Saturday, August 30, 2008

Trolling for the Viking Vote

For our European readers: Sarah Palin is the governor of Alaska, and has just been named as John McCain’s vice-presidential choice.

For our Danish readers: Below is my favorite photo of Sarah Palin.

Sarah Palin with Vikings

The future Vice President is in the center foreground, sitting down. For a full-sized version, see this post at American Thinker.

Hat tip: no2liberals.

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Bela said...

What a pleasant, uplifting sight: she is a great, witty American lady projecting sharp contrast to the raucous deification of the arrogant Messiah named Hussein O.
Be prepared to the avalanche of insult that the Bolshevik tribe will hurl at her: Axelrod the chief tribesman a.k.a. the puppeteer, the Pritzker family ($$$!) - America wealthiest finaciers: Soros, P. Lewis at Progressive Insurance, moveon's E. Pariser, B. Boxer and many more from the tribe.
Google who is who inside the Messiah inner circle, who are those who pull the strings.
Watch for the sex freaks, illegals, Muslims, Anarchist, the Farrakhans, America haters, Jihadist all will spew their venom at her: they are in panic mood at the thought of being defeated and their sinister ploy to overtake our life might fail.
I wish her the very best and strength to resist the growling evil.

kepiblanc said...

Now, That's a lady we can understand over here.

Anonymous said...

Yep, that's Alaska all right!

Sarah Palin rocks! She doesn't play the misandrist victim game.

In contrasting their records, lives, and values, she makes Obama look like an effete narcissistic wimp.

A brilliant choice by Senator MCain.

Afonso Henriques said...

As an European, the only thing I want to know about this Lady is:

Will she be capable of stopping McCain's atempt to create a New Cold War? Will she tell her boss that those times are over?

no2liberals said...

God Save The Queen?
But don't try anything schtoopid!

no2liberals said...

But who will give that message to the "Bear?"

Anonymous said...

I despise the globalist McCain, but I have to see, I am smiling a bit at the adroit way he checkmated the arrogant Obamamessiah with his choice of Palin!

KGS said...

News to Afonso, the old Cold War has already been reheated and served to the West by V.Putin.

Henrik R Clausen said...

A real Conservative - cool!

On top of that, one from ex-Russian territory, with Vladivostok not far away. I hope she has some experience with Russians.

Henrik R Clausen said...

The Russians, BTW, are taking an unexpected punishment in the financial markets for Georgia. Interesting :)

As for Obama vs. McCain, I think Obama is so inexperienced and flat-out incompetent that advisors and others will flock to manipulate him, and he'll fall for those games, or turn fascist. What is the worse of those options I won't guess.

McCain, who's too uncritical of Turkey, Bosnia, Kosovo, will probably make mistakes, but not as dire as what would happen under Obama. And a solid Conservative vice president wouldn't hurt, not at all.

Reno Sepulveda said...

Palin The Barbarian!

Bela said...

kgs and no2liberals:

You are behind the curve and deserve to be sent to the EU re-education camps:
don't you know that for many on this forum the mass raping, pillaging, looting Russians are the most welcoming future for Europe? Their tongue is deeply up inside Putin's ana@omy and the true enemy is the evil USA! Don't ever dare to offend the putrid Russians lest you will be called as RACIST! RACIST!

Afonso Henriques said...


From all the reactions at my comment, yours was the only one I thought legitimate and worth answering:

We, NATO could do give that message to Mr. Putin.
Those things I think are really difficult to happen (like, fantasy) I am going to adress with a "*" in the end. Here it goes:

1)Strenght NATO. It's current Nations, I mean, no need to (many) enlargments. NATO's relations could be far better.

2)If you really want to strenght NATO to enforce a strong message to Mr. Putin, you could easily end with those pussy neutral non NATO Western European states like Ireland, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, Austria and the like.

3)We (NATO) could kiss Albania, Kosovo and the like good bye; ***

4)Invite Croatia in

5)And tell the Turks that we do not like them too much so it is better for them to behave as we want (Turkey supported Russian's actions against Georgia, which goes against the NATO decisions). ***

6)We could get the hell out of the Caucasus

7)We could take Afghanistan as it was a second Second World War. Seriously, that is. ***

8)We could get our missile shields the hell out of Eastern Europe.

