Friday, August 22, 2008

Elderly Anti-Islamization Activist Beaten Unconscious

An elderly member of the Pro Köln organization, which actively opposes the Islamization of Europe, was badly beaten today and left unconscious on the streets of Cologne.

The anti-jihad activist group is planning an Anti-Islamization Congress in Cologne next month. As reported here previously, the organization has been vigorously denounced by the OIC and the government of Malaysia. Acts of vandalism against the group’s building were reported last week, but this is the first time I have heard of violence against one of its members.

The incident is reminiscent of the vicious attack on SIAD members in Copenhagen last year, only in this case it is the Muslims themselves doing the dirty work and not their allies on the far Left.

According to Pro Köln, as reported by Politically Incorrect and translated by Steen:
- - - - - - - - -
Shortly before 3pm today, the 67-year-old Cologne Council member Hans-Martin Breninek was beaten unconscious and sent to hospital by young Turks. He suffered head injuries and is currently in Saint Mary’s Hospital. The young men wounded him so severely with blows to the head from their fists that the pensioner fell to the ground and lost consciousness. The video camera at a nearby store filmed the brutal act of violence. The recordings were given to the police to help identify perpetrators. The group of Turks, who had a “fighting dog”, managed to flee before the police arrived.

Their motive was apparently hostility towards Germans. Breninek had with him a leaflet containing information about the Anti-Islamization Congress, the citizens’ movement in Cologne, on 20 September 2008.

Thanks to people passing by, Breninek was not more severely wounded as he lay on the ground. The heart of Cologne is a busy pedestrian zone and in the afternoon thousands of Cologne residents and foreign visitors make their purchases. That did not deter the “youths” from attacking the 67-year-old man as he was sharing his Pro Köln material with the pedestrians.


Fjordman said...

This is a declaration of war, pure and simple. Turks want to show the dhimmis that they are boss, and that Europeans should lick their boots.

Proud Infidel said...

Sadly, these tactics have proven very beneficial to Islamics. The European goverments and media are well on their way to dhimmi status, and I bet a lot of EuroDhimmis will probably blame the poor old man for a holding politically incorrect position. Let's not forget how effective the murder of a prominent filmaker and a prominent politician in Holland were in intimidating many Europeans and even Americans into silence.

Fjordman said...

The Communists and their fellow-travellers didn't have to stand trial after the cold War. It is of paramount importance that we do not repeat this mistake with the Multiculturalists. When the European Union collapses, as I hope that it will, we need to have public trials against those who took part in the Eurabian networks and collaborated with the Islamic world. The creation of Eurabia is one of the greatest betrayals in the history of European civilization, and those who participated in it should not get away with their crimes. We need a period of public de-Eurabification to get rid of the historical lies pro-Islamic Multiculturalists have promoted and inserted into school textbooks.

V. S. Naipaul writes about how conquered peoples have been deprived of their identity and had it replaced with Islamic myths. The modern West is a very strange case where people had to a large extent been deprived of their history even before Muslims got there. Every single aspect of European or Western history has been systematically discredited for decades by the radical Left. Many young Westerners would be hard-pressed to articulate a single reason why their civilization is worth preserving. They would say something about the glories of Arab science, the backwardness of medieval Europeans, colonialism and Adolf Hitler, and that’s just about it.

Our first priority should be to stop any talk of a moderate Islam. We should not try to export democracy to the Islamic world. Those who believe that democracy will solve the problems of the Islamic world understand neither democracy nor Islam. We should contain the Islamic world and have as little to do with it as humanly possible. Our second priority should be to regain a real understanding of our history, which is now buried under so many layers of distortion that it will take years to recover something resembling truth.

Fjordman said...

PI: That's because they are scared of Muslims, but they are not scared of us. It's time for that to change. Any support for continued EU integration should be considered high treason, as should any collaboration with Islamic organizations on a national or an international level. We need to have public lists of leading politicians regarding their collaboration with Islamic organizations. They need to be scared.

Proud Infidel said...


You make a lot of good points, as usual. Recovering the West's true history of acomplishments is very important, how can people who are ignorant and/or ashamed of their culture defend it? And just as important, the truth about Islam must be proclaimed by as many voices as possible. And we must stop all this silly talk about the legendary and non-existent moderate Islam. This particular lie is very pernicious, since it is nothing more than wishful thinking with no basis in reality.

