Monday, October 19, 2009

Vlaams Belang to the EU: Stop the Rocket Attacks from Gaza

In an unusual twist, a Vlaams Belang politician has filed a complaint with the European Union over its failure to protect European citizens from rocket attacks originating in Gaza.

Our Flemish correspondent VH has translated a report from Het Laatste Nieuws:

Hugo Coveliers [Vlaams Belang] has lodged a complaint against the EU for failing to protect citizens against missiles from Gaza

Vlaams Belang Senator Hugo Coveliers, together with his son Roel Coveliers and an Israeli lawyer, have lodged a complaint with the European Commission on behalf of 15 EU citizens who are living in Israel. The EU failed to sufficiently protect its citizens against Qassam rockets from Gaza.

Israeli towns near Gaza

The citizens have British, French, Italian, and Hungarian nationality and reside in Israeli towns in the vicinity of Gaza, which are regularly bombarded with Qassam rockets from the Gaza Strip.

In the complaint they filed with the European Commission, the citizens ask the European Union to act against the financing of terrorism in Gaza and protect EU citizens against terrorists when they reside in Israel.

The complaint has been forwarded to the Department of Foreign Relations of the European Commission.

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Zenster said...

This is an excellent example of hoisting the EU by its own petard. Through their financing of Palestinian jihad against Israel, the EU violates the protection of its own citizens residing abroad.

Its long past tea to begin connecting the dots about how any aid, support or disaster relief to Muslims will always be turned against non-Muslims.

The EU needs to have its nose rubbed in this very publicly at every opportunity and, much as with Islam's pestilential lawfare, the counter-jihad must begin to torture these elitist multicultural twits with their own legal system whenever the chance presents itself.

Anonymous said...

B...b...but... I thought Vlaams Belang was Nazi ?

In Hoc Signo Vinces† said...

A bit wary of this action as it could set a precedent that is used against the Allies, with all those tourists of extremism and their sympathisers holding EU passports.

Zenster said...

4Symbols: A bit wary of this action as it could set a precedent that is used against the Allies, with all those tourists of extremism and their sympathisers holding EU passports.

Save the fact that Muslim countries are not sending BILLIONS of dollars in aid to European nations, while the EU is one of the most prominent funders of Palestinian jihad.

Plus, while a European may sue the EU for its malpractice, it is far less likely that those from the MME (Muslim Middle East) will obtain anywhere near the same sort of legal traction.

The Oil Card™ is all that the MME has ever had to play. The EU needs to build its petroleum reserves and then cheerfully invite a boycott by the MME just to watch OPEC cave like the house of cards that it is.

While the reality is quite different in terms of how amicable the EU is with its declared enemies, the time is now to begin making Europe's corrupt political elite swallow a dose of their own bureaucratic medicine. The counter-jihad must familiarize itself with all the tools currently being used by its opponent. Otherwise any prospects for survival will only diminish that much more.

Islam is far too adept at weaponizing Western values for those of us in the West to ignore how vital it is that we begin to strengthen our own legal hand. We are already playing catch-up in a life-or-death race and falling any further behind is not an option.

Anonymous said...

They sure do make odd fascists over there in Europe.

laine said...

A very creative initiative that at the very least may connect the dots between European billions to Palestinians and the rockets they buy with them blowing the cover of the humanitarian fig leaf that covers this ongoing obscene anti-Israel transaction.