Thursday, October 15, 2009

CAIR Mobilizes Its Response

Politico is retailing the CAIR talking points about the uproar caused by the publication of Muslim Mafia:

Islam Group Ridicules Muslim ‘Spies’ Claim

Four Republican lawmakers have accused the most prominent Islamic advocacy group in Washington of trying to plant “spies” as interns on Capitol Hill.

The claim was quickly denounced as “racist” and “insidious” by the Council on American Islamic Relations, and the effort appears to have little support from GOP leaders.

In an unusual announcement this morning, four conservative Republicans — Reps. John Shadegg (Ariz.), Paul Broun (Ga.), Trent Franks (Ariz.) and Sue Myrick (N.C.) — formally asked the House Sergeant at Arms to launch an investigation of the Center for American-Islamic Relations. They accused CAIR, a non profit group, of trying to infiltrate Capitol Hill with interns and staffers.

Shadegg said Wednesday that CAIR is an organization that “members of Congress should be aware of and that should be investigated by the Justice Department and Internal Revenue Service.”

And the response from CAIR?
- - - - - - - - -
“We would love to help people find jobs on Capitol Hill,” said Ibrahim Hooper, the communications director for CAIR. “There’s a Muslim Staffer Association. Should they be investigated?”


The lawmakers also released a one page “strategy” document they said they obtained from CAIR. But the document basically lays out a fairly straight forward public relations and lobbying strategy and indeed, one of the goals is “placing Muslim interns in congressional offices” and registering people to vote.

Hooper ridiculed the claims.

“All they can come up with is that we are political active?” Hooper asked. “The terror threat is that Muslims are politically active?”

You’ll notice that, as usual, the problem isn’t with the Muslims, it’s with their fully dhimmified fellow-travelers in Congress:

Democrats weren’t amused by the accusations, and Rep. Loretta Sanchez (D-Calif.) said she was “appalled” by the situation.

“I urge the rest of my colleagues to join me in denouncing this witch hunt, which is clearly intended to create fear and distrust in our Capitol Hill community,” Sanchez said in a statement.


Hooper pointed out that there are indeed many Muslim staffers on Capitol Hill, CAIR is a lobbying organization, and its executive director is on Capitol Hill today — speaking at an interfaith forum on health care with other religious groups in the Rayburn building.

As this issue builds, expect a combination of two strategies.

On the one hand there will be a media strategy to generate hundreds of sound bites and talking-head appearances that will keep up the incessant drumbeat of “racism… Islamophobia… racism… Islamophobia”.

Meanwhile, brigades of expensive lawyers will be mobilized to courthouses all over the land, bearing writs, subpoenas, motions, and all the other legal devices known to lawkind. Their actions, both civil and criminal, will tie the book’s authors and publishers up in expensive legal action for the foreseeable future.

This is the way CAIR fights, and thanks to the Saudi petrodollars, it will be a well-funded counterattack.

Hat tip: KGS.


Lynn said...

CAIR is suing my city, Cleveland, OH, for Muslim prayers at Hopkins International. Ibrahim Hooper is at the helm of the lawsuit. Cab drivers complaint is they lose their place in line if they go to pray elsewhere. Oh, and I read your site every day. I particularly like Dympna's writings.

thll said...
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thll said...

These Muslims will keep pushing until we push back. They take our tolerance and reservation as weakness; they've convinced themselves that our lack of hot-headedness means we can't get angry.

I'm afraid they're in the process of forcing us to take them seriously, and they're so wrapped up in themselves that they can't see it coming.

Anonymous said...

"Cleveland cab drivers complaint is they lose their place in line if they go to pray elsewhere." (Lynn)

Worldwide djihadist strategy alert : at the end of August, trouble flared between the police and French taxicabs lining up at Roissy airport outside Paris (or should I say "French" taxicabs ?).

The taxi police stopped a driver over a suspicion that he was driving a stolen vehicle ; the driver resisted ; his colleagues became aggressive and pelted the police with various objects ; the Interior minister had to explain himself in front of TV.

Then, some of the drivers were interviewed by the media, and there were complaints about not being able to "pray". Needless to say, no specific religion was mentioned. It was also the first time that anyone in France heard about taxi drivers being in need to "pray" during their shift.

In a pattern that has been repeating itself for some time now, most journalists within the mainstream media very ostensibly pretended not to see the obvious red flag.

None of them jumped up and down saying : WHAT ? PRAYING ? what do you mean, praying ? praying whom, exactly ? are you doing this during your work time ? how long has this been going on ? how many of you do this ? do you actually stop your cab and come out to pray ? etc, etc.

The whole incident (a single cab driver being stopped by the police, and -- allegedly -- manhandled) was very evidently blown out of proportion by the other drivers, who raised enough hell that the national media became involved. Such incidents never reached the media ten or twenty years ago, when cab drivers were... well, French.

The blackmail here is obvious : we own the airport of your country's capital city. We have you by the b...s. We can stop inbound and outbound traffic when we want.

Remember the Muslim taxicabs at Minneapolis airport who refused alcohol-carrying passengers in 2006. There is obviously an "airport taxicab" bullet-point on the endless list of Islam's worldwide strategy, testing the limits and pushing back all the time. Generally speaking, in France, there is an attempt to put Muslims in unconspicuous but strategic places where they can have a stranglehold on the country : public transport (taxis, buses...) ; cashiers, phone operators and security gards in hypermarkets, etc.

On a similar note, a disturbing trend has been going on for some time in French media : an article would mention "religion" in general, with no mention of what religion might be involved. However, the context of the story would make it quite clear that "religion" actually refers to islam, and islam alone.

a perfect case of stealth propaganda : slowly making people used to the notion that the only religion is islam.