Thursday, August 21, 2008

An Indirect Confession of His Terrible Crime

As I mentioned the other day, the beleaguered Danish Motoonist Kurt Westergaard has been amusing himself recently by specifying the conditions he requires when he serves his sentence in a Jordanian prison.

First it was pork chops for dinner. Then came the demand that he be allowed a Christmas tree in his cell.

The Danes are notorious jokesters, but Muslims, particularly Arabs, are not known for their sense of humor. The Jordanians definitely don’t get the joke. According to Fact International:

Danish cartoonist must abide by the law and stop promoting hatred

AMMAN- The Messenger of Allah Unites Us Campaign today condemned the statements made yesterday to the Amman-based JordanTimes newspaper by the Danish cartoonist, Kurt Weestergaard [sic], who published cartoons demeaning Islam and the Prophet Mohammed (s).

In his remarks Weestergaard demanded a list of guarantees to ensure his comfort in the Jordanian prison should he be convicted and sentenced to imprisonment as a result of the lawsuit filed against him by the campaign, for insulting Islam and Muslims.

Two years ago, Weestergaard published a number of cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed (s) in a demeaning manner and suggesting that Islam is a violent religion. This was published in a number of newspapers around the world but mostly in Danish papers.

The despair and confusion that the Danish cartoonist is now suffering reflects his own stupidity and irresponsible actions which sparked hatred and discord among the followers of different religions and nations, said the president of the campaign Dr Zakaria Al Sheikh in a statement released today.

Despair, confusion, and stupidity — I’ll bet that put a twinkle in the old man’s eye!
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Al Sheikh added that Weestergaard is trying to avoid justice by issuing empty rhetorical statements to the media. The president called upon Weestergaard to face the legal challenge as he claims that he respect other beliefs and eschews violence.

His query as to whether pork is available in Jordanian prisons and whether he can have access to a library and a Christmas tree in his cell although he is an atheist is just an attempt to create some debate in the media and make a hero of himself, which he has failed to achieve all of his long life, added the president.

So he was “creating debate”. No possibility that he was making a joke at the expense of the Jordanians!

What is humor, anyway, but an infidel plot?

Al Sheikh added that Weestergaard’s statements are an indirect confession of his terrible crime. They indicate to the world that the lawsuit brought by the campaign is based on a valid issue and confirms his immoral actions.

Ah, yes. “I want pork chops for dinner.” It’s the same as saying, “I did it! I did it! Just lead me to the firing squad!”

Al Sheikh stressed his full confidence in the Jordanian judicial system which he described as being open and just.

That’s a great joke, too, and the laughs just keep on coming:

The campaign will continue legally pursuing Weestergaard and others who insulted Islam until they are punished in this life and also it is certain that the Creator will give them the just punishment they deserve in the hereafter.

Jordan is a civilized country that respects human rights, he said. The prisons in Jordan will never be a place to insult followers of other religions and it will not resort to the evil methods used in other prisons where for example the Holy Quran was desecrated and Muslim prisoners were deprived of the right to perform prayers and read the Holy Quran, he said. In addition, prisoners will be respected, contrary to the situation in Guantanamo, Abu Gharaib and Israeli prisons were the Israeli and US occupation forces violate their basic rights and commit all types of gross physical and sexual abuse.

Attorney Osama Al Bitar, a member of the campaign, was shocked by the remarks of Weestergaard casting doubt on the transparency of the judicial system in Jordan. Bitar said that it is open and independent, thereby protecting the rights of all parties to achieve true justice.

The cartoonist has the right to defend himself and also to appoint a lawyer of his choice, something which is guaranteed under Jordanian law, Bitar confirmed.

The attorney said that the warrants issued by Amman’s Prosecutor-General, the former judge, Hassan Al Abdallat against the defendants in the anti-Islam cartoons issue proves that judicial system is impartial.

No punch line, here, folks. No way can I top these gags.

But there’s a sobering note at the end:

“The campaign made good progress by establishing an ad-hoc legal committee to draft an international law criminalizing any insult to Islam and the Prophet Mohammed (s) as well as all the other prophets, which is the strategic objective of the campaign,” [Attorney and member of the campaign, Tareq] Hawamdeh said.

The OIC and the Muslim countries in the UN are deadly serious about this. They intend to criminalize insults to the Prophet via “international law” and enforce it through the United Nations and the EU.

The prosecution of the Motoonists is just the first salvo of a long battle. Remember: they’ve got a ten-year plan for outlawing Islamophobia.

This would be yet another joke if they didn’t have so many willing accomplices in their task among the elite Leftists of the West.

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MauserMedic said...

Oh yes, I can just see the mass compliance of the American public the first time someone is prosecuted for "defaming the Prophet." After all, we're all about respect and consideration in America, especially when you tell us you have to or else.

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

Can anyone even mention ONE muslim humorist or any muslim with a sense of humor for that matter? Can they even fathom the concept of humor is it simply one more cultural expression that is haram?

Zenster said...

Robin Shadowes: Can anyone even mention ONE muslim humorist or any muslim with a sense of humor for that matter?

Shabana Rehman

She describes a Muslim wedding with vows that begin, "Do your grandmother, father and brother take your uncle's son to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

Enter her name at Google Images for some NSFW snaps.