Thursday, August 28, 2008

Stop the Ethnic Cleansing of Greenlanders!

Last Saturday a group of demonstrators, under the leadership of SIOE, converged on Aarhus in Jutland to protest the racist behavior of local Muslim immigrants. The issue that sparked the protest was a series of violent attacks by Muslims against Greenlanders, who are native Danes, in a housing project in Gjellerup.

SIOE England issued a press release yesterday with a report on demonstration:

Press release for the Anti-ethnic cleansing of Greenlander Danes in Aarhus.

The demonstration was relatively peaceful despite attempts to disrupt it by Autonomer groups.

We were surprised that self-styled anti-racists turned up to try to spoil an anti-racist demonstration.

Pictures and text at the SIOE blog.

And here are some excerpts from the SIOE blog post, with photos:

Racism is the lowest form of stupidity! Islamophobia is the height of common sense!”

The Autonomers in the counter demonstration could not grasp the simple truth that islam is not a race. They were left speechless when Anders Gravers pointed this out.

Stephen Gash delivering his speech about islamisation and muslim persecution. Behind him the signs read:

“In with SIAD out with Jihad” (left) and “Stop racism” (right)

Aarhus demo


SIOE conducted a peaceful demo in Aarhus to support the poor Greenlander Danes who have been ousted from their hometown of Gellerupparken.

This is ethnic cleansing of the worst kind taking place in a sophisticated European country with a mature democracy.


We doubt that this was due to any sense of shame Gelleruppen muslims felt. They most likely stayed in Gellerup to stone a few Greenlander Danes.
- - - - - - - - -
Anyway, the small number of Autonomers who turned up had no answer to this suggestion…

The sign reads “Open borders” which was a pretty stupid thing to say at a demo protesting against the ousting of Greenlander Danes from their homes by muslim immigrants.

Aarhus demo

They also had no answer when asked why they were not supporting the persecuted Greenlander Danes instead of shouting in an imbecelic manner at SIOE the only group openly protesting about the treatment of Greenlanders at the hands of bullying muslims.

The only real anti-fascists present in Rådhusplads, Aarhus today were SIOE supporters. Other self-styled anti-fascists were the real fascists who only pretend to be against oppresssion and persecution.

The Autonomers in Denmark have lost all credibility. To regain it they should read the Koran and find out what a fascist manifesto looks like.

A speech by Stephen Gash of SIOE England was made describing what islamisation is and how the EU is moving towards a totalitarian Eurabian superstate.

See the SIOE blog for more text and photos.


Homophobic Horse said...

Denmark is Forever!

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

It's always interesting to see how braindead rhetoric the autonmomes comes up with.

christian soldier said...

Going out -right now- and raising my Danish flag under my Star Spangled Banner!

Afonso Henriques said...


Well, this may be a little off topic but I heard that since the race for the conquest of the resources of the North Pole, Greenlanders are behaving badly towards Danes:

1st) Now, (now...) they want Greenland to be independent;

2nd) They want to expell the Danes from Greenland and are getting more and more Nationalistic.

3rd) I heard the "President of Greenland", well, the eskimo on charge there, does not even speaks Danish...

The reality is different right? Any Danes? Henrik...

Well, if it wasn't for the resources, I wouldn't be against Greenland's independence but I don't want to see Greenland as another American Island like Iceland or... Canada...

Not that would make any difference...

jha said...

There WAS some ingenuity in the Moslem world, but it was squandered.
There was a man named Ibn Al Jazari, an inventor who built devices of great complexity, with gears, cranks, cams, and so forth, usually driven by water power. He was not unlike DaVinci, except that Al Jazari's devices actually got built, and actually worked.
In Rome or Europe, such devices would have been put to good use in Industry and Agriculture, say, in mining or irrigation.
Under Islam, Al-Jazari's devices were soley used to make "toys" for the amusement of the Caliph, such as water clocks, and his inventions never left the palace, and so benefited no one (except the Caliph).
(see wikipedia under "Al Jazari" and the "Book of ingenious devices")

Afonso Henriques said...

