Monday, August 25, 2008

What If You Gave a Revolution and Nobody Came?

Remember the people who were going to “recreate ’68” at the Democratic National Convention this year? They got 300 at one demo and “several dozen” at another — and that probably included the media crews and the FBI infiltrators.

According to CBS4 Denver:

Anarchists And Police Clash In Downtown Denver

Anarchists and police clashed in downtown Denver during a march downtown.

CBS4 photographer Mark Neitro reported tear gas had been fired.

Approximately 300 people were participating in the protest. The demonstrators were caught in a barricade on 15th Street.

Maybe they don’t have the numbers that we radical hippie boomers had back in our day — after all, their lefty parents have aborted half their cohort into oblivion. Or did they maybe run out of rolling papers and blow?

Here’s another one:
- - - - - - - - -
Activists try to ‘levitate’ Denver Mint

Several dozen anti-war activists held hands and shouted “Love, Peace and Justice” during a stunt to “levitate” the Denver Mint on Monday, shake out its money and redistribute the wealth.

The group Recreate 68 wanted to circle the Mint on the opening day of the Democratic National Convention in homage to the 1967 protest of the Vietnam War when demonstrators sought to levitate the Pentagon.

In truth, protesters at the Mint only made it halfway down one block, the quarters that showered the ground were made of plastic, and the group’s leader wore a starry, purple wizard’s hat and red robe.

“It’s just an old Halloween costume,” Mark Cohen of Recreate 68 said afterward.



Robohobo said...

"If you believe in magic in a young girls heart..."

babs said...

Heh, I was in the dry cleaners this afternoon when the "breaking news" came on of "Swat team in standoff with protestors."
We all chuckled...
I just love it when the nuts come out of the woodwork!

Proud Infidel said...

Those hippie losers hoping to Recreate 68 must be gnawing on their peace beads with only 300 people at most in a protest. So much for the big hype about them disrupting the Democrat convention.

In a way it's good news that's there's so few airheads trying to recreate the not so good old days of 1968.

laine said...

It would be a bigger miracle and cure poverty faster if they could levitate welfare recipients off their couches and out to work.

The following formula that is circling the Internet cures poverty for individuals, groups, races etc. who follow it in over 90% of cases:

Get as much education as you can.

Do not have children before you marry, then stay married.

Avoid law-breaking and law breakers.

Work steadily at any job, no matter how humble.

That's it. That's all it takes. The majority of whites "happen" to follow the formula. Blacks and hispanics who follow it are also successful. However, as a group, they put low value on education and in the case of blacks are born to single mothers with absent fathers in over 70% of cases. Illegals are breaking the law from the get go. Both populations have a high crime rate.

Democrats in leadership positions prefer to play Lady Bountiful wasting trillions, instead of encouraging people to take personal responsibility. They are the new slavers, as taxing someone to support another's idleness is a form of slavery. And the bulk of their voters prefer the illusion that someone else is to blame for their problems. The "do-gooders" (but only with other people's money) and the do-nothings are a perfect fit for each other and are outvoting the doers.

In America it is still possible to go from not speaking English and owning only the shirt on your back to financial powerhouse in a single generation. Thanks to leftist policies, we now have three and four generation Welfare families, (16 years apart) unheard of in wiser low tax days.

Armor said...

Laine wrote: "(...) Work steadily at any job, no matter how humble.
That's it. That's all it takes."

If it is a very humble job, in today's society, your life may not be very satisfying, even if you are out of poverty.

(I'm not saying that welfare dependency is a good thing).

closed said...


If you can put $2000 a year away for five years, from age 18 to age 23, and put it into a simple mutual fund based IRA, you can retire wealthy ... as in at least 7 figures.

With compound interest, time builds wealth. Start early.

An 18 year old, even with a burger flipping job, is more than capable of putting that kind of money into a beater car in five years time.

Generating real personal wealth only takes a little bit of knowledge, and a lot of self-control.

closed said...

Mind you, that is in the US.

If you live in some socialist craphole, where the State has made building wealth impossible for us peons, in the name of "fairness", too bad for you.

laine said...

"If it is a very humble job, in today's society, your life may not be very satisfying, even if you are out of poverty".

It used to be that doing one's duty, supporting one's family with one's own labor was satisfying. Because the Left has removed all sense of shame from parasitism, there is now a large group who have switched to feeling satisfied by stealing other people's labor in the form of taxes to live in idleness.

Beehives keep drones to a manageable number. The ever enlarging drone class Welfare states encourage make them unsustainable. I would include here inflated bureaucracies of over-paid underworked paperwork shufflers who provide poor service and add no value to the economy.