Tuesday, August 05, 2008

A Mullah With Chutzpah

An example often cited to demonstrate the meaning of the word “chutzpah” is this:

“A boy, having just been convicted of murdering his parents, begs the judge for leniency because he is an orphan.”

Mullah KrekarWe’ve reported frequently on Mullah Krekar — see the bottom of this post for a list of previous articles about Norway’s murderous mullah. He’s a known terrorist who can’t be expelled from the country because he might face execution if he returns home.

In his latest outrage, Mullah Krekar demonstrates the meaning of “chutzpah” by suing Norway for violating his human rights. Among other complaints, the terrorist mullah says that he is forced to be supported by his wife. The horror!

Today’s Arab Times reports on the “inhuman treatment” visited upon Norway’s most notorious guest:

Muslim leader takes Norway to European rights court: lawyer

Mullah Krekar, founder of radical Islamist group Ansar al-Islam, has filed charges with Europe’s human rights court against Norway, where he lives, for ‘inhuman treatment,’ his lawyer said Tuesday.

‘We lodged a complaint with the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg in April,’ Brynjar Meling told AFP, confirming a report in the Verdens Gang daily. ‘The complaint is currently being handled,’ he added.

Krekar has lived in Norway as a refugee since 1991, but has been under threat of deportation since Norwegian media revealed he was the founder of Ansar al-Islam, which figures on the United States’ list of terrorist groups.

Norway’s Supreme Court on November 8 upheld previous court rulings and a 2003 decision by Norwegian authorities to expel Krekar from the Scandinavian country, claiming he was a threat to national security.

Norwegian law however prevents Krekar, whose real name is Fateh Najmeddin Faraj, from being deported to his homeland until the situation in Iraq improves.
- - - - - - - - -
The Iraqi Kurd, who himself figures on a United Nations list of terrorist groups or individuals, admits that he founded the group but insists he has not headed it since May 2002.

‘For nearly six years, my client has not been able to work, travel, or even pick up a package at the post office or open a bank account since he lacks any form of identification papers,’ said Meling

Because of this, Krekar’s wife has been forced to support him, he added.

Meling maintains that Norway has violated three articles of the European Convention on Human Rights: Article 3 banning ‘inhuman or degrading treatment,’ Article 8 demanding respect for ‘private and family life,’ and Arcticle 13 providing the right to defend one’s human rights before a national court.

The European court can not reverse the verdicts handed down by the Norwegian judiciary but it can criticise the way the case has been handled and it will then ‘be up to the state to draw any potential conclusions,’ the lawyer said.

Hat tip: Steen.

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Henrik R Clausen said...

The Norwegian state has an obvious solution to this problem :)

Joanne said...

The situation in Iraq has improved; send him back. The Iraqis will know what to do with him.

costin said...

Here is an interesting documentary about this barbarian and his situation in Norway. pathetic!!

Zenster said...

Great link, costin!

One can only speculate as to how many more terrorist atrocities will be required before Europe finally understands that people like Mullah Krekar are the walking poster children for why there should be a death penalty.

The sooner this scumbag is capped, the fewer people that must die due to Krekar's continuing theft of oxygen.

babs said...

Thank you very much Costin for the link.
I found it particularly sad that the Norwegian woman would stand up for his "human rights." In other words, she seemed to know that he was a murderer but refused to send him back to Kurdish Iraq...
I have never been able to understand this ruling which, many of the western countries have. That is refusing to send someone back to the country/culture from whence they came because that country/culture is "so barbaric" that they might be metted out justice that includes loss of life.
I say, send them back and let them face the judicial process in their country of origin. Hiding in Norway or, to be fair, any western country is just wrong.
Meanwhile, these scum make themselves celebrities of the sickest in the western culture with impunity. The very idea that this man is suing the gov't because he "can't work" is repugnant to me. Let him scrub out Norwegian toilets all the time thanking the Norwegians for saving his life.

laine said...

Any country that makes it known that it will not under any circumstances invoke the death penalty itself and is so concerned with keeping the scum of the earth alive that they will not send them back to their native country on even the suspicion that they may come to harm deserves and will get the scum of the earth accumulating on its suicidal shores.

These parasites know where they can continue to spread their poison with impunity and be supported by the state. What a joke the suit is as though the Mullah wants to or can do an honest day's work.

This babying of vipers is not a demonstration of human rights. It makes a travesty of them. Norwegians should be ashamed instead of smug. They give the preacher of death and despoiler of human rights along with his family spots that should be available to his VICTIMS, not to a propagandist and jihadi.

By Norwegian "reasoning", they would have given mass murderer Saddam Hussein himself refuge if he had gone there, since his life would have been at risk in Iraq, same with Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot etc.

This is not the sign of a moral people, but completely amoral. They have progressed themselves over a cliff into sustaining and enabling evil and thinking themselves very fine people indeed for doing so.

(I exempt Fjordman and his like minded allies from these remarks but they are not running Norway nor making its reputation).

Charlemagne said...

If someone were to provide transportation and accommodation I would be happy to visit Mullah Krekar and request that he leave Norway post haste.

Félicie said...

laine: "By Norwegian "reasoning", they would have given mass murderer Saddam Hussein himself refuge if he had gone there, since his life would have been at risk in Iraq, same with Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot etc. "

Exactly! A very flawed reasoning. I have a more logical solution. Send him back to Iraq, and if they start persecuting him there, then he can take the Iraqi authorities to the European Rights Court. How about that?

Henrik R Clausen said...

If it wasn't for stupid international conventions, this would be delightfully simple:

Send the criminals back home. What happens to them afterwards is none of our concern.

Sure, they might have some crappy, totalitarian, violent, torture-using government back home. Their problem. And they'd better spend their time and effort improving their own countries than working to bomb ours.

The nation-state is a wonderful tool for security. I like it :)