By the way, those Autonomers... It's not that bad, they look like nice people. I am almost certain that they could do a lot for humanity if they sttoped breathing.

Homophobic Horse said...

In their contorted face we see hate masquerading as social reform. Here is the longing for the classless, "prejudice" free, conflictless, universal society that results from liberated existential consciousness--"We are the world," a pubescent version of Alle Menschen werden Brüder, the fulfilment of which has been prevented by the political mom and dad: reason and reality. In them we see charlatan day-dreams, hate, and a smarmy, self-serving and hypocritical version of brotherly love.

Hesperado said...

SIOE England in its press release said:

"We were surprised that self-styled anti-racists turned up to try to spoil an anti-racist demonstration."

I hope they were not really "surprised" but that this is just a rhetorical expression of wry sarcasm. If they were really surprised, then they have a poor grasp of the anti-racist ideology. The anti-racist component of PC MC (Politically Correct Multi-Culturalism) is not really anti-racist in the sense of a general principle: it is only opposed to one form of racism: the racism of whites against non-whites.

The anti-racist ideology is not, however, opposed to two other forms of racism:

1) the racism that exists among non-whites against each other;

and, most prominently,

2) the racism that exists among non-whites against whites.

#2 in fact forms the guiding crux of the ongoing agenda of the anti-racist ideology. It remains an amorphous and ill-organized agenda, but its beliefs are clear:

a) the West is white

b) the white West is evil and rotten to the core, and this evil rottenness is especially exemplified by the racism it has practiced throughout history, and continues to practice, against non-whites.

c) by hook or by crook, non-whites must fight for power against whites.

During the previous era galvanized around the 60s Cultural Revolution, this fight revolved around Black Power groups and the romanticization of various Third World guerilla "resistance" movements. Communism was one major paradigm touted as a vehicle for this fight.

In the last several years, out of the amorphous nebula of this ill-organized movement of anti-Western animus, Islam has been emerging as a major paradigm, and a new vehicle.

Whether a sufficient number of non-Muslim minorities, including blacks, will be stupid enough to lend support (whether as converts to Islam or simply as "brothers" in the revolution) to this new vehicle, only time will tell. The coziness toward various Muslims and Islamic groups which the Obama Campaign has shown reveals a disquieting trend in this regard.

Diamed said...

Is it just me or do I find it pathetic that Europeans will stage protests on the behalf of greenlanders, tibetans, and anyone else but themselves? As though they alone have no right to be defended?

Finding a fringe victim class to hide behind in the denunciation of Islam, and then pretending this is about greenlanders, or gays, or women, instead of about ourselves and our own right to self-defense, is just cowardice and weakness. It's the same as finding some blacks hurt by illegal immigration and arguing hispanic illegals should be stopped because it's hurting the black working class. It has nothing to do with that and everyone knows it. Rather than argue for ourselves, we create a 'pc' proxy and then argue for their sake. Yeah right. The liberals see through it, we see through it, and even the victims we're 'fighting' for see through it. I doubt any greenlanders joined in this protest for the sake of 'greenland.'

Maybe next time a protest can be organized for white males paying too high taxes to muslim criminals and welfare addicts and losing to affirmative action ethnies in hiring and promotions and the unfair divorce and child support laws that encourage women to take your wallet but abandon the actual messy business of a husband and the loss of territory the influx of foreigners creates. We have plenty to protest for our own sake, be men about it and stop hiding behind diversity poker which claims you can only care about what harms the precious minorities in any issue.

Brian H said...

Islamists are far more honest than whites. Islamists publish plans and manifestos about their program of infiltrating, out-breeding, and subverting the West. While the sneaky whites issue passports, subsidies and welfare payments (for all their wives), and generally try not to object too loudly to the primitive attitudes, habits, and beliefs of Islamists -- obvious covert cultural aggression and condescension, no?

