Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ignoring the Dangers of Islamization

I posted on Monday about Jimmie Åkesson, the party leader of Sverigedemokraterna (the Sweden Democrats), and the op-ed he published in the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet. The paper’s editors wrote their own inflammatory headline for the op-ed, which did not reflect Mr. Åkesson’s words at all, and which predictably produced a massive uproar against the author’s “racist” opinions.

Kent Ekeroth, the international secretary for Sverigedemokraterna, has kindly translated the entire text of Jimmie Åkesson’s piece into English for Gates of Vienna. The correct title has also been restored to this version:

The establishment ignores the dangers of Islamization
by Jimmie Åkesson

Jimmie ÅkessonOne of multiculturalism’s many inherent paradoxes is that, despite its universal claims, it is a monocultural phenomenon which has only found fertile ground in the post-modern, oikophobic* Western world, and is therefore also based in Western phenomena and experience in assessing and analyzing the world. The Western experience is seen as a higher stage of development, one which the rest of the world has just not yet had time to achieve.

This is also why today’s multicultural Swedish power elite is so totally blind to the dangers of Islam and Islamization. They assume that Muslims want nothing more than to adapt to a Western lifestyle and Western standards, and that Islam is fundamentally the same as Christianity, with the only difference that Muslims have a different name for their god.

Thus we also assume that Islam can be tamed in the same way that secular forces centuries ago tamed European Christianity, and consigned it to the private sphere.

However, Islam differs from Christianity at several crucial points, for example, regarding the distinction between spiritual and secular power and the perception of the use of force. Islam has no equivalent of the New Testament, and no universal human message of love. These differences have resulted in the active rejection by Islam and the Muslim world of the Enlightenment and humanism.

This, together with almost 1,400 years of wars and conflicts between Islam and Christian Europe, is now believed by today’s rulers to be surmountable in a trice.

So far have we have to conclude that Islam has affected Swedish society far more so than Swedish society has influenced Islam. Mass immigration from Muslim countries, together with the relatively high birth rates in the Muslim community, suggest that this trend will continue unless a change in policy is instituted. Of course, a significant proportion of Europe’s Muslims are not literal believers; however, most studies performed in this field shows that fundamentalists are a large and growing minority.
- - - - - - - - -
Rootlessness and the multicultural social order fueled by numerous second- and third-generation immigrants have led many to look to Islam as an identity-building and unifying force, and we are now experiencing a process of radicalization among Muslim youth in Europe.

In Sweden there is to my knowledge no studies in the field, but in a British study from 2007 revealed that 37 percent of young British Muslims said they would prefer Sharia law over British law, and an equal number felt that anyone who converts from Islam must be executed. In other studies from France and Germany the same pattern can be discerned.

Twenty years ago, I think that most Swedes would be very difficult to imagine that Islam would become Sweden’s second-largest religion, that Swedish artists who criticize or joke about Islam would live under constant death threats, that dozens of Islamic terrorist organizations would have established themselves in Sweden, that leading Muslim representatives would make demands for the imposition of Sharia law in Sweden, that Swedish county councils would use taxpayers’ money to cut off the foreskin of fully healthy little boys, that Sweden would have the largest number of rapes in Europe and that Muslim men would be highly over-represented among the perpetrators, that Swedish swimming baths would introduce separate bathing for men and women, that Swedish municipalities could consider the inclusion of gender-segregated swimming in schools, that freezers in our grocery stores would offer ritually slaughtered meat while Swedish nursery schools stop serving pork, that Swedish schools would introduce new holidays to celebrate the end of Ramadan while more and more school-closing events are prohibited from taking place in churches, and so on.

All this is now part of the Swedish reality. The question is how it will look in a few more decades, when the Muslim population, if the current pace persists, has multiplied in size, and many of Europe’s major cities including Malmö, most likely has a Muslim majority.

The multicultural society may see this future as a colorful interesting change of Sweden and Europe — which is far too often even denied ever having been “Swedish” or “European”.

As a Sweden Democrat I see this as our biggest foreign threat since World War II and I promise to do everything in my power to reverse the trend when we go to the polls next year.

*The word oikophobia was coined by Roger Scruton to describe the fear and loathing felt by modern multicultural progressives towards their own culture and ethnicity.