Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Denmark Under Siege

Below is a translation of an opinion piece from today’s Kristeligt Dagblad. It was written by Søren Krarup, a member of the Danish Parliament, and translated by our Danish correspondent Kepiblanc.

Here’s what Kepiblanc said in his prefatory note:

Søren Krarup isn’t just another nobody-MP. He is always worth listening to. He was a co-founder of the Christian movement “Tidal Revival” back in the 1960s and a philosopher of magnitude in the tradition of Søren Kierkegaard. After 9/11 he joined the Danish People’s Party and was elected to Parliament. Many counter-jihadists can’t stand him due to his religiosity, but no one can deny that he is a giant in the war against barbarism.

And now the translation:

Denmark under siege

We are approaching Denmark’s termination as a sovereign nation. Blind and deaf to reality we have handed over Denmark’s destiny to fanatical EU-ideologists.

By Søren Krarup

Søren KrarupIn 1962 I was a member of the board of the Students’ Association in Copenhagen, and that same year we distributed a group statement against Danish membership of the European Common Market.

We had read the Treaty of Rome, adopted in March 1957 by the so-called six: France, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Italy, and some of us were aware of the visions heralded by the Frenchman Jean Monnet. At least I knew of his grandiose statement: “In order to give peace a chance, we must create a Europe.”

Bloated crap! As if Europe did not exist. As if Jean Monnet had to recreate, transform a thousand-year-old Europe anew. What an inflated fool.
- - - - - - - - -
But first and foremost we had noticed the preamble of the Rome Treaty, wherein “the six” stated their “decision to establish the foundation of a union of European people constantly binding them more and more together”. In fact, this meant that the whole brouhaha was about creating “The United States of Europe” and thus getting rid of the existing national states within Europe. No room for mistakes here.

And we in the Students’ Association did not want to eradicate Denmark in favor of some foggy visions about a supra-national European Union. De Gaulle’s defiance towards Great Britain in 1963 froze the question.

But again, around 1970, with de Gaulle out of the picture, the question reappeared on the agendas of Denmark as well as Europe, and Denmark and Britain applied for membership of the union which “constantly strives to bind them more and more together”. The battle intensified. We had to dig the “Treaty of Rome” and Jean Monnet’s visions up once again and for the next two years the battle of Denmark’s membership raged all over the country.

The fight was long, hot and bitter. Especially given the fact that it was completely impossible to be taken honestly when one tried to clarify the whole idea of the EU. Which was stated loud and clear in the “Treaty of Rome”. In the first sentence in that treaty was a “…decision to establish the foundation of a union of European people constantly binding them more and more together”.

LISTEN, ALL YOU EU-WORSHIPPERS, you’ll have to believe in earnest what the EU itself proclaims as its purpose. Oh, shut up they answered. That kind of wording can be found in every treaty. OK, but isn’t a union a union? Can one talk about mere “cooperation” while the treaty itself talks about union? Isn’t it about melting Europe together in such a way that the individual nations — including Denmark — disappear? Aren’t we talking about Danish sovereignty and self-rule here?

As we all know, the battle wound up with Denmark’s approval of EU membership on October 2nd, 1972, with 63.7% in favor, and Denmark became a member of something called a supra-national union, in spite of the ruling classes telling us otherwise.

Now 36 years have passed — and what do we see? We see that everything we, the EU-opponents, said in 1970-72 came true. All those years have been an embarrassing demonstration of the EU-politicians’ unreliability.

Bit by bit the sovereignty of the Danish people and the Danish Parliament is carved away, and thereby our right to govern ourselves. The most recent example being the verdict by the European Court of Justice which completely removed Danish immigration laws in order to streamline Europe and force us into something we already rejected. A manifestation of the unreliability from 1972.

We are rapidly approaching the eradication of Denmark as a sovereign nation. Blind and deaf to reality, we’ve handed over Denmark’s destiny and existence to fanatic EU-ideologists and judges who don’t care one bit about the Danish law, but strive to enforce some ideological EU-justice upon Denmark’s citizens and parliament.

