Tuesday, October 20, 2009

For All Your Socialist Needs

I was looking around the web for historical information about Felix Dzerzhinsky, the founder of the Cheka (the predecessor of the KGB), and I happened to see this Google ad:

Communism Ad

In case you’re interested, the link leads here. It’s probably a great place to do all your Bolshevik-themed shopping for the non-denominational ecumenical winter solstice holiday. OGPU T-shirts, Che Guevara chocolate assortments, gulag coffee mugs, 5-year plan calendars…

[Post ends here, comrades]


laine said...

The ism that killed and oppressed more victims than nazism by a factor of over ten is treated like some cuddly teddy bear.

To understand the moral imbecility, one need only flip the record to imagine how well sales of nazi paraphernalia and openly unrepentant nazi professors in our universities would go over with a public that smiles tolerantly at Mao T-shirts i.e. greatest mass murderer of all time T-shirts.

The Left's greatest coup was a one two-punch. It put one of its blots, the socialism of nazism on the right side of the ledger simply on the basis that the two poisonous leftisms had a falling out between thieves (and the pretense was that they were opposed ideologies instead of opposed crime families). Then the Left managed to erase its second blot almost entirely from the history books and contemporary understanding including the ignoramus in the White House.

And so after breaking over a hundred million eggs in the past century, the Left is posed for a third shot at imposing its will and "utopia" on the world. Third time's the charm? Are you feeling lucky?

Henrik R Clausen said...

Socialism? No decent human needs socialism.

Socialism is an evil ideology created for the benefit of an incompetent elite, to justify their exploitation of the working and entrepeneur classes.