Saturday, October 17, 2009

Anjem Choudary Calls Britain to Sharia

This video, presumably produced by Islam4UK, is an invitation to all Britons to accept the authority of Allah as expressed in his divine law, the Sharia. In it Anjem Choudary talks bout the March for Sharia in London, which will take place on October 31st. Participants will call on the House of Commons, Downing Street, and Trafalgar Square.

Britain: come home to Allah!

The full text of the YouTube information accompanying the video is below the jump.
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In light of all this, Islam4UK would like to declare the launch of a spectacular procession that will take place on 31st October 2009.

We hereby request all Muslims in the United Kingdom, in Manchester, Leeds, Cardiff, Glasgow and all other places to join us and collectively declare that as submitters to Almighty Allah (SWT), we have had enough of democracy and man-made law and the depravity of the British culture. On this day we will call for a complete upheaval of the British ruling system its members and legislature, and demand the full implementation of Shari’ah in Britain.

Where will the procession take place?

First Stop: House of Commons

The primary source of polytheistic legislation in Britain, the House of Commons is at the centre of Britain’s oppressive law making policies; from here fallible men and women decide what should be legal and illegal. It is from this very place where the lives of millions of people in the UK are changed and it is from here where unjust wars are launched.

Islam4UK stewards and guides will be at hand to direct all attendees to the centre of the congregation from where the March for Shari’ah will officially commence.

Second Stop: 10 Downing Street

Almost 300 years old, 10 Downing Street is the official residence of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Gordon Brown, the current Prime Minister, is one of the chief figures in making laws and regulating the affairs of society. In the last few years, he has undoubtedly brought Britain down to an all new low and appears to be truly blind to the damaging impact of his oppressive bureaucracy.

After demanding the abolishment of the House of Commons Muslims will then march to 10 Downing Street, and call for the removal of the tyrant Gordon Brown from power.

Third Stop: Trafalgar Square

A site of significant historical value, Muslims will gather even more support from tourists and members of the public, making clear in the heart of London the need for Shari’ah in society.

It will be here where the march will culminate and finish and we hope that with the help of Allah (SWT) it will be very successful.

Come And Join Us!

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El said...

oh my word. it'll be successful alright. of that you can be sure.

James Higham said...

Baron, did you have to rub it in? We're still getting over Vaclav Strauss's cave-in.

In Hoc Signo Vinces† said...

Daily Express 17.10.09 -

Ann Widdecombe (Conservative MP), said: “You cannot have two legal systems side by side ..."

Philip Davies (Conservative MP), said: “The simple solution is for these people to move to a country which already has sharia law.”

Have they been asleep on their watch or is this indicative of the contempt they have for the British people, there are already 85 sharia courts constituted in the U.K.

WAKE UP said...