Thursday, June 07, 2007

Freedom is Slavery

1984In his essay yesterday, “Resisting 21st Century Communism”, Fjordman examined the emergence of transnational politically correct Multiculturalism, and the parallels between this noxious ideology and Communism, and its origins in 20th-century socialism.

In the comments, Ypp left a series of thesis/antithesis pairs that highlight the fundamental contradictions inherent in Multiculturalism and political correctness.

I’ve reworded and reorganized them a bit, but the list below is still Ypp’s handiwork.

The Ten Antitheses of Political Correctness

1. Materialism is not about matter, but about suppressing ideas.
2. Communism is not about common wealth, but about depriving people of any personal possessions.
3. Socialism is not about society, but about depriving people of the means of production.
4. Human rights are not personal rights, but collective obligations.
5. Tolerance is not about mutual respect, but about the prohibition of opinions.
6. Multiculturalism is not about cultures, but about the repudiation of nationhood.
7. Energy policy is not about the distribution of energy, but about cutting off energy supplies.
8. Health care is not about health, but about control of our consumption.
9. Family planning is not about families, but about abortions.
10. Self-loathing is not about repentance, but about depriving others of their moral foundation.

Whenever they start by improving something, they finish by depriving people of it.

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Whiskey said...

Of course.

The whole idea is a new sort of "landed Gentry" with the land being hereditary positions.

THAT is threatened by upward mobility my friends. Why do you think they hate upward mobility and the average joe so much?

Scorpius said...

You forgot one- "Power to the people" is a slogan usually used by rulers who exercise more power than what kings or Emperors could hope to weild while their people have less power than slaves.

Yankee Doodle said...

And the best part is, they send the bill for it all to us.