9)We could tell Iran and Saudi Arabia and Turkey to deal with Iraq. (As longer as it pleased us)

10) We could friendly help to reformule Russia's borders!!! instead of playing coloured revolutions**************************

11) Do you know the Xangai Coperation Organisation? That scares me a lot. I want an European Russia, not an Asiatic Sinic influenced one.

If we did right what we do (*****************) or are suppose to be doing, that would be the strongest sign ever.


Afonso Henriques said...

Just an aside Bela, your "look, look, an anti American!" is so childish it tires me. Also, it has a lot of similarities with the... who behaved like that? The Bolsheviks!

But because maybe you will not understand my English, I will clearly say that the "pro-Russians" here have as their "true enemy" the European Union and not the United States of America.

Here, have this, maybe we are not that different after all. We're just on an earlier stage. Russia lived in our future, it has rebirth and is living in our past now.

no2liberals said...

Would that be the classic definition of a "racist," or the modern definition?

"The modern definition of ‘racist’ is someone who is winning an argument with a liberal."
Peter Brimelow

No, I didn't know a dying country was the future of Europe, and since I live in Texas, and we don't care what the EU or it's courts have to say, I give them a big NEENER-NEENER!
Besides, Super Sarah knows how to deal with the Bear.

no2liberals said...

I'm not going to respond to each of your points one by one, as I'm watching college football.
Based on what I have seen and read, Russia is now flush with cash, and can have a dramatic influence on world matters. Their aggressive actions in recent years, appear to me, as Mark Steyn has so expertly researched and documented, to be the lashing out of a country in it's death throws. Russia's population is declining at an amazing rate, with HIV/AIDS in official W.H.O. epidemic proportions, male life expectancy of fifty six years, and 70% of all pregnancies aborted.
They couldn't defend their territory, Alaska, so they sold it, rather than have it taken away. The same will happen with China during this century.
My desire is to see Russia contained, as it dies, to minimize the number of innocent people and nations it can harm, and keep their nukes from getting dispersed.
I don't have any faith that NATO will be effective, unless Russia attacks European countries.
I do think the economic sanctions being implemented, the denial of entry into important trade organizations, as well as the potential loss of the 2014 Winter Olympics might have a better effect.
I've known about the Shanghai Cooperation Organization for years, and the alliances in that group should make anyone tremble.

Bela said...

Greetings from Louisiana, we're neighbors !
As an ex-Eastern European I am well versed in the European mentality and mindset. Racist! Racist! word is neither classic nor modern: it's Orwellian newspeak. When you shriek Racist! - you instill fear, shame, the sad feeling of being un-cool in your adversary's subconscious who will then shut up and goes into hiding humiliated.
The same in the States: not liking the illegals is "Racist"! Stop the Muslim Jihadist is "Racist"!
Dissing and disliking the Soviet-Russians (Putin was Soviet a couple years ago)is "Racist"!
For the mulatto Messiah everything that leads him to an uncomfortable feeling or situation is "Racist"!
Once you are labeled as such you supposed to turn into a moral cadaver and annihilate yourself.

Henrik R Clausen said...

Bela, calling the Russians 'putrid' and the like is exactly what earns you a well-deserved 'racist' label.

Be civil, document what evil the Russians commit, and you will have much greater impact here.

Another way to achieve what you want is to praise the good examples (of which there are disappointingly few) than to denounce the bad ones, which are plentiful.

Before all, best to focus on the actual actions - like this stupid idea of funding 'Rose', 'Orange' or whatever revolutions - and to figure out what drives things. In Georgia, Russias' granting of passports to anyone who asked is a key ingredient in getting to this point, as is the suckering in of the West that Georgia has done, via the Soros-funded revolution.

It's not a black&white world.

Bela said...

henrik r clausen

As long as is it's not a criminal offense to use the word "putrid" you can call me whatever you want to, I cannot care less. Unlike other well respected poster on this forum I never called for the extermination or "final solution" of people who just don't behave properly by losing their virginity. Do you know what I mean?
Russia was never part of the European family of nations: it remained a distant, idiosyncratic despotism which strove to be respected but deeply down in their subconscious they are suffering from a chronic inferiority complex that often resulted in vicious aggressiveness: they butchered more of their own people in the Gulags and in the infamous Lublanka prison than the Nazis did.

They were unable to internalize and implement the concept of individual freedom - the leading spirit of the West, instead they supplanted it with a strong man: whether it be the Tzar, the Party Secretary, or the ex-KGB apparatchik.
Only the Russian displays the ability to hold two, completely contradictory world views at the same time. Publicly they display the world view they would like to have, or the one they think you want them to have.

