Thursday, October 15, 2009

Anita: Done

Anita Dunn is the White House director of communications, a.k.a. Obama’s press spokescreature. The Washington media establishment (surprise!) fawns over her. And why not? She is one of them.

Which may be a little discomfiting to them now, given that she has publicly revealed her affection for the Chinese “philosopher” who made a long march through seventy million of his comrades.

Everyone has probably seen this video by now, but I feel compelled to post it anyway. We’ll let Glenn Beck handle Ms. Anita Dunn:

For a little more background on the White House flak-catcher, check out NewsBusters. Ms. Dunn does not conceal her loathing for FOX News, and Neil Cavuto comes right back at her with “Let’s Pretend You Work for the President and Not Some Left-wing Blog”.

As Noel Sheppard says:
- - - - - - - - -
If White House communications director Anita Dunn thought she was going to get away with attacking the Fox News Channel without a response from the objects of her disaffection, she was sadly mistaken:

“Is that Anita Dunn?”

“Yep. You can stick a fork in her.”

UPDATE (from Dymphna)

Michelle Malkin puts Ms. Done in the line-up with the other corrupt cronies in the White House.

And a new poll:

In what may be the ultimate job rating, 43 percent of voters say that they would vote to re-elect President Obama if the 2012 election were held today…


Despite winning the Nobel Peace Prize last Friday, the latest Fox News poll finds the president’s ratings on foreign issues are lower than his overall job ratings. All in all, 49 percent of Americans say they approve of the job President Obama is doing and 45 percent disapprove…

Fox says “despite winning the Nobel” but it may be the case that the numbers are sinking precisely because he did win that award. This Pyrrhic Prize is going to keep biting him, no matter which way he turns. There are some things even Rham Emanuel can't fix, and one of them is the feeling of the American electorate that they've been pwned by a foreign government.

By the way, Rasmussen has had negative numbers on Obama’s approval rating for quite some time. The Nobel brought him “up” to -3, but he slid back again to -8. For a while his numbers were double digit negative. Thus -8 is an improvement.

Rasmussen limits its poll-taking to likely voters only. Because of this, the Left says Rasmussen is more negative than necessary. They make this claim with a straight face, in spite of all the voter registration ACORN did for the Democrats.

Hat tip: Pundita.


Cato said...

Chris Wallace of FoxNews Sunday is a fine example of the kind of reporter the MSM needs: one of the reasons why viewership is down for ABC, NBC, and CBS is their editing of "inconvenient" news and their pushing of phony stories or stories that are worthless.

For example: The Washington Times carried a story on how BIG BRObama is getting ready to sell military technology to China:


An excerpt:

President Obama recently shifted authority for approving sales to China of missile and space technology from the White House to the Commerce Department — a move critics say will loosen export controls and potentially benefit Chinese missile development.

The president issued a little-noticed “presidential determination” Sept. 29 that delegated authority for determining whether missile and space exports should be approved for China to Commerce Secretary Gary Locke…

In the last two weeks Putin’s Doctrine has been announced to the embarrassment of NObama and his Clintonized State Department, except they are so a. stupid b. ideologized c. a and b that they do not know they should be embarrassed.

Iranian theocrats, after they get done laughing, are free to continue their plans for Israel’s destruction: whichever way that turns out, the U.S. will suffer.

And now for the apparent reason that the anti-American ideology of BIG BRObama insists on the end of American power and on the dismantling of defenses and on the sharing of military technology to take away any advantage we have over murderous slave regimes like China, we now have this “little-noticed” decision to circumvent Congress.

Why is it “little-noticed”? This and the ramifications of every other dim-witted decision recently should be trumpeted from every remaining newspaper and every TV and radio station. But no: the MSM believes in everything from NObama. There are no reports of tragedy because there is no tragedy.

costin said...

the explanation for all this.

I'm sure you know it. people need to see this documentary, as many as possible

Orlando said...

THAT piece of refuse is going to "re-educate" moi? Molon labe.

laine said...

Leftists are willing to let their idols "break a lot of eggs" to create their "Utopia". What's 70 million dead to bring communist nirvana to 700 million?..well actually, that means killing one out of every 10 people in Mao's China.

Imagine that in your own country. Would you revere the President who did that? Well, the President's close aide and director of communications reveres the Chairman who did it...

spackle said...

Just something I noticed from watching the video of this woman. What is with her mouth? She looks like she is chewing her cud. I have noticed people who exhibit this same type of behavior tend to have dry mouth because they are on "mood-elevators" or other drugs for "Mental Issues". It could be something else but still makes you wonder?

Dymphna said...


Yes, we noticed it, too, as did an email correspondent.

Her problem is partially covered by whatever she's standing in back of. I don't think the audience could see it.

Anti-depressant medications can do that but people who take them usually use a mint or something to take care of their dry mouth when they have to give a speech. They also sip on water.

Watching her tongue dart around like that is distracting, one begins to wait for the flick. Like watching a reptile...kind of fitting.

spackle said...


