Monday, June 11, 2007

Pirates Demand Ransom for Danish Seamen

Well, it looks like the Danes are going to pay the jizyah for the Danica White. Here’s a brief account from DR,the Danish equivalent of PBS (my translation):

Pirates Demand Ransom for Danish Seamen

The Danica WhiteThe pirates behind the capture of the Danish freighter Danica White have, after several days of silence, submitted a demand for ransom.

It is still unknown how large the ransom will be, but the contact means that a professional negotiator can now attempt to gain the release of the five Danish sailors on board.

On June 1st the Danica White was on the way to Mombasa in Kenya with a load of building materials when it was captured by Somali pirates.

Vessels of both the French and the American fleets attempted to stop the pirates, but despite warning shots, they were unable to do so before the ship entered Somali territory.

Since then no one has heard from either the ship or the captives.

Note the key phrase, a professional negotiator. Maybe that doesn’t mean the same thing to the Danes as it does to us, but in an American context I would hear it as, “How much? Cash, check, or gold bars?”

Our satellite connection is hosed, and we are reduced to dialup, so my posting opportunities are limited. But I’ll have more to say about Somali pirates, Q-ships, etc. in due course.

Hat tip: LN.

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Profitsbeard said...

What the hell does the concept of "Somali territorial waters" have to do the "pirates"?

Aren't these mutually exclusive ideas?

No fighter jets in the region?

The rules of engagement in this entire War are demented so far.

Whiskey said...

Professional Negotiators are commonplace in Nigeria. But the ransoms are so high and frequent that the Western Oil companies who get their people kidnapped are contemplating leaving.

Mr. Smarterthanyou said...

Exactly, what's up with "Somali waters"?

And what is up with warning shots? If you have time for a warning shot or a kill shot, and after that the pirates are untouchable, what is the warning?

And why are these crews unable to defend themselves? The front office types need to be shot, for having such rules.

Unknown said...

Somali territory - sure, whatever. At this point I don't see another option but to pay the ransom. As the above poster said, someone in charge has to pay for putting the lives of the crew in danger and not arranging for some form of protection while transiting these waters.

BTW - I believe in normal circumstances commercial ships are unarmed - likely due to the problems associated with visiting ports in countries where firearms are severely restricted. Of course, the Horn of Africa isn't normal circumstances. Q-ships anyone?

Mr. Smarterthanyou said...

I always wanted to be a privateer, since I was a kid with bedsheets with a revolutionary war theme.

Wouldn't it be awesome, cruise around, all helpless looking, then at a distress call, or even agressive action directed at your own ship, open up some huge turbo-diesels, yank the tarp off of a twin-.50 mount, blaze some AC/DC on the speakers and go in HARD for the kill.

I wanna be a privateer!!!