And so it happens: “…to establish the foundation of a union of European people constantly binding them more and more together”. We sounded the alarms in 1962, in 1972, and in all the following years. Over and over we yelled the wake-up call to our masters and lords.

WORST OF ALL: When the protests against the ECJ-verdict and its bypassing of Danish law reached a climax, and the Danish People’s Party — among others — urged PM Anders Fogh Rasmussen to stand fast on Danish law he just called it irresponsible because in a country of laws one has to comply with the courts.

Oh, jeez… isn’t Denmark a country of laws? Isn’t a prime minister supposed to enforce the law of the land? Isn’t this a blatant testimony to our misery here in Denmark in relation to the supra-national union, constantly binding us?

What a prime minister. A man whom I — among others — have praised as a blessing to the very country he helped reform. And then, as it turns out, he is as a humble serf of the EU, not Denmark. Proselytizing for an EU-court, not the nation he should serve as prime minister.

Alas, closer and closer to extinction we go.

Hat tip: TB.


Afonso Henriques said...

I loved it. I may translate it and pass the word...

Fjordman said...

The EU is organized high treason, period. It is a transnational collaboration of corrupt politicians and bureaucrats who circumvent the institutions of their countries and consistently implement agendas in violent opposition to the best interests of their own people.

The EU does nothing create a better economy in Europe. You cannot create a sound economy through top-down planning and bloated bureaucracy.

The EU also does nothing to protect the peace in Europe, that's a lie constructed to conceal what is otherwise just a naked power grab. In fact, through its senseless immigration policies and dismantling of national border controls, the EU will be directly responsible for triggering civil wars in several European countries.

And yet, this article does not even deal with the worst aspect of the EU: How it is systematically surrendering this entire continent to our worst enemies. When the French, the Dutch and the Irish voters rejected the EU Constitution, the EU elites simply ignored it and moved on as if nothing had happened. When the Islamic world say the EU should erase "Islamophobia," they immediately agree to this. When an organization ignores the will and interests of its own people, yet implements the will and interests of its enemies, that organization has become an actively hostile entity run by a corrupt class of abject traitors. That is what the EU is today.

The EU does nothing to ensure freedom in Europe, it spends every single hour trying to stamp out what's left of it. The EU, in cooperating with Islamic countries, is about to rewrite school textbooks across the entire European continent to present a more "positive" image of Islam. The fact that they do this is bad enough, but it is equally bad that the EU now views the media and the education system simply as a prolonged arm of the state. This is the hallmark of a totalitarian state, which is what the EUSSR is gradually becoming.

Fjordman said...

It is possible that we could benefit from some kind of European cooperation, but not in the form the EU is today. The EU is not about cooperation for protecting the best interests of Europeans, it is about turning the entire continent into a Multicultural theme park, an empty vessel to be filled with population dumping from developing countries, while the natives get culturally deconstructed and demographically crushed. The EU is a large-scale social experiment conducted on hundreds of millions of people. It is not about economics of scale, it is about stupidity of scale.

The EU does not give Europe a "voice" on the international arena. It's a bureaucratic monster at best, a mad utopian project at worst. It makes our enemies take us less seriously, not more. The EU is not about giving anybody a voice, it is about silencing the voices we already have, by depriving us any influence or say in the developments of our future and the destinies of our peoples.

The EU - but also the national governments - makes a mockery out of the social contract every single day.

Joanne said...

United we stand, divided we fall. The people of each European country need to take to the streets in protest. Inaction drives me nuts - get out there and protest.

laine said...

I agree with Joanne. There's safety in numbers. They can't arrest all of you or falsely make you all out to be crazed bigots if you step out in peaceful demonstrations in the thousands.

Carry signs that are not "anti" but "pro" along the lines of: "There is only one Denmark".

Do it while you yet have the numbers.

Homophobic Horse said...

I've been thinking about slogans. How about "Denmark is Forever"?

"Denmark is forever." This statement, whilst being existential, militates against the existentialist vitalism that believes everything is a social construction (including nationality), and that all one can know is "a heap of broken images." "Denmark is Forever" suggests an order that it outside the self and it's desires. It belies eternity.

