Friday, June 15, 2007

Uriasposten is Off the Hook

I reported on Tuesday that Kim of the Danish blog Uriasposten was being sued by a journalist for an alleged copyright infringement posted on his blog, in what was apparently a politically motivated attack from the left-wing media establishment.

Henrik has just sent word that the drama is over:

UriaspostenThe legal confrontation came to an end today. Kim was on Danish television, being interviewed with the journalist in question and an expert in the legal aspects. After the show, Kim and the journalist hammered out an agreement in which Kim acknowledges that his posting the copy of the article was contrary to the law, and that in return he doesn’t pay a dime; i.e., no lawsuit either. That, so far, is all I know. I’ll get back to you when I know the finer details.

The money that was donated to him, as far as I understand, still goes into a legal defense fund for bloggers.

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BillT said...

A great example of why knowing copyright law is essential to blogging. Don't give the proponents of oppression an easy tool to use to batter you. They will.

Anonymous said...

Nice going. Gates of Vienna has this news before Uriasposten :-)

BillT... I am sure you are right that its good to know copyright laws. But this was a grey area of the law, so a trial would have been interesting. Also, some laws will need to be adjusted to fit with the use of the Internet, this will most likely happen after such a trial.