El said...


in principle, of course they should be demonstrating on behalf of themselves. but you write as if there are no tactical considerations at all at play here.

SIAD is a single group, fairly young, with limited, but undoubtedly growing, organizational and political savvy. given its as yet shallow roots, it needs to avoid doing anything that could lead to it being marginalized as 'racist.' i do not have any involvement with it, but assume it has a keen grasp of the situation on the ground in denmark, certainly keener than yours or mine. it might be that exposing the violence against greenlanders is tactically sound. i would put the muslims in a boat and shove it out to sea (metaphorically speaking, of course), but SIAD is hardly in a position to do that, so it does what it can.

by the way, what is the relevance of child support laws? is it something to do with custard?

laine said...

As we've discussed here before, most self-styled "anti-racists" believe that ONLY whites can be and are racist. Diamed's other two kinds of racism simply do not exist for them.

When black Hutus slaughtered black Tutsis in Rwanda, it was not because of black racism (doesn't exist) but some lingering effect of white colonialism (same "reasoning" for black on black crime in North America).

Among black and brown races, there is a hierarchy among themselves according to skin color, with the lightest tones most highly valued. Look at whom black celebrities marry. Dark black women are disadvantaged as they are lowest on the totem pole for black men. It is rare to see a black couple like the Obamas where the wife is darker than the husband. But again, we're not supposed to know about or discuss the discrimination by blacks among themselves based solely on their skin color while flagellating ourselves forever for preferring our own skin tone.

Native American tribes who were enslaving or exterminating each other in power struggles long before seeing a white man were doing so for "survival". Whereas whites doing the same thing were racist.

Chinese and Japanese depredations against each other far back in time should also present a problem for the "only whites are racist" crowd but they just ignore inconvenient swathes of history.

As for non-white racism against whites, this is impossible in the leftist view of the world even where blacks have the numbers and power to inflict grievous damage on whites as in Zimbabwe.

Racism has also been defined down to making truthful statistical observations about non-whites that are not flattering to them. Meanwhile, every vile thing can and is said about contemporary whites with no evidence required.

Taking the already absurdly twisted view of racism to its logical extreme, as the last white is stoned to death by non-whites, HE would be the racist.

Afonso Henriques said...


"Whether a sufficient number of non-Muslim minorities, including blacks, will be stupid enough to lend support (whether as converts to Islam or simply as "brothers" in the revolution) to this new vehicle, only time will tell."

No, no Erich, it is not difficult to tell. Of course, many "non muslim minority" (B) members will not join the "muslims" (A). But those will be only great men, and thus a tiny (insignificant) minority. They will also be the more prone to suffer violence.
The problem is, when the Majority starts to attack As, members of group B will be afraid and think they might be the next. Also, there will be much pressure on them and they will see the attacks of the "Majority" on As to be because As are different. Also, some more "extreme" members of As will attack Bs and Bs will tend to react.

Mainly, Bs will join As because they have no reason to attack or fear each other.

Croats and Serbs killed each other viciously and they were brohers, sharing the same language and blood.

This is a pattern usually seen in ethnic civil wars (mainly in Africa?)

Afonso Henriques said...

"Among black and brown races, there is a hierarchy among themselves according to skin color, with the lightest tones most highly valued."

That is bullshit!

Of course, it is true that "white" Arabs/Berbers (Zidane) are up on the islamic hierarchy in what concerns their darker former slaves. Or "white" Persians in relation to Arabs and Turks (though I think Persians do not rule Persians any more). The only place this really happens is India but it has rational explanations also.

The problem is that everybody prefers white women. You are right! The great Mozambican leader of the 60s and 70s, who fought for his "black" people, for liberation and independence, married in the 70s a white American Marxist, the majority of upper class Timorese "import" Australian wifes, here the Ambassador of Timor married a white woman twenty or thirty years younger than he...

That's the reason, but there is no lighter skin hierarchy. At most, it is a white women hierarchy.