Saturday, August 23, 2008

More on Task Force 150

A reader writes with additional information about naval operations against the Somali pirates:

I thought you might be interested in this info about Danish warships.

While this deployment represents one of their two largest ships, it is neither a particularly fast nor heavily armed ship. Much slower than the Danish Corvettes, it is officially called a “support ship” — and is more or less like a light frigate (137 m. in length vs. U.S. frigates at 138.6 m. in length).

I suspect that when it comes to duking it out with the pirates, we’re more likely to see one of the U.S. Navy frigates giving them a good pasting!

Thanks again you guys for keeping us all posted.

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Zonka said...

While it may be smaller than a U.S. Frigate, it got several advantages over a traditional frigate, read more about the Absalon-Class ships here.

christian soldier said...

Where are the Danish air-craft carriers?

Zonka said...

Christian Soldier,

Sorry we don't have any, blame the British, who took our navy in 1807, after which we have been vary of having too big a navy, in case somebody would put their greedy eyes on it ;)

Seriously the Absalon and its sistership Esbern Snarre are the biggest ships in our Navy (you can see a list of active duty ships in the Danish Navy here).

christian soldier said...

Thank you for the brief history -

As a Danish - American (my Grandfather would roll in his grave if he knew I hyphenated AMERICAN!)
I've become interested in the bravery shown by the Danes...

"Grandfather-American of Danish blood..."