Nobody thinks about eternity these days, which is why they avoid love and death. People now spend their lives trying to extend their lives. Nor do they say "I love you" because it implies a commitment that is set against eternity; it lends a rigid pattern to a life that should be "authentic".

"Denmark is Forever" is innocent and naive. The people who attack Denmark will be revealed to be cruel, twisted, shadows.

Proud Infidel said...

Fjordman, as usual, tells it like it is. The idea of greater cooperation among European nations isn't a bad one, but what the EUSSR is becoming is nothing less than a totalitarian superstate bent on implementing the destruction of the nation state. It is, as Fjorman states, a power grab.

Rather than nations participating and cooperating with each other, it's become a self sustaining monster bent on imposing it's visions and ideals. Room for disent is being slowly but surely strangled, as the media uniformly supports the EU without any critical examination of what's really going on.

An interesting question about Denmark, will the Danes be able to stand up for their nation? Is there any kind of a political will among Danish politicians and the people to leave the EU? Can they?

kepiblanc said...

I don't know if the EU-treaties have an option for leaving the union. But I doubt it. Nevermind, it doesn't matter one bit. This is a matter of "Realpolitik" as defined by Otto von Bismarck. Just to clarify: what would the EU do if Denmark decided to quit? - Send the marines? Ha! - Re-introduce customs? They would suffer substantially more than Denmark. - Economic sanctions? Denmark is a net exporter of oil, gas, electricity, food - especially food - electronics and whatnot. Can the EU afford that?

Nah, the EU is a toothless, old hag when it comes to "Realpolitik". Lots of hot air, mountains of paper and glittering pomposity. The only prerequisite for Denmark's bye-bye is a majority of Danes wanting to do just that. And that's not as hard as one might believe. We have a long tradition of turning down EU-treaties by referendums, and polls constantly come up with some 55-60% in favor of membership, nothing more. And that can be reversed - change (for you Americans) - in a heartbeat. For example, when the ECJ overruled our immigration laws recently, PM Anders Fogh Rasmussen had to cancel the scheduled referendums on our opt-outs in order to avoid a spectacular defeat. Just one more mistake by the EU, and we're out. Or maybe we're out already? - If AFR can't deliver on his promise to scuttle the ECJ verdict, his supporting party, The Danish People's Party promised to scuttle him instead. That means general elections with one issue only: immigration. In that case the result is a given: the choice will be between the EU or Denmark. and when Denmark is out, who knows what other countries might get funny ideas?

Armor said...

Krarup: (In 1962) We had read the Treaty of Rome, adopted in March 1957 by the so-called six, and some of us were aware of the visions heralded by the Frenchman Jean Monnet. Now 36 years have passed — and what do we see? We see that everything we, the EU-opponents, said in 1970-72 came true.

There are two main reasons why people like Krarup do not like the EU. First, because of the loss of sovereignty, and second, because the EU has been infiltrated by leftism (tax-paid ideological propaganda, EU-organized immigration, promotion of homosexuality, of islam, feminism, and so on).
But I'm sure Jean Monnet never saw the EU as a means to facilitate immigration from outside Europe. And in 1962, Krarup could not possibly know that the EU would be hijacked by leftism. So, he should refrain from saying "I told you so". In fact, until recently, I think immigration to Denmark has mainly been organized by the Danish government, with no interference from the EU.
Having said that, I would love to see Denmark flout the EU and declare independence.

Conservative Swede said...


Thanks. That was an excellent analysis of the situation in Denmark. You make insightful comments all the way.

Just one more mistake by the EU, and we're out.

Yes, I think you are right. This is very exciting. And it's not a matter of if but of when, given the nature of the EU, whose hubristic clumsiness is as great as an American elephant in a Balkanic or Caucasian porcelain shop--mistakes are guaranteed!

who knows what other countries might get funny ideas?

Oh glory hallalujah!

The Wicked Witch of the West is dying. Ding dong! Ding dong!