they come from? I mean, since European women slut it up and go to hell and so on, the only virgin women that could be in heaven are Muslim. This means that along with them, they'll get the father of these girls to look over them and check that they don't do squat. :P No lustful dhimmi women for you!