Friday, June 22, 2007

Fox News Visits Red House VA…Again

Further Update: More Fox News video here, this one with Shepard Smith.

Sheikh Gilani LaneUpdate: The video of the Sheikh Gilani feature with Catherine Herridge’s interview can be found here. [Wazpi has a much quicker wav file streaming video link in the commments — Dymphna]

Ms. Herridge says, “They have communes stretching from coast to coast.” She also talks about the fact that the sheikh’s disciples are now required to send 30% of their income (bumped up from 10%) to their leader in Pakistan.

After a year and a half of obscurity here and at CP’s place, it is very satisfying to see this information escape into the MSM.

Fox News says it has received government documents regarding the methods of transferring money to Pakistan. It is nice and basic: small amounts — a pocketful at a time, to avoid the government reporting requirements — are carried overseas and deposited into Sheikh Gilani’s hands.

Regular readers know that you heard it here first, in October 2005.

Further Update: And let’s not forget A. Jacksonian’s detailed and thorough analysis of the aerial photos of the Jamaat ul-Fuqra compound near Commerce, Georgia.

Larwyn reports that Fox News will be covering Red House tonight. Supposedly an ex-member will be interviewed and will spill the beans about their connections with Sheikh Gilani [see sidebar for all the stories].

Larwyn also says:

Sheikh Gilani LaneBREAKING - MUSLIMS OF AMERICA in Redhouse Va (see Gates of Vienna coverage) A former member admits that they work and send up to 30% of their $$$$ to Pakistan. ON FOX NOW — Catherine Herridge reporting. Check GOV who will be on this fully, I am sure! Oh, members also reported to have traveled to Trinidad!

But Gates of Vienna does not have a TV so anyone watching Brit Hume tonight at 7:00 pm is welcome to give us any information that comes up since we won’t be watching it.

Anybody want to volunteer to do a quick and dirty transcript of the interview? We can put it up then.

It’s so nice that after all these years, and the heckling from the Left, and the County Board of Supervisors’ insistence that these are “good people” that finally the MSM is going after this story.

Somebody kiss Fox for me.

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Unknown said...

I don't have the Brit Hume video yet but here's another report they did on it today:
Fox News, Catherine Herridge report (streaming)

Beach Girl said...

I can't get the Brit Hume video to play but I did find a way to get the transcript which you probably already know so if I duplicate, forgive. At you'll find Special Report w/Brit Hume. To right of center and down a bit is a square and then:
In case you missed it
- Read transcript: June 21, 2007

I can only suspect that they will have the transcript for June 22, 2007 read sometime later today.

Excellent post. I'm taking Larwyn's links and adding yours at my blog right now. Interesting when hard work bears fruit. Hardwork, dedication, and focus. Good!!!!

Beach Girl said...

Please check your e-mail. I sent you a transcript of Shepard Smith's newscast. Hope this helps and gives you a feel for what went on.

I also sent the link to several folks in Finland and to two blogs here in US.

Karridine said...

EXCELLENT work, Dymphna, Baron!

When the gummint won't protect us, we CAN and MUST stand for ourselves, and YOU are leading the way!

A Baha'i thanks you, Friends!

A Jacksonian said...

Also the middle of my three looks at Radical Islam in the Caribbean and Latin America... this one has a feature on JaF at the end.

First article: here.
Third article: here.

Necessary to understand the inroads of Hezbollah, al Qaeda and Hamas to the region.

Douglas V. Gibbs said...

Excellent post. Yours and Beach Girl's posts will be linked at Political Pistachio. Keep up the good work. And by the way, Baron, you impressed me on Andrea Shea King's show. Articulate and intelligent.

Baron Bodissey said...

Beachie, Karridine, Douglas --

Thanks for your support.

Everybody see the new post for Beachie's transcript.

DiscerningTexan said...

Bravo! Thanks guys for hanging in there. This is a BIG WIN. Well done.