Monday, June 18, 2007

“Most of Those We Are Importing Are Criminals”

Our Swedish correspondent LN is following the news about Dahn Pettersson, the notorious criminal politician in Skåne who dared to utter the truth about Kosovar Albanian immigrants and the heroin trade in Sweden.

Here is his translation and condensation of a report in yesterday’s Sydsvenskan:

A local radio broadcast of a meeting between the politician convicted of slander and the chairman of the Albanian Club

Not only Dymphna and the Baron appear on the radio — the convicted slanderer Dahn Pettersson was also lured to appear on a local radio program at 10 o’clock last Saturday morning, together with his party boss Leo Harvigsson and the chairman of the local Albanian Club, Luan Bajra.

Luan Bajra was hoping to get an apology from Mr. Pettersson for having declared that Kosovar Albanians are behind almost all heroin smuggling into Sweden.

According to Dahn Petterson some 10-15 persons have contacted him and expressed a wish to help pay his fines. “The amount is high for a half-time pensioner like me,” said Dahn Pettersson.

Dahn PetterssonThe radio broadcast that was intended to be about the conviction in the district court quickly developed into a back-thumping feast between the moderator and call-in listeners about everything that is wrong with “all these foreigners coming into Sweden”.

“Most of those we are importing are criminals,” one listener said.

“We Swedes are naïve,” said another.
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Then the discussion changed to deal with the difference between refugees and ordinary asylum-seekers. This is a theme that fascinated many.

Somewhat later in the radiocast Luan Bajra got what he had been hankering for: Dahn Pettersson expressed his apology “— to all honest Kosovar Albanians”. However, this apology will not prevent him from appealing the conviction.

How the conviction will influence his role as a politician in the future will be decided at the next party meeting. “Anyone confined to prison will be expelled — but for me it didn’t result in prison…”, Dahn Pettersson said.

I don’t understand the part about Mr. Pettersson being a “half-time pensioner”. Can any of our Swedish readers explain why an elected politician is also a pensioner? Does it mean that he works at another job half-time and draws a part-time government salary as an elected official?



Without in any way having detailed knowledge about the Swedish Social Legislation I can pass on a few facts. Ordinary and full age pension is recieved at the age of 65. With the consent of your employer it is possible to apply for (at the social insurance office) a part time age pension if you are 'gainfully employed' (so my swedish-english dictionary says) and in the age between 61-64 (Law 1979:84 §1) - this part time pension can be eighter 1/4, 1/2 or 3/4. That would mean in Mr. Petterssons case that he is working half-time, is being paid 1/2 age-pension and devote himself to politcs probaby in his spare time which should be amply sufficient. I doubt that he is getting any striking 'salary' for his political work.

R. Hartman said...

First of all, I fail to understand how in a proper judicial system anyone can be convicted of speaking the truth, however inconvenient that truth may be to some. Should Petterson have said that all Albanians are involved in drug trafficking, there might haven been some point, but stating that most drug trafficking is done by Albanians is something else entirely.

If any Albanian decides to be offended by such a statement, be my guest, whever the shoe fits should wear it, as a Dutch saying goes. If you're a decent citizen, you know it's not addressed to you, so you shouldn't care. As a result, I don

t see the need to apologize to "the honest Albanians", as they should not have felt offended in the first place. And while it's nice he's being supported by people willing to help him pay his fine, he should not be paying that fine in the first place, as its immoral.

Having said that, a Dutch politician was convicted of racism (by an "equal rights" commission, not in court, no fines or anything), because he wanted to specifically keep an eye on Somalian 'refugees' as wellfare fraud occurs on a much bigger scale with Somalians than with other 'refugees'.

It's like being robbed by a man with black hair and a mustache and then not being allowed to look primarily for men with black hair and a mustache, but to be forced also to look for blond women, only to be politically correct. How inefficient.

George Bruce said...

"It's like being robbed by a man with black hair and a mustache and then not being allowed to look primarily for men with black hair and a mustache, but to be forced also to look for blond women, only to be politically correct. How inefficient."

It is worse than inefficient. It is self destructive.

Clovis Sangrail said...

But that's what banning racial profiling is all about. Ask CAIR or the MCB-they know all about it.

Skåning said...

I think I can provide an answer to the question about "half-time pensioner". I am a swede myself, living in Malmö, close to Burlöv where Dahn Petterson is an elected politician.

In's comment is basically right. Our pension system is slightly flexible from age 61. If you quit working at an earlier age than 65 you get a lower pension, and if you quit later you get a higher. You also have the possibility to take a part time pension, which is something of a middle way.

But the basic misunderstanding is that Dahn Petterson is only an elected representative of his party in the city council. He does not hold any office. Work in the city council is by no means a full time job. They usually gather a few hours every month to vote on current proposals. You get a small fee for attending, but not a full salary.

Regarding the conviction of Mr Petterson I can only say that this means that the swedish "hate speech"-laws have in effect nullified free speech on issues of immigration in our country. This is exactly how it worked in Eastern Germany on issues of economic policies. We have a multi-party system and you may be able to think what you want and talk to your friends about it, but if you openly so much explain the effects of mass immigration, you are put before a court and convicted.

Yes, there are differences in the level of oppression, but the principle is the same. European style hate speech-laws are an abomination to a free society.