Saturday, August 16, 2008

Cultural Crime

A primary characteristic of Islam is its bestial treatment of women. One of the notable dogs-that-did-not-bark is Western feminism, which has remained largely silent about brutality against women in the the Muslim subcultures of the West.

Oppression of women has strolled unnoticed into Europe, Australia, Canada, and the United States while the feminists concentrate on forcing the native male population to urinate while sitting down, or push to get lesbian sexual practices into school curricula.

Our Austrian correspondent ESW has translated some excerpts from Kurier about one woman’s efforts on behalf of immigrant Muslim women in her country who are oppressed, beaten, and killed:

Austrian Minister of Interior: “I want to protect those girls”

Girls with an immigrant background who are forced into marriages, who are beaten by their fathers, brothers, cousins: this is a “huge problem”, even in Austria, according to Maria Fekter, the minister of interior (ÖVP, conservative party). “There are quite a few murderers in our jails who have committed honor killings, but this is hushed up.”

In order to combat this phenomenon successfully, Fekter demands the introduction of the concept of “cultural crime”. This concept should describe those crimes that are illegal according to Austrian law, but which are part of an immigrant’s culture. “It is important to call a spade a spade.”
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Maria Berger, minister of justice (SPÖ, socialist), criticizes Fekter. “Murder is a murder whether or not it has resulted from an honor killing.” The Greens accuse Fekter of “being confused” and “election propaganda”.

In an interview with the Austrian daily Kurier Fekter rejects the criticism. “Let me remind all of those with simplified arguments that all parties voted in favor of the introduction and acceptance of the crime of female genital mutilation.” Back then, law experts argued that this was not necessary because FGM is considered a criminal assault. If, however, a mother approves of her daughter undergoing FGM, then it is considered voluntary criminal assault and therefore cannot be punished as a crime. “As a result I have introduced the concept of cultural crime.”

A short time ago, a judge in Frankfurt legitimated marital violence due to cultural reasons. “I don’t want any of this in Austria. I want to protect the victims.” In most case, the victims are female.

[Additional material from Die Presse.]


Zenster said...

One of the notable dogs-that-did-not-bark is Western feminism, which has remained largely silent about brutality against women in the the Muslim subcultures of the West.

This isn't a case of "dogs-that-did-not-bark". This is a case of the dogs handing over the house keys and showing the thieves where the family jewels are kept.

My own surmise is that: By abandoning so much of the nurturing and affection that wholesome marriage and childbearing involves, many women have so alienated themselves from their own basic biological self-identity that, concsiously or subconsciously, an unavoidable sense of self-loathing has set in.

This self-loathing, largely unrecognized and untreated, runs so deep and is so pervasive that it permits the feminists who have strayed so far from worthwhile traditional goals to call White Males their "jailers" even as they reject the safety of a strong relationship. The rejection of such physical security is so rampant that many women now realize they are far more vulnerable but still cannot, or will not, connect the dots to their abdication of being a wife and mother.

This hatred of all things White and Male is so focused that a sort of tunnel-vision has set in whereby these bilious Feminists are unfazed by the obscene dovetailing of their subconscious suicidal self-loathing and the arrival of those who would gleefully enable it to the fullest. Namely, Muslim males, the most unrepentant and vicious haters of women this world has ever known.

ole said...

It's not realy "the feminists"that we're talking about here is it?
You can't live with them,and you cant live without them...
Western males tend to expect from females a certain brothers-in-arms kind of LOYALTY which just doesn't exist in the female universe.
This is one the hard facts of life ,that you have to learn to live with.
Those who have betrayed us are not women of any kind, but rather the men who have refused to accept the chalenge of what it means to be a man , including the willingness to pay the price for preventing women being confronted with situations they are not capable of dealing with.

Hesperado said...

"while the feminists concentrate on forcing the native male population to urinate while sitting down"

From what I understand, Muslim men urinate sitting down (or squatting where there's no toilets, which probably is the case for tens of millions of them).

Whiskey said...

If you've ever read feminist literature, the dominant theme is the pursuit of the high-status, high testosterone man without limits or restrictions or morality or consideration for children.

It's really women wanting to be eternally 16 years old at the Prom. That's all it is.

Of course they would not criticize their Muslim allies. Their common enemy is the middle class white man and marriage and the nuclear family. Which feminists consider prison.

What feminists really want is to be Rielle Hunter.

Diamed said...

Does it really matter what muslims do to themselves? For me every honor killing is one less enemy I'll have to deal with later.

Another good question is why did we share our technology and civilization with our enemies? Isn't it to our benefit that they stay backwards, weak, ignorant, and poor?

Félicie said...

I want male circumcision outlawed as well. I think it's child abuse. Adult males can decide for themselves whether or not they choose to be circumcised.

Henrik R Clausen said...

I would like that children (at least the girls) could take their parents to court for ill-treatment if they have been mutilated.

That should put an end to this evil...

Jungle Jim said...

This phenomenon was also observed in the feminists' lackadaisical reaction to Bill Clinton's alleged sexual harassment of Paula Jones and Kathleen Willey, and his alleged rape of Juanita Broadrick.

Compare that with their hysterical reaction to allegations of Clarence Thomas making a couple of racy jokes.

Zenster said...

One question: If Maria Fekter is serious about "culture crime", why isn't she campaigning to have shari'a law declared one massive crime in progress? Enough of this prinking about!

Ypp said...

I would offer an alternative look at shariah, polygamy and feminism. Everybody thinks that feminists must oppose polygamy, because people think of feminists what they proclaim. But maybe, its not what they really want. In polygamy, a husband is reduced to his wallet and sexual abilities. Isn't that what feminists really need from men?

Anonymous said...

Like Starbucks, feminists forgot the mission. My peer group in the feminist movement of the 70's would never, never have been silent about Muslim abuse of women. The "feminists" who are left in charge today are feminists in name only. The have as much to do with real feminism as Starbucks has to do with coffee.

I think modern feminists have a lot in common with modern leftists. What I see around me, culturally, is white leftists want to be third world. Everywhere I go, I see white hipsters, some not so young, dressing "ethnic," beating drums in the park, etc. I see the confusion of feminists as being only a part of the confusion of leftists in general. All of these people, men and women, are silent about Muslim abuse of women (and men and children), because they, the white leftists, fantasize that they are part of the third world, and so when sane people say, stop doing FGM, the hipsters say, don't oppress my third world friends, they're cool and you're not.