Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Growing Influence of Political Islam in France

I posted a couple of weeks ago about the emergence in France of a new group called Truth, Values, and Democracy (Vérité Valeurs et Démocratie) whose mission is to force the French political establishment to confront the danger posed to the Republic by Islamization.

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A follow-up interview with VV&D was recently published at Bivouac-ID, and has also been translated by l’échappée belle:

Bivouac-ID: Ten days after the publication of the article on our site, in which you described to our readers your plan of action to counteract the effects of the growing influence of political Islam in France (link), you have kindly returned to present your first public action. Tell us about it.

VV&D: I must first of all thank everyone for the avalanche of messages of solidarity and encouragement, and for the offers of assistance coming from all over France and abroad. We expected that our ideas were shared by many, but to see this thirst to finally do something manifested in so many messages has reassured us that we are on the right track and that we are not alone in wanting to take concrete action to defend the values of the Republic from the menace of Islamic ideology.

Our first public action is in line with the objectives of our association: to educate our government.

In effect, if our country finds itself confronted by an alarming and more and more oppressive introduction of Sharia in many aspects of daily life, this is largely because our elected representatives have failed to see the influence of political Islam and its sad progression of mental violence, discrimination, a regression in women’s rights, and its attempts to impose totalitarian and primitive rules on our society.

If the guardians of our society, the defenders of public order, who are supposed to protect us, remain passive or seem unable to master the situation, it is because practically none of them have ever opened a Koran, nor even heard of the Sunna. From the bottom of their blissful ignorance, they still currently maintain that “Islam is a religion like any other”, and with a clear conscience (often colored by a certain electoral calculation) invoke “freedom of religion” to authorize (and often finance) the construction of buildings which serve the antidemocratic, discriminatory, and divisive teachings of Islam.

In order to for this ignorance to disappear, we must ask that the French political class open the books of Islam. They will therefore discover that these writings have a political aspect of extraordinary violence. They will discover the words of a prophet, who, in the name of his god, is the only one chosen to instruct his faithful — who have the status of slaves — to dominate the world and to install, where he can, a society based on the oppression and negation of humanist values.

This is why Truth, Values and Democracy proposes that the Parliament organize an inquiry into the political content of Islam. This inquiry will finally allow our representatives to face Sharia in its multiple manifestations, and to understand its intrinsic political nature and the danger that our institutions are under.

Bivouac-ID: Do you make a distinction between political and religious Islam, in demanding only an analysis of the political aspects?

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VV&D: The spiritual side of Islam has nothing to do with the Republic. Personal faith is protected and the Republic must respect that, insofar as the expression does not disturb the public order. But all that which is political is the domain of the State and its representatives, not of religion. After such an inquiry, the Republic will finally have the means to reaffirm her principles and to take measures to stem the anarchic flood of Islamic ideology. This will once again allow all people who respect democracy, whatever their religious beliefs might be, to live peacefully without fearing the pressure of aggressive proselytizing or the activity of sectarian fanatics.

Bivouac-ID: How do you intend to put your plan into action?

VV&D: We have distributed this proposal as far and wide as possible and have asked for support from everyone. It is very simple. You can just go to our website (link) and post a comment which supports this proposal. Literary efforts are not at all necessary, it is enough to only write “I support you”. These messages of support will show our representatives that the French finally want the political class to wake up and act in a responsible manner against Islamic activism, and the first step is to inform them. Nothing is possible without that.

These messages of support are very important, they show to government that the citizens of this country are expecting them to act. They are the concrete proof that it is not just a paranoid Islamophobic fringe, but indeed their entire electorate, those who brought them to the seats that they occupy, who want their concerns taken into account and insist that the political class do its job in defending our democracy and the values of the Republic.

I call on all those who read this; your support is of the utmost importance. Post your comments and tell people about this movement. It is just a matter of asking our representatives to examine the texts, which can be found in a bookstore or on the internet. The study of the books of Islam is not in any way a stigmatization of the Muslim community, but rather a way of protecting it as well, against the actions of individuals and organizations, hypocrites who use religion as an shield.

If we can, with your help, convince any representatives to bring this before the assembly, it could have a considerable impact on society as a whole.

It is now time to act to defend our rights, and those of our children, to live in a society where they are allowed to think as they like and to express their opinions freely.

Our proposition

Given the fact that:

1. French society has been now for years a victim of specific perversions of behavior which imperil the core principles of the Republic, which are Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity.
2. These behavioral perversions are done in the name of Islam.
3. The political content of Islam is an unknown component for almost all of our representatives.
4. The role of the Parliament is to pass laws aimed at protecting French society from attacks against Democracy and human rights.

Truth, Values and Democracy asks for the establishment by Parliament in its entirety of an inquiry into the political content of Islam.

Hat tip: Gandalf.


laine said...

Pray God this initiative by some pragmatic French at their best grows and expands across all western borders.

It is the equivalent of asking American Congresskritters to read the bills they want to pass. They should not sign things in utter ignorance that are going to impact all our lives negatively.

Too many politicians are cavalierly passing laws on subjects about which they know nothing and are making little effort to study. At the very least, they should be exercising some caution in proceeding instead of rushing in like fools where angels fear to tread.

Politicians always want to be seen in action, not debate and contemplation. When the terrible results of their poorly thought out policies come to roost, they are unaccountable and insulated to an extent by their cushy pensions.

The French group are right. Force discussion of political Islam onto the ignoramus elite who keep braying about a religion like any other etc. Force them to face the harm their immigration and other policies are doing to the population they supposedly serve.

las said...

This French scheme just may fly. I suspect it will have more traction in Europe where the evidence of decay, by the practitioners of the Umma, are plain for all to see. The British better get on this asap. They could utilize the resources of the think tank Centre for Social Cohesion who expressly contend that Islamism represents a threat to social cohesion. But dhimmitude is a tough pathology to overcome especially when it has a grip on the political elites.

This VVD idea is more difficult in America, even more so in Canada. Brigitte Gabriel's ACT For America is the US version. ACT's success is not terribly evident and its traction undermined at every turn by the supine liberal media shilling for CAIR. In fact they go after Gabriel herself, of course, and never the issues. I speak here of Chris Rodda who contributes regularly to Huff Po. There are plenty of other liberal left haters out there too. Robert Spencer's complaint is that he is only allowed on FOX. So maybe to forget the media and to target the legislators is the route to go.

Given the fact that conservatism even exists as a political reality in the US still does not help much in the equation to inform the political elites... sadly. Real conservatism in Europe is barely on life support yet the VVD idea just may have an impact if the Euro-politicrat dhimmies ever pull their heads out of their butts long enough to catch air and listen to sound arguments.