Friday, June 29, 2007

Keeping Boys and Girls Separated

One of the notable characteristics of fundamentalist Islam is the strict segregation of the sexes. Interactions between men and women who are not related to one another are tightly regulated, if not prohibited.

But Islam is not the only religion which separates the sexes. Orthodox Judaism is also very restrictive about interaction between males and females.

In an earlier post, Zerosumgame brought to our attention the case of a Jewish school in Gothenburg which is being sanctioned by the Swedish school authorities for separating boys and girls. He and Phanarath requested that we supply a separate thread on this topic.

Our Swedish correspondent LN located the material for this post in the Swedish media, and a Swede who calls himself Carpenter volunteered to do the translation into English.

So this post is very much a group effort.

It appears that the Jewish school in Gothenburg was not singled out because it was Jewish, but for simple violations of Swedish school regulations (whatever one might think of those).

But the unanswered questions are these: What would have happened if the school had been Muslim instead of Jewish? Would it have been sanctioned in the same way?

There is probably no way to answer these questions, since Muslims are so numerous in Sweden, and Jews so few, that it is unlikely that an Islamic school would find itself in the position of having so few pupils.

And now for Carpenter’s translations:

These articles are about the Jewish elementary “free-school” (friskola; a non-tax-funded school or private school) Beit Menachem in Gothenburg, which has lost its permit to educate Jewish pupils due to “several violations” and the fact that that the school separates girls and boys in different classes.

From Aftonbladet:

Jewish school loses its permit after criticism
Keeps boys and girls separated

The Jewish ground-school [elementary school] has several serious violations, according to the School Authority [Skolverket]. Hence, the school’s approval is being revoked.

The school Beit Menachem consistently organizes education and recreational activities in segregated boy- and girl-groups.

“It is not compatible with the values and objectives which are expressed in the school legislation,” writes Skolverket in a message to the press.

Skolverket has also criticized the deficiency of the students’ influence, and the unequal share of responsibility between the principal and the students. One more criticized failure is that there are fewer than twenty students, all from the same family. According to the school law, every school must have at least twenty pupils.

“The deficiencies are so serious that the approval can no longer be given,” writes Skolverket.
- - - - - - - - - -
From Göteborgs-Posten:

Free-school is being threatened with revoked permit

Once again, the Jewish free-school Beit Menachem in Änggården is being threatened with a revoked permit. Besides the fact that the students are still too few, this time it also concerns boys and girls being kept in distinct groups - even during the breaks.

In Skolverket’s latest inspection, several deficiencies were found. Except for some smaller concerns , the criticism is directed towards two main points:

“First of all, they separate by gender, both in the teaching and during the breaks. They do so due to the Orthodox interpretation of their religion; they’re Hasidim, and girls do not interact with boys. But separation between girls and boys is against the curriculum as Skolverket construes it. Secondly, the school has too few pupils,” says Gerhard Eriksson, Skolverket’s education counsel in Gothenburg.

Beit Menachem School has nine pupils, but normally a free-school must have at least twenty pupils to receive aid from the municipality.

Skolverket has now decided to withdraw the school’s permit, if they have not solved their problems before April 13th or have clearly presented how the problems will be attended to.

However, if the school appeals in court, the process can take several years, and in the meantime the school can be run as usual.

But the school has got another matter hanging over it. As recently as 2005, Skolverket intended to withdraw its permit, with the only reason at that time being that there were too few students. The school appealed the decision in Länsrätten [the County Administrative Court], which judged in the favor of Skolverket, and then in Kammarrätten [the Administrative Court of Appeals], which judged in favor of the school.

Now, Regeringsrätten [the Supreme Administrative Court] has recently approved a new trial.

“Since it is with municipal aid the school is being financed, it must follow Swedish school legislation. It is our task to look at it and our duty to make sure it is followed,” says Gerhard Eriksson.

GP [Göteborgs-Posten] has contacted staff from the school, but they did not want to comment on the report or say what position they take on the new requirements for change.

“But what we have discovered so far is that they have no intention of changing the groups separated by gender. This is difficult and complex stuff,” says Gerhard Eriksson.




"Group Effort" = Totale Fiasco

It is quite obvious in this case that the jews are acting in the same troublemaking way as muslims mostly do. I will be back with a comment when everybody else have had their saying. Study the facts in the "earlier post"!

xlbrl said...

Paul Johnson, in his volume "A History of the Jews" briefly makes mention that Islam is a mutant Hebrew religion. We see similarities to this day in some details of Hassidic grooming, dress, religious school chanting, and separation of sexes, however superficial they may be.
For the many centuries preceeding the diaspora Jewish prophets came from the desert regions and gained followings of varying significance. Most did not have staying power, but the culture was not ever static, and these movements all had effects on the general state of Israel whether it was a state at the moment or ruled by others. The desert prophets tended to be austere and fanatical, representing traditional Hebraic thinking against the upscale urbanized Jews living with and absorbing the powerful cultures of occupying powers like the Greeks. Jesus was most certainly a Hellenistic Jew and not a desert prophet.
We forget that Moses and a long line of his desendants were polygamous. There was no Microsoft or Berkshire Hathaways stock to store and create wealth, power, and prestige. It was done with seventy children in Moses's case, and Brigham Young later had the same idea. Believing themselves to be the lost tribe of Israel, why wouldn't they?
The Jews spent a few centuries working through their worst habits and understandings. The Moslems do not seem to care to.


How very few comments in 15 hours!! Boring subjekt?

