Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Mohammed-Burning Video Has Moved

As we all expected, YouTube removed the Mohammed-burning video.

It also simultaneously removed all the violent jihad videos.


As of tonight the Flaming Mo video has been re-posted at Google Video. For anyone who hasn’t already seen this piece of incendiary Viking performance art, I have embedded it below.

If it doesn’t work, click here.

For a translation of the Danish intro, and a further discussion of 80+ comments, see our post from earlier this week.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the direct link. I just viewed it, and once again reaffirmed that my civilization is only a thin veneer.

There was a totally visceral pleasure in seeing the b****** burned in effigy. Fitting justice for someone who has spawned such hatred.

A year or two ago I posted on vengence, retribution, justice and mercy. My feelings by now towards Islam and jihad are pure vengence.

Hate engenders hate.

Anonymous said...

Oh, we dared to burn an effigy of Muhammed - how brave! A great victory against islamic jihad! Or maybe not... This ridiculous imitation of childish muslim behaviour isn't going to help us at all. It seems more like an sign of our feebleness and impotence than a mark of defiance.

In my opinion, raving about things like these or allowing the postings of the amateur "philosopher" Yggdrasil are seriously damaging what remains of the credibility of this blog.

"A year or two ago I posted on vengence, retribution, justice and mercy. My feelings by now towards Islam and jihad are pure vengence."

Bill, remember Godfather Part III? "Never hate your enemy. It affects your judgment." (And to our advantage, that is the weakness of most islamists, and multiculturalists as well.)

Anonymous said...

Lauri Olavi

Are we having a bad day ? :-)

Michael Travis said...

Absolutely Lovely!

I hope that this will catch on and become an annual event throughout the world!

Anonymous said...

OK just to make it clear for everyone, though I am sure most people already know this.

Many have complained that this video isn't this or isn't that and that it might be the same as burning a Church in Pakistan or whatever sick comparison people can come up with. And that it isn't right and that we should be better then them or whatever.

Get it it into your heads please

This is nothing more then a pissing contest.

And I know that most women cannot understand the need for a pissing contest. But just trust me, its a male thing. And also there will be some men who cannot understand it, those men should just finnish their sexchange operation to spare the rest of us from the gender confusion.

Dan Kauffman said...

It's back on you tube

magnus said...

Sorry if this is inconvennient (comsuming bandwidth?) but since the comments on Youtube was removed I wanna share an ordinary but a bit surrealistic discussion I had with signature ajfsx. ajfsx is from Canada, the country where muslim youth had a plot to kill the politicians of the parlament and behead the primeminister.

Here's my little discussion with this particular Canadian Muslim:


ajfsx: Kaffirs are just as fucked up as those extremists. I don't support violence but your government has been stealing oil and creating terror in middle east for decades to support the jews. so it makes sense why would some people act that way. because you only provoked them to do so. btw kaffirs are immoral pieces of flaoting shit in a pond.

My answer: How can you oppose violence and not see the problem of violence in Islam? Mainstream Islam has problems with violence. Oil hasn't been stolen, actually the opposite. It has been payed and the oil crises in the 70s proves Arab world autonomy (oil stopped and price raised). Now a large Saudi mosque is built in my Swedish city; oil money! Why is it that you hate Jews? Why call me kaffir? I think Islam is a disgrace to humanity and also your attitude.

ajfsx: you are ignorant to the facts that CIA has been fucking up middle east for decades for similar or whatever reason they deemed appropriate.

My answer: To invade the Taliban regime that held al Qaida in Afghanistan was made by the United Nation, remember! CIA jadajada... No, I think the killing eager Islam is f*cking up societies today, and I'm as glad as the vast majority of Iraqis who think that the problems after the US invasion of Iraq has been worth the expel of Saddam. See

ajfsx: all this backlash makes sense because you have been creating terror over there and creating shit. ignorant interventionist fucks.

My answer: ajfsx: "ignorant interventionist fucks."

US isn't imperialistic and has never been (no colonies). It is a state with resources so that thousand were saved in the tsumani catastrophe, bird flu analysis is made etc etc.

You live in Canada and call all non-muslims Kaffirs. As a muslim who despice non-muslims I'm sure your aim is umma; a completely islamic world. So "interventionist" is for you a word with no meaning, only used as an effective insult. Islam and your attitude is wrong!!

I'm adding: Clarification on my own mess ;) : "'interventionist' ... a word ... used as an effective insult."

The effectiveness I think is mainly caused by left biased US bashing media in the west. (BBC admits the left bias: )

ajfsx: as I remember soviets started building high rise apartment buildings in thousands of units to give it to people freely. thehy buit better satellite and communication system so on and so forth. but all that doesn't matter because I don't like soviets but that is what they did. instead you assholes came over and started funding Osama Bin laden to fight the terrorists. it is ironic you deny all this because now he is the one who is after you.

My answer: What you "remember" seems to be what is written in school books (even those I had in the 70s). Soviet economy declined but space technology was the only field they for a long time could compete in. Same with Northkorea missiles today, but the same bad economy and starvation in Northkorea as in Soviet. You call me Kaffir and asshole. Why do you as a muslim live in Canada among kaffirs? Bin Laden was honored with a title by Islam the other day! Why you're mad at US give him a bazuka?

ajfsx: we weren't opressed. we didn't like it but at least they weren't destroying our infrastructure like CIA did. and shut the fuck up with 'we did for you' .. you didn't do shit you fucking liar. cia did it because more terrority for soviets only meant that soviets would become more powerful and kick your asses and slaughter all you fucking pigs. but oh well we had to pay for your freedom because CIA intervened. so don't tell me you it is all for nothing.

My answer: ajfsx: "cia did it because more terrority for soviets only meant that soviets would become more powerful and kick your asses and slaughter all you fucking pigs."

Yes, CIA did what it did to save life, that's right! Your dream is to "slaughter all [us] fucking pigs"!!! Enough said.

thought said...

thought said...
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