And I completely agree with you on, making them fear us instead of us fearing them. If they continue to intimidate us like they have, we've already lost. The only thing they understand if fear, attempts to make peace and accomodate them don't work, period. We must be prepared to fight, because Islam taking over is the most horrible thing that can happen.

Anonymous said...

For a long time I have stated that fear is the key, which Muslims have used to subjugate Western society. Even though Muslims are a minority, they are united, and around a central authority – the mosque. It is thus a war between a united force, which is also armed, against a large group of disorganised and disunited individuals. This is a “no contest”. Moreover, Muslims have the support of 50 odd Muslim countries, and have also shown that they are not averse to using lethal force.

So how do we get organised, and along which central authority, that is above question as a mosque is - a designated place of worship. We have already seen the deference given to mosques by the UK police. For us the equivalent is the church. Unfortunately, this wont work

1. There are too many denominations
2. The church is no longer the muscular fighting church it once was.
3. There is no equivalent ideology of a Jihad.

The Islamic front is also united with the Left, which has well organised cadres, and media support, such as the BBC.

We have nothing. This is very dispiriting.
We have a big problem, and we need to do some serious lateral thinking.

If we can solve this problem, all else will follow.

Anonymous said...

The trouble we have is compounded by the fact that Muslim spokesman, imams and others, can continue to parrot the "peace and dialogue" mantra, in the comfortable confidence that every Muslim understands, in the privacy of the mind, that the Jihad is ongoing. We OTH would have to state something quite the contrary to get the troops going, and will sound aggressive. We will be labelled "fascist" and worse.

Once upon a time, Christians could continue fighting the Islamic Jihad, while praying for the souls of Muslims, and for God to show them mercy. It was brilliant. Not so anymore.

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

I totally agree with Fjorman on this issue. This here dhimmi refuse to bow down to these barbarians and lick their boots. Rather would I use mine to kick their butts. I would also like to see these traitors exposed. I want to know who they are and what they look like. Is it possible to set up a site or forum where these fifth columnists could be listed by name and picture if possible, country by country.

Anyone with the slightest knowledge of how professional criminals operate, especially when it comes to blackmail and protection, knows that paying the ransom is never enough or a solution at all. If you pay they know they have found a source to milk and will hardly stop their activities no matter what they have previously promised to their victims. Seems to me that the muslims uses basically the same Modus Operandi as these criminals. Instead of constantly backing down to them we should confront them always, not by using silk gloves as know but with deadly force if necessary. Considering how aggressive they are I have no doubt that this will be necessary. This will probably lead to terror threats but giving in to these threats will only lead to more dhimmitude.

Fjordman said...

It must be strange for Germans to hear that they are not militant enough, but frankly, I don't see any reason why a great nation such as the Germans should submit to these backward barbarians. Send them home! You have just as much right to fight for your dignity and country as everybody else.

Notice that Muslim countries publicly denounce any steps Europeans take to defend their nations at the same time as Muslim immigrants assault people in the streets. Indonesia, a country where thousands of Christian churches have burnt only in recent years, now feel confident enough to order Europeans to submit. European politicians lick the boots of any Muslim they can see and are busy signing our formal surrender as we speak.

Western so-called leaders are scum.

Defiant Lion said...


You puzzle me, you really do.

I am a great admirer of your essays, indeed,I would like to thank you for raising my level of awareness to the Islamic threat.

You know that I am a staunch and proud BNP supporter.I make no secret of it. Yet you are opposed to us, the only political party in the UK who has got the established traitor parties seriously rattled.

In thbe UK, the BNP are the ONLY party to object vociferously to Islam. Our leader Nick Griffin even stood trial because he is the on;y leader to call Islam for what it is - "a wicked evil faith".

You bemoan the lack of serious opposition to Islam yet the only party in Europe who would kick every single muslim back to their paedo-worshipping cesspits is a party you criticise. Mainly because you believe the bull served up by the marxist media.

Racists? Fascists? Nazis? Please. Spare me the BS. We are nothing of the kind. But we do fight for the rights of our own. And we make no apology for it.

Make no mistake about it - this is war. Only the BNP recognise it, only the BNP in the UK will fight for the rights of the indigenous people and only the BNP will make the marxist traitors of lib/lab/con pay for their disgusting betrayal of their own people.

Thank God we Brits have them. And mark my words and mark themn well: We'll have allof these evil scum and we'll give them the justice they deserve.

It is a day I long for.

laine said...