Maybe like Obama she saw a fly and wanted to one up him? Seriously though, I would love to know if she indeed has some hidden psych issues? Because if that isnt due to Med's or salivary gland issues she must at least have some kind of OCD.

Inalienable Rights said...

If you get past the Mao worship and leftism, and actually hear the point she is making, it's really a striking denunciation of collectivism and statism, and a robust endorsement of freedom and individualism. These are her words (edited for brevity): "here's the deal, these are your choices, they are no one else's. [ . . . ] you don't have to follow other people's choices and paths. It is about your choices and your paths. You fight your own war. You lay out your own paths. You figure out what's right for you."

Is it intellectual dishonesty that libs can spout this while trying to take over control of our lives? Do they not realize what they are saying? Or is the underlying message actually "you find your own creative way to implement socialism"? Is the freedom of choice strictly one of methods, not goals or values?

An enigmatic conundrum indeed.

Orlando said...

It is a mixture of insanity, psychosis, naivety, stupidity, and most of all: evil.

These people are evil make no mistake about it. They will accept the deaths of millions, and would openly call for it were they a little more stupid.

The green movement is not about alternative energy, but about killing off humans. Same goes for Malthusians, Global warming types, Eugenicists, etc.

All leftists.

Chechar said...

@ It is a mixture of insanity, psychosis, naivety, stupidity, and most of all: evil --Orlando

Yeap! I watched the video and this is why I disagree with both Bat Ye'or and Fjordman in their view of Eurabia as a fully conscious process. In the Quetzalcoatl book that I’m publishing here at GoV (the next very brief chapter will probably appear this weekend) I am trying to show that the whole process is, besides a mixture of insanity, psychosis, naivety, stupidity and evil, mostly unconscious.

For those who can read Spanish, let me say that in one of my blogs I am writing a psychobiography about a leftist woman that abhors the counter-Jihad movement, including GoV. She learned about GoV while listening to me talking over the phone to Conservative Swede this August in Spain.

I still have to write more about her: an exquisite psychoanalysis. Fascinating stuff. It demonstrates that at least one case of anti-West hatred is clearly due to unprocessed childhood pain (i.e., pathologically displaced hate to the culture that didn’t listen to her as a child). If GoV-ers find psycho-biographies interesting, after the Quetzalcoatl book I may translate those blog entries to English.

But are you really interested…?

Homophobic Horse said...

I'm interested in reading it.

Sol Ta Triane said...

Me too. Let's see it, Chechar.

Anonymous said...

There is a commentator "Mousey Tongue" at The People's Cube.

Félicie said...

Chechar: "If GoV-ers find psycho-biographies interesting, after the Quetzalcoatl book I may translate those blog entries to English."

I find the psychoanalytic approach to the problem of leftism fascinating. Please do publish your analysis.

Félicie said...

P.S. Doesn't everyone have unprocessed childhood pain? How is it different for liberals?

Chechar said...

Yes: according to Colin Ross (cf. my first chapter of Quetzalcoatl) all of us have an insecure attachment since nobody has had perfect parents. But I believe that people like Anita have the problem of the attachment to the perp to a greater degree, and they displace it to their traditional culture, which they want to destroy.

This may be off-topic however. After the next psychological Quetzalcoatl chapter there is an altogether different section on the Aztecs, and then another long section consisting, again, of seven more chapters… Should I translate first my "The hysterias of a leftist woman"?

Anonymous said...

It looks like she has a tic disorder called Tardive Diskinesia. It's a common side effect of anti-psychotic medications.

Félicie said...

Chechar: "Should I translate first my "The hysterias of a leftist woman"?"

I personally would be very eager to hear the argument. I am interested in the subject of masochism and am currently writing on it. But it's up to you, of course, how you assign your priorities.

Chechar said...

OK: in order not to bother the Baron who has kindly reviewed my English syntax of the “Quetzalcoatl” series, I could start translating my “Hysteria” series in my own English blog. I will let you know when I finish the Spanish series and start the translation (alternatively, you may click on the Followers gadget at the bottom of my blog to receive automatic e-mail notifications of new incoming entries).


César (a.k.a. “Chechar”)

Chechar said...

Hi again Félicie et al,

I have now published a long entry in my blog. I am about to finish the “Hysteric Leftist” series, but the one published is about an American, Andrew Solomon. I believe these sorts of psychoanalyses are important to understand Western self-hatred and the suicide of our beloved culture. In a nutshell, historians’ analyses are hemiplegic: they approach Islamization only with the brain’s left hemisphere. We got to use the right one: emotions…

Enjoy it!

Zenster said...

Chechar: ... I am writing a psychobiography about a leftist woman that abhors the counter-Jihad movement, including GoV.

Homophobic Horse: I'm interested in reading it.

You New: Me too. Let's see it, Chechar.

For the curious, here is a link to Chechar's piece:

Why [do] so many Westerners hate the West?

I tend to concur with much of what is put forth in Chechar's article with respect to self-loathing and hatred for the West by Westerners being a byproduct of unprocessed childhood rage over parental abuse.

Lloyd deMause's relatively brief work, "The Childhood Origins of the Holocaust", makes a substantial case for this causal structure.