Wednesday, October 28, 2009

FBI vs. The Ummah & H. Rap Brown is Still Extant

There was a shootout in Detroit today. The bad guys lost:

From the Wall Street Journal a brief report by Alex Kellog:

The African-American leader of a Detroit mosque was fatally shot Wednesday during a Federal Bureau of Investigation raid on what authorities called a criminal gang run by U.S. converts to Islam.

An FBI spokeswoman said six men were arrested in the raid on a suburban warehouse and two Detroit homes. The men were arrested on suspicion of a variety of offenses, including illegal possession of firearms, trafficking in stolen goods and altering vehicle identification numbers. Three suspects remain at large.

Luqman Ameen Abdullah, 53 years old, who had previously been known as Christopher Thomas, refused to surrender. He shot a police dog before he was fatally shot by authorities, the U.S. attorney’s office in Detroit said in a statement.

Mr. Abdullah was imam of the Masjid Al-Haqq mosque.

I did a little hunting on the “criminal gang” in question and came up with a few surprises. For example, The FBI report on the raid in Detroit reveals:

Abdullah was the leader of part of a group which calls themselves Ummah (“the brotherhood”), a group of mostly African-American converts to Islam, which seeks to establish a separate Sharia-law governed state within the United States. The Ummah is ruled by Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin, formerly known as H. Rapp Brown, who is serving a state sentence in USP Florence, CO, ADMAX, for the murder of two police officers in Georgia. As detailed in the affidavit in support of the criminal complaint that was unsealed today, Abdullah has espoused the use of violence against law enforcement, and has trained members of his group in use of firearms and martial arts in anticipation of some type of action against the government. Abdullah and other members of this group were known to carry firearms and other weapons.

Well! Who’d have guessed H. Rap Brown was still extant?? His residential quarters in a federal pen must leave a bit to be desired, but obviously he’s still working for the cause - i.e., the destruction of America.

The late Mr. Abdullah got around. In addition to his membership in Ummah, he also belonged to another Muslim entity, MANA. It, too, appears to be African American in origin:
- - - - - - - - -
MANA is a national network of masjids, Muslim organizations and individuals committed to work together to address certain urgent needs within the Muslim community. These needs include the great social and economic problems that are challenging Muslim communities especially in the inner city; the need for the involvement of masjids and Muslims in community service projects which are aimed at improving society as a whole; the need for systematic and effective dawah programs to help bring more non-Muslims into Islam; the need for new Muslim programs that will help them to grow in Islam. MANA is therefore an open organization that is agenda driven.

The primary goals of MANA are (1) to establish the strong presence of viable, healthy and dynamic Muslim communities, neighborhoods and institutions that meet the religious, social, economic and political needs of the Muslims in this land; (2) to call humanity actively and systematically to the life-giving message of Islam with wisdom and beautiful teaching; (3) advocate and work for just and righteous remedies to ills impacting North American society in general and Muslims in particular.

That’s some real boiler plate coverage there. MEGO (My Eyes Glaze Over).

The late Abdullah is mentioned further down, but the Executive Committee and its various affiliations make for interesting reading:

MANA’S DIWAN (Executive Committee)

  • Siraj Wahhaj, Amir - Imam, Masjid Al-Taqwa
  • Talib Abdur-Rashid, Deputy Amir - Imam, Mosque of Islamic Brotherhood
  • Ihsan Bagby, General Secretary - Professor, U of Kentucky
  • Imam Qasim Ahmed, Founder and President of Islamic Learning Institute
  • Umar Al-Khattab, Imam, Masjid al-Fajr (Indianapolis)
  • Johari Abdul Malik - Outreach Coor, Dar al-Hijrah
  • Aneesah Nadir, Professor, Arizona State University
  • Asim Abdur Rashid - Imam, Masjid Mujahidin,
  • Amir Al-Islam - Professor, Medgar Evers College
  • Altaf Husain - Former Pres. of MSA-National; Ph.D. in Social Work
  • Halima Toure, PhD - Professor; Board Member of Mosque of Islamic Brotherhood (NY)

Notice the infiltration into the rotting corpse of academe.

Then we have the imams and pooh bahs:

  • Hodari Abdul-Ali, Businessman and Activist (DC)
  • Luqman Abdul Haqq, President, Universal Companies (Phila)
  • [the lately deceased] Luqman Amin Abdullah, Imam, Masjid Al-Haqq (Detroit)
  • Tahir Abdullah, Amir, Jama’at of Shuhu Uthman dan Fodio
  • Johari Abdur Malik, Director Outreach, Dar al-Hijrah (VA)
  • Jihad Abdul-Mumit, Activist (VA)
  • Khalil Abdul-Rahman, Imam (Greensboro, NC)
  • Asim Abdur-Rashid, Imam, Masjid Mujahidin (Phila)
  • Talib Abdur-Rashid Imam, Mosque of Islamic Brotherhood (NY)
  • Mutawwaf Abdush-Shaheed, Imam, Masjid Al-Mu’min (Cleveland)
  • Abbas Ahmad, Imam, First Cleveland Mosque (Cleveland)
  • Luqman Ahmad, Imam and Writer (Phila)
  • Nadim Sulaiman Ali, Imam (Atlanta)
  • Amir Al-Islam, Professor, Medger Evers College
  • Ihsan Bagby, Professor, U. of Kentucky
  • Aneesah Nadir, Professor, Arizona State University
  • R. M. Mukhtar Curtis, Chaplain in Federal Prison Bureau (MI)
  • Umar al-Khattab, Imam, Masjid al-Fajr (Indianapolis)
  • Khalid Abdul-Fatah Griggs, Imam, Community Mosque (Winston-Salem)
  • Altaf Husain, Former Pres. of MSA-National; Ph.D. in Social Work
  • Anwar Muhaimin, Imam, International Muslim Brotherhood (Phila)
  • Rami Nashashibi, Executive Director, Inner-City Muslim Network
  • Siraj Wahhaj, Imam, Masjid al-Taqwa (NY)

This is a large organization, with representatives in many cities. I’d like to know what a member of this group is doing in among the Chaplain’s ranks of the Federal Prison Bureau, wouldn’t you? I did them a favor and updated the membership list.

The FBI report has interesting details on the raid and the particulars of the charges against those captured.

There’s another Luqman Abdullah, only he’s in his late 20’s and operates out of New Jersey.

Two bad apples with the same name. Their poor mammas.

Hat tip: Heroyalwhyness