So the white natives who confine their action to handing out leaflets publicizing a long overdue discussion on immigration issues are demonized as racists by the Left who simultaneously excuse as "victims of racism" the intolerant Turks who attempt to beat their opposition to death.

We are in an Orwellian world where guilty is innocent and innocent is guilty. Those who attempt murder are "victims". Those who oppose bringing more such "victim"-thugs into their midst are portrayed as evil racists.

First, we have to take back control of language from leftist media and other opinion makers.

Hostile colonists who want laws changed to sharia and permanent parasites on tax-paying citizens should no longer be termed immigrants nor accepted as such.

Everyone should start calling a manure shovel a shovel, not a silver spoon.

Piggy Infidel said...

More enriching violence in Germany last week at a small-town summer festival, oompah-band & beer, fairground rides for the kiddies, that kind of thing - at 1 o'clock in the morning between five and seven (according to witnesses) masked men burst into the main tent, armed with baseball bats , wooden sticks and pepper spray and begin to attack at random, beating people senseless, 15 injured, 2 very seriously. Attackers were also wearing arm, leg and chest padding, no one could lay a finger on them. Two minutes later they scarper, shouting "Scheiss Deutsche" (fu**ing Germans)

Here is Youtube link ... German unfortunately, interesting to note that in the pre-amble to the report the presenter refers to "right-wing attackers at folk-festival" but it later transpires that eye-witnesses described the attackers as, ahem, "southern-looking" - which I believe is the German accepted-euphemism for "dark skinned", probably akin to our British media's use of the term "Asian" when they mean "Muslim", and "no description yet available" when they mean "black"

@Defiant Lion, BNP supporter here too, I agree it is frustrating when the likes of Peter Hitchens, Richard Littlejohn et al constantly decry the BNP, despite their own oft-stated views being more or less BNP policy, but its just a matter of time til the stigmas of tha past are forgotten and saying you vote BNP is standard, run-of-the-mill stuff - maybe, like them, Fjordman just needs a bit more time to accept that the current mainstream parties will not change, no matter how bad the situation gets, and that we have no other choice, now, or in the near future

Defiant Lion said...

@Piggy Infidel

Good to know I'm not the only BNP supporter here!

Interesting post of yours. I wonder when -if ever - the Germans will shake off their past and fight for their country. I know nothing about the situation in Germany - is it as bad as the UK, France and Sweden?

These attacks on our people have to stop. At last week's annual Red White and Blue festival - an event for British families - an MP and a trade union leader led a march by marxist blackshirts - oops, sorry, "antifascists" - who had called for violence against the BNP supporters.

The police prevent the marxist thugs from achieving their goals so the reds turn their anger on the police.

The media spin it as "33 Arrests As Violence Erupts At BNP Rally"

The media are the lickspittles of the marxists and are just as guilty of treason as their masters in the mainstream political parties who I believe are working together to destroy our nation whilst they feather their own nests.

I've said this in debates here many times but I truly believe the only way Britain - and other EU nations - can get out of the mess they are in is by supporting strong nationalist parties who will strive for self-sufficiency and who will put their nation and their people first.

It is especially true when it comes to the evil threat that is Islam.

X said...

Defiant Lion, I think Fjordman is objecting to certain statist elements of the BNP's manifesto and I think it's been mentioned by others as well. Believe it or not your party is broadly left wing in economic terms, and in many other ways too. The BNP wants to retain central state control over many areas that I personally think shouldn't be touched by the state at all and I'm too much of a libertarian to vote for that with a clear conscience. If it comes to it I may have to hold my nose and vote but I'd much rather see a party concerned with increasing the strength of our borders whilst reducing the power of the state within those borders.

To bastardise Churchill, it would seem that you're the worst option, except for all the others. ;)

Diamed said...

I think it's foolish in a time of crisis to worry about trivia like freedom or the economy. In fifty years or so you will be part of the global caliphate, and you won't be free or have an economy or even exist then.

First secure your existence. Then and only then start worrying about details like freedom, prosperity, morality, or anything else. For this task, it must be an 'anything goes' mindset where all normal concerns are put aside. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Our position isn't strong enough to handcuff ourselves with various restrictions and principles that simply get in the way of outright survival.

It reminds me of people who essentially agree with Enoch Powell's speech, but refuse to support his policy because he said 'pickaninny.' This type of absurd principled stand even while your country diligently builds up its own funeral pyre will be the death of us.

X said...

Well the joy of it is, I don't have to vote for the BNP to see them have an effect. I just have to support their position. Sooner or later the major parties will either adopt a similar position or be pushed aside by others that do.