With this post *Keeping Boys and Girls Separated* the Baron is eighter provocative or he, I am sorry to have to assume, demonstrates that kind of biassed, leftish journalism he probabely would critisize in other contexts. Hinting > suggesting etc > and leaving the matter open to the readers for wrong conclusions and by that attaining the desired effect.

He writes inter alia: "What would have happened if the school had been Muslim instead of Jewish? Would it have been sanctioned in the same way?" Yeah, that went in all right!
Also "... Swedish school regulations (whatever one might think of those)." Does he or any of the readers (not Swedish) a priori know ANYTHING about Swedish school legislation? Can he or you have ANY opinion about this legislation?

However, the staff of the 'Beit Menachem School' should have, but chooses to ignore. If these orthodox jews want to go on with their dumb religious indoctrination, they can pay for it themself and not insist on being subsidized by taxpayers.
Go private, Alexander Namdar; spokesman of the school!

Independent schools (free schools-friskolor) are run by a responsible authority that is not public (that is, not municipality or county council), but accepts public contributions up to 100% ('carpenter's'definition:"friskola; a non-tax-funded school" is false) in exchange to following the curriculum and other rules concerning teaching set by the parliament *with the right to implement an own profile within certain defined frameworks*. In 2002 there were circa 500 independent elementary schools in Sweden, all of them are, just as 'municipal schools' (witch are visited by 97 % of all pupils), öpen to any child.
Private schools do not generally receive public contributions; they finance their activity through school fees and are therefore not imposed to in detail follow school decisions made by Governement authorities. The legislation for private schools is since 1991 more than complex and I have no clear grasp of it. Two successfull private schools in Gothenburg are
'Franska skolan' and 'Ebba Petterssons'.

The fact remains that separating boys and girls in school for resons other than completely pedagogical -- due to girl's brains and boy's brains being different -- is idiotic/criminal, just as any genital mutilation, male or female, jewish or muslim! If you must have a religion, keep it private and personal; finally practise some true 'agape', don't handicap the next generation -- you live in the 3rd millenium and you do not OWN your children!

Zerosumgame said...

The school Beit Menachem consistently organizes education and recreational activities in segregated boy- and girl-groups.

This is why I say it is anti-Semitism. Segregation of students by sex is common in Islamic schools. I have yet to see any of our Scandinavian posters show me ANY evidence that Islamic schools are being shut down for separating boys and girls.

As for the low enrollement issue, that is just window dressing. The Swedish authorities themselves are saying it is due to the separation of the sexes, yet do nothing to Muslim schools for this. The fact that they enforce this against Jewish schools but not Muslims schools is due to one thing only -- antiSemitism.

It is just like their ban against kosher and halal slaughter. The ignore the halal part, but enforce the kosher part.

Can't have Jews celebrating their religion in Sweden now, can we?

carpenter said...

As LN says above, the Swedish school legislation is saying that free-schools can recieve municipal support, if they follow the national curriculum. Regardless if it was a Muslim, Jewish or usual Swedish free-school it would be treated this way!
In this particular case, Beit Menachem doesn't even have more than 20 pupils, which is why they were threatened by withdrawn support already in 2005. I don't know if there even is a Muslim school with less than 20 pupils in Sweden.
You're right, there is Muslim schools also separating by gender, but just because they are not warned, it doesn't mean that Jewish schools are allowed to break the law, supported with tax money - that would not be better than Jizyah.
Jews are a well-integrated part of our population. Muslims are not. If Jews are threatened but Muslims are not, although they're acting just as bad, it is not due to anti-Semitism; it is due to political correctness and fear of Muslim rage..
Jews of course can celebrate their religion in Sweden, welcome! But that include following Swedish laws and not breaking them!
As for kosher/halal; they're BOTH illegal here, but you can import both..
(LN: I was tired when I translated, and happened to define "free-schools" as non-tax funded schools. That is of course incorrect, what was I thinking?)


@ zerosumgame,

Yes, you are quite right, Zerosumgame, now "the push is on to make Sweden Judenrein".
There is no place in Sweden for any jews! Barely not for any ethnical Swedes eighter. Every space, room and housing is needed for the planned new wave of imigrating muslims, mostly Iraqis. Sweden will become 'Little Iraq in the North'. Informed Swedes are already refering to their own nation as 'Absurdistan'. The Swedish state has concluded an agreement with the German help organisation Agef and is paying this organisation circa SEK 23000 ($3300) for each individual that this organisation can help to a job and an accommodation in his/her homeland. (Veronica Lindstrand-Kant - SR P1 Ekot 28 april). I guess with homeland for the jews must be ment Israel.

Please, Zerosumgame, do not maintain that "This is nothing more than raw HATRED of Jews, which the Swedes, like much of Europe, had just hidden until 2002." That is not true. It is just a practical necessity -- in Sweden with it's future majority population of muslims it is just better to make the country 'Judenrein' to avoid any contentions that might otherwise be started by muslims.

magnus said...

Hm... Sweden shall close all Islamic and Arabic schools then? I think these schools let girls and boys have seperated physical training lessons, at least if it's dance. I asked a principal of an Arabic school (a school with two hours compulsory Quran reading a week). BTW: I don't think the Swedish authorities control if there is dance and music according to the national curriculum in these schools.

So, Swedish politicians, are you gonna stop these schools too?!?

Anonymous said...

Lost in the Anti-semetic/pro-Islamic debate is the elephant in the room--a national curriculum, enforced with permission to operate a school.

The concept of a national curriculum is wrong-- it is a form of thought control. And we are headed in the same direction. What's worse, our national curriculum will not include anything that teaches what made this country great.