Friday, August 15, 2008

A Lethal Family Reunification

Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer sent me a tip about a news story in the English-language version of Aftenposten concerning the murder yesterday in Oslo of a woman and her small children. The article is very brief:

Two children and one woman killed

A man has been arrested in connection with the killing of two small children and a woman in Oslo Thursday. Two children and one woman were killed in an Oslo suburb on Thursday.

The victims were found in the area between the leafy suburb of Grefsen and Storo, north of the city centre. The woman was still alive when police arrived at the scene, after having been alerted about a domestic dispute. Initial reports said that several people had been injured after being attacked with a knife.


According to Løland, the victims and the suspect were related. Two other families live in the house.

Police are uncertain about the motive for the killing. A dozen people were taken from the crime scene. Several will be interviewed as witnesses. All will be offered trauma counselling.

Not a whole lot of detail there — no mention of whether or not the killer and his victims were “persons of Norwegian background”.

However, there’s much more to the story than this for those who can read Norwegian. Here’s The Observer’s summary of “The Rest of the Story”:
- - - - - - - - -
In a Norwegian article in VG (tabloid newspaper) it’s revealed that the family is originally from Iraq. The husband was given political asylum in Norway in 1999. The article also reveals that the husband on several occasions left Norway to go abroad after he was granted political asylum. Perhaps he went back to his alleged persecutors in Iraq…?

It’s also revealed that his wife came to Norway on a family reunification visa in 2001, and that she was given a permanent resident visa in 2005.

According to VG, the husband had been abroad for some time, and only arrived back in Norway about three months ago, after being granted a visa at the Norwegian embassy in Teheran on May the 8th of this year.

This Iraqi killer will no doubt claim insanity, and most likely get off the hook, without having to serve any time in jail. The Somali maniac who stabbed six people, and killed a young Norwegian, on a tram in Oslo a couple of years ago never went to jail, and is now free to walk the streets of Oslo.

Oh, and by the way: “The kids were 1 and 5 years old, the woman 34.”


Anonymous said...

The Norwegian criminal justice is that lax? Seriously?

xlbrl said...

How fortunate for the perp he did not commit these murders in Finnland. The penalty for homicide there is one year. He would have done three years.
The Finns are fairly strict about that. Their only serial killer in recent times got one year for every victim.
It's a lot cheaper than divorce.

Esmeralda Pearl said...

Too bad the scum didn't commit the murders in New York State or Texas, USA. Both have the death penalty for murder. In Texas, the frequency of execution is much higher (the appeal process is shorter).

Zenster said...

Perhaps he went back to his alleged persecutors in Iraq…?

Perish the effing thought that those who seek refuge from the brutal vicissitudes of their native lands should be free to return to them on a repeat basis.

How about this? You want asylum? Sign a document avowing that you will never again set foot in your homeland under penalty of surrendering all rights to citizenship in your new country of residence.

I'm sick and tired with this charade of, "My native country is oppressing me! Give me shelter so that I can shuttle back and forth fomenting yet more mayhem."

Norway has just barely purchased a clue about denying asylum to Mullah Krekar for having returned several times to Iraq.

If these wankers want to start a new life, they'd damn well better be prepared to sever all ties with the abusive regimes they are fleeing from. Too often these tossers are only seeking to import the same brand of putrescent horseradish to whatever haven they have managed to hoodwink into accepting them. Basta ya!

ZZMike said...

"... between the leafy suburb of Grefsen and Storo,..."

It was important enough to describe "the leafy suburb", but not enough to mention the origin of the murderer.

Much as I dislike the thought, it's time for a vigilante group to form, for the express purpose of dispatching people like the Somali maniac.

Kudos for the "strict" Finns. One year for murder? That's only one step up from a slap on the wrist.

There's a web site giving murder rates for countries. The US is #24, Finland #30, Iceland #42, Netherlands #51, Denmark #53, Norway #54. Sweden isn't on their list.

X said...

Sign a document avowing that you will never again set foot in your homeland under penalty of surrendering all rights to citizenship in your new country of residence.

Now this, I like. If it becoems safe enough for them to go back then of course they wouldn't mind losing what was obviously their temporary citizenship, would they?