Also, please read and comprehend what I wrote, next time.

Diamed said...

@graham: I wasn't condemning you, after all you said you would vote for them. I was condemning the hypothetical 'somebody' who knows immigration is genocide, but, due to the economy or some other quibble, decides to abandon the anti-immigrant party because after all, the economy matters more than genocide. That position is simply untenable.

If immigration is genocide, then nothing else matters. For the PC crowd which insists immigration is enrichment, it's fine to not worry about that and concentrate on the economy, but for those who insist it is genocide, and then turn around and discuss how the BNP's policies would affect the economy and thus can't be supported, is, shall I say, not serious?

The same for thinking immigration is genocide, but, due to the BNP being 'potentially anti-semitic' oh well I guess we can't support it, better a genocide of the entire white population, than any jews in the UK be harmed. All excuses like this are frustrating, not from the PC crowd who has the excuse that they don't realize what they're doing, but from the anti-immigration people who should know just what they're doing, when they sacrifice the issue of immigration to any other priority.

Charlemagne said...

This is my recommended solution.

Defiant Lion said...


If you are a libertarian you should look at the BNP manifesto. The practice of placing cameras everywhere will cease. As for statist inereference, we are in favour of the water and energy industries being nationalised, as opposed to the situation at present where they are owned by foreign companies who are driving up prices in the UK whilst keeping prices in check in their own countries.

We would also refuse to fight illegal wars on behalf of a certain nation, instead deploying our troops - properly armed and equipped - on our borders to increase the security of Britain.

We would pull out of the corrupt EU immediately and the colonisation of our land through mass immigration would cease.

But an area I really do admire the BNP for is their stance on peak oil. For years they have been calling for action to be taken and their policies about sustainable agriculture encouraging people to buy locally produced food and reduce food miles along with investment into alternative energies and research and funding into new energies whilst reducing our dependance on oil (and on hostile nations to provide our energy) was another major factor in giving the BNP my full support.

I don't think you'd have to hold your nose anywhere near as much as you would if you voted for the lib/lab/con traitors, the people who are part of what Fjordman rightly calls "the greatest betrayal" and who are not only corrupt but guilty of the most heinous war crimes in both Bosnia and Iraq.


That is an excellent post.

May I just point out that we in the BNP are most certainly not anti-semitic indeed one of our elected councillors (I think her name is Pat Robertson) is Jewish.

Our answers to those who accuse us of being racists/fascists/anti-semites (not that you were Diamed) can be found here:

Is The BNP Racist

and here:

Nick Griffin - Racism Cuts Both Ways

Another of our leaders, Arthur Kemp, has also written a new book called "Jihad: Islam's 1300 Year War On Western Civilastion"

When it comes to the threat of Islamic jihad, only the BNP is stating the truth about Islam and they really are the only hope we British have.

And we are reaching people with the truth of our message, thankfully. I just hope we have enough time...

X said...

I was condemning the hypothetical 'somebody'

Then I shall take my own advice about reading. :D

Hesperado said...

I agree with Defiant Lion about the BNP. I also agree with Diadem's response to Graham. Part of Graham's point was utterly irrelevant -- analogous to noting how one of the chief fire-fighters has faulty positions on re-districting neighborhoods while one's house is currently in flames burning to the ground. Though he ends up supporting the BNP, what was the point of the irrelevant parts?

With the increasing metastasis of the menace of Islam, the entire West is inexorably configuring into an emergency of ghastly, gargantuan proportions -- and people are nitpicking the BNP, the only party to take a stand against Islam in the UK.

At Jihad Watch over a year ago, a vibrant discussion began in the comments section about the BNP among many different readers. I asked for some solid evidence that the BNP is really as bad as their demonizers make them out to be. While about three people responded to me with numerous and very long posts, they consistently failed to provide me with hard evidence. Their "evidence" amounted to things like, "a friend of mine overheard some BNP 'thugs' in a pub last week boast about how they wanted to beat up blacks..." etc.


When they rose slightly to offer things that had a faint semblance of being evidence, it was invariably posting links to shoddy websites that made claims with either no evidence, or extremely circuitous and vague innuendos and allegations.


Meanwhile, I smell smoke. Our house is on fire. The BNP has fire-trucks standing by. What are we waiting for?

Defiant Lion said...


Great post and thank you.

I promise you we will put out the fire and restore order back to our house.