Then there is the one they really believe; that one is that has Putin in power for life and the one where they are nostalgic for the greatness of the USSR: nostalgic for that murderous era of national psychosis, when they were all starving and waited for the “worker's paradise” that remained as elusive as it gets.

no2liberals said...

Greetings neighbor!
I was born in Shreveport, lived in NW La. until I was five, then moved to Texas, just across the border thirty five miles from Shreveport. I still have family all over La., many of which are packing there gear and heading north, right now.
I know the term "racist" has been a favorite argument ender for about forty years now, but some of us are no longer fooled, and throw it back at the insulter for being a coward in debating.
I wrote a little sumpin' the other day, that got some liberals all flustered.

As to your life experience, I can't imagine what it must have been like, living in that region with Communist Russia. Your animosity towards Russia is understandable, to me. While I was very hopeful that things would change after the wall came tumbling down, I am deeply disappointed that the Russian people haven't embraced freedom and liberty, and seem willing to accept a dictatorship, a Cleptocracy, in exchange. When McCain said he looked into Putin's eyes, and what he saw was KGB, I didn't doubt it, and still don't. Perhaps it is still the rebel DNA I have, but I can't fathom so many, so willing to accept authoritarian leadership. Perhaps representative government, and questioning authority is still too new to the Russian people, after generations of oppression.

Afonso Henriques said...

"Russia was never part of the European family of nations:
They were unable to internalize and implement the concept of individual freedom - the leading spirit of the West, instead they supplanted it with a strong man: whether it be the Tzar..."

Well, forgetting the Communist expression that is so much Russian as it is European, I'd like just to make some comparisons:

Germany - Adolf Hitler
France - Louis XIV, Napoleon
Italy - Ceaser, Mussolini
Spain - Franco

Europe is full of "Tsars". While I agree that Russia's rulling elite has been particularly bloody, it can be expelled by the Russian History and its contigencies.

Afonso Henriques said...

it can be explained by the Russian History and its contigencies.

Bela said...


What gives me the strength and courage to face off the Euro-Socialists is that my Racist Headquarter is only a few hundred yards from Barksdale AFB full of B 52-s and Warthogs so I have formidable backup in case of need. Before that I lived in N.O. until Katrina washed away my house.

afonso h.

It's a lame attempt to twist historical facts such a way as to make it more appealing than the actual reality.
Hitler, Franco, etc. lasted a few years and their legacy never transcended to the next generation; it died with the Master.
Russia however trough her whole history sunk into and remained a brutal despotism and the Age of Enlightenment never illuminated this vast, frozen expanse.
They want your stuff, and your technology, but not your contaminating ideas: Peter the Great is the best example on this paradigm: Western technology yes but no to the freedom of his people.
Any individual or nation that had the misfortune to live close by to this terrorizing monster can tell you hair rising horror stories about the life under Russian yoke.
It's sad that you try to discredit the true witnesses, the Easterners while not having the faintest idea nor experience on the Russian subject beyond some hodge-podge, romanticized daydreams.
But be happy: you are not alone on this forum who demand deferential treatment of the Evil Empire without being able to explain as to WHY?

no2liberals said...

My grandmother's farm was just east of Barksdale, between Bossier and Minden, directly across Hwy 80 from the Ordnance plant, which was my families land, til the gubmint took it, for less than market value.
A dining tip. If you haven't, you need to try Herby K's on Pierre Ave., just next to I-49 and I-20. Get a schooner of tap beer(or sweet iced tea) and order the shrimp buster. It's beyond delicious. Herby K's is one of those hole in the walls that only the locals know about.

laine said...

Bela, no2liberals and kgs, you have restored my faith in this site as one where Russia will not be allowed to get away with murder scot free.

I could have used your help when the Russophiles were piling on with ad hominem attacks and rebuttals to strawmen of their own making while refusing to explain how they justified Soviet crimes against humanity and lack of repentance or reparations unlike the Germans.

When I asked why the double standard of judging the nazis vs the soviet communists, one poster went so far afield in fevered imagination that he projected a ridiculously inaccurate reaction on me in some unlikely future scenario of a German nationalist leader arising. Another one had to be chastised by the Baron on his own behalf for over the top comments. I've never seen anything like it, as irrational, except on Kos perhaps.

Please stick around.

X said...

Or LGF? I'm starting to get that feeling...