Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Midsummer Burning of Mohammed

Breaking news: SIAD is announcing that Mohammed is to be burned up this evening. My Danish is not good enough to translate the entire article, but I think I have been able to get the gist of it — Vikings, correct me if I’m wrong.

Today is Midsummer’s Day — Saint Hans’ Day in Denmark — and the traditional Danish midsummer custom is to burn an effigy of a witch in order to banish evil from the country and ensure the good fortune of the people in the coming year. This year there’s going to be a slight variation on the usual ritual.

According to SIAD, a previously secret group is planning to burn an effigy of Mohammed instead of a witch, to symbolize the need to rid Western Europe of a new kind of evil. Tomorrow the group will release a video of tonight’s Midsummer bonfire.

I’m sure the “Muslim street” is not going to take this one lying down, so now is a good time to buy stock in Danish flag manufacturers and the butane lighter companies.

As a matter of interest, the Danish word for being burned up is almost the same as the idiom for being slapped in the face (det var en afbrænder: “it was a slap in the face”). I don’t know if the wordplay is intentional.

As soon as I have any more news to report on this event I will post it, especially if it’s in English.

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Anonymous said...

I sure hope the video will be available for download. I can't wait to see it

Lucky and Rex said...

Oh good, rid the world of this twisted evil, i will provide the marshmallows. I will post the video. The Muslims, enslaved to old thinking as they are, they shouls be allowed to leave that evil cult for the real world. Thank you for the important and relevant news that you post, MLM is a waste-if you want to find out whats going on, the blogs. So many are blind as to the events unfolding, you are a strong voice.

rockdogs "bud" from "Little Concrete Piranhas" at

Profitsbeard said...

Dante put Mohammad in the Inferno long ago.

Split down the middle for his divisiveness.

This ceremony can be considered a bright hommage to Dante Alighieri's profound insight into the dark nature of the Muslim warlord rather than merely burning a negative s.o.b.'s cheezy effigy.

Rekindling Europe's, and the West's spirit.

By ridding us of a flaming idiot.

Beach Girl said...

Maybe this will be the "spark seen 'round" the world and rekindle our spirit as Profitsbeard aptly suggests. I mean, first the brave Danes and the cartoons; next a "Guy Faulks"(sp) moment.

How grand! I'm buying my flag.

Looking forward to the video. Would someone please translate the commentary overlay for us?

Unknown said...

Mohammed is the new society-poisoner; only this time for real and therefore the burnings were entirely legitimite...
Baron, you seem to understand Danish more well than myself and most Stockholm natives I know...

Anonymous said...

Jonathan Robertsson or anyone who knows

What do you mean by "society-poisoner" ?

I have never heart that expression before.

And make no mistake that the baron understand Danes better then most swedes. He most likely also understand Swedes better then most Swedes, since understanding Swedish culture is seen as a racist thing in Sweden. So the Baron could have done this with ease even without being as brilliant as he is.

Sweden is doing the rest of the west a great favor in using themselves as an example to how bad things can get all over. And we should greatly respect that. That everyone would freely have their own country corrupted and the original population turn into things to hunt by the newcomers.

I imagine that since Sweden is a democracy, that these things where all put out beforehand and that you voted on them and the majority decided that you wanted to be rape victims in your own country.

All I can say is; Hats of to the people without any sense of self interest. I am sure there will be a special place for the likes of you in the afterlife.

Where should people who let their own daughters be raped sent to ?

We will have to wait and see.

Anonymous said...

Jonathan Robertsson

I am sorry.

I like the Swedes as people, you are almost like Danes. And since you are here posting as you are, you most likely dont agree with the swedish politics.

You swedes are like our insane brothers. Its easy to get very emotional.

kalashnikat said...

SIAD's website, at least